9 breakfast dishes in Singapore not to be missed when coming to this island nation

Onetour Singapore cuisine has some similarities with Vietnam, but at the same time has the characteristics of China and Middle Eastern countries. If you plan to travel to Singapore on your own, the list of typical breakfast dishes of the lion island nation will make you extremely satisfied and full.

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When it comes to Singapore’s culinary diversity, it is impossible to ignore the delicious breakfast dishes on the menu to greet the new day. Let’s discover the list of 9 delicious breakfast dishes in Singapore worth enjoying in the sharing below.

1. Chee Cheong Fun rolls Bánh

Chee Cheong Fun rolls are a dish originating from China, but when introduced to Singapore, it has been stylized to become a dish full of flavors of Singaporean cuisine . Thinly coated cake batter on the steamer forms a thin crust. The filling is a harmonious blend of char siu meat, fresh shrimp and minced beef then encapsulated in a cake shell. The attractiveness of this dish is also created by the skillful mixing of the chefs’ dipping sauce. The sauce is spicy, sweet, and salty depending on the taste of each person. Chinatown is the ideal place to enjoy this unique dish, you will be captivated by Chee Cheong Fun rolls from the first bite.

Bánh cuốn Chee Cheong Fun ăn ngon nhất là ở Chinatown
Chee Cheong Fun rolls are best eaten in Chinatown

2. Frog porridge

Singapore frog porridge is a breakfast dish in Singapore that once eaten will make visitors remember forever. Frog porridge is cooked in an earthen pot with a characteristic aroma from frog meat, green onions and the slightly spicy taste of dried and fresh chili peppers. Especially, frog porridge here is only processed when customers order, so frog meat is very fresh and guaranteed. Come to the famous Geylang area to enjoy this dish.

Geylang là nơi có món cháo ếch ngon nhất ở Singapore
Geylang is home to the best frog porridge in Singapore

3. Silver Wheels

Roti Prata is derived from the ancient way of making crepes of Pakistani and Indian people, is a very popular dish in Singapore. This dish is sure to make visitors extremely satisfied with its impressive taste, and is often enjoyed in the mornings.

Roti Prata is often served with bean soup or curry, but now, this dish is also creative with many types of accompaniments such as durian, cream, cheese, chocolate and banana. All very tempting for a delightful Singapore breakfast.

4. Popiah Cake

Popiah cake is a typical snack that is popularly sold in the streets of Singapore. This dish is attractive, easy to eat, easy to buy and affordable. Popiah is a rolled cake similar to the shape of spring rolls, but the filling is made from delicious and attractive seafood, minced meat and vegetables. This dish was imported from the inhabitants of Chaozhou, and is chosen by everyone as the main dish of breakfast. Popiah cake is ranked as one of the 5 delicious breakfast dishes in Singapore that should be enjoyed and experienced.

Popiah là bánh được cuộn với nhân hải sản, thịt bằm và rau củ
Popiah is a cake rolled with seafood, minced meat and vegetables

5. Dim sum

Dim sum is a breakfast dish in Singapore that you can also find in China, but you will be surprised when enjoying this dish in the Lion Island nation. Dim sum is the name of a dish shaped like a Chinese dumpling or man bun, you will be a bit confused to distinguish it. But when you start with the journey to discover the taste of the cake, you will also realize the unique taste of Singapore Dim sum cake with your eyes closed. This is a cake that is processed in many different forms, but the main way is still the traditional way of steaming. The taste of Singapore Dimsum cake is more delicate because the amount of seasoning is not too bold. The filling of the cake has many forms that are carefully and meticulously made to create the perfect blend of char siu meat and delicious sauce. The crust is not too thick, not too thin, is a white, fragrant layer that embraces the sweet, savory filling inside, the audience will go from surprise to surprise.

Dimsum vốn là món ăn có nguồn gốc từ Trung Quốc nhưng lại rất phổ biến ở Singapore
Dimsum is a dish that originated in China but is very popular in Singapore

6. Kaya toast

The type of bread is baked with charcoal, when eaten, it will be spread with kaya (a pineapple jam made from eggs, coconut milk and pineapple). Most Singaporeans love to start their mornings with Kaya bread served with an omelet and a hot cup of coffee. You can enjoy Kaya toast at most cafes in Singapore. Singapore. However, the Ya Kun Kaya Toast store and the famous Killiney Kopitiam coffee shop chain are the best places to enjoy Kaya.

Kaya là bánh mì nướng bằng than ăn với mứt và trứng
Kaya is charcoal toast served with jam and eggs

7. Chai Tow Kway

Chai Tow Kway is also commonly known as carrot cake. This dish is made from steamed white radish with rice flour. It is then fried with eggs and garnished with green onions. This carrot cake comes in two varieties, white and black. You can enjoy the best carrot cake as a breakfast in Singapore at Makansutra Gluttons by Marina Bay near Esplanade Theatre, or Newton Food Centre.

Món bánh đặc biệt này được chiên với trứng và hành lá
This special cake is fried with eggs and green onions

8. Lor Mee

Made in the style of Hokkien noodles, at first glance, Lor Mee noodles are not delicious at all. But don’t let its looks fool you because once you taste its rich black sauce flavor, you’ll remember it forever.

The rich dark soy sauce is often the deciding factor in whether a bowl of Lor Mee noodles is regular or premium, and this soy sauce is made by stewing a mixture of pork bones, eggs, and seasonings.

Lor Mee nghĩa là mì với nước tương đen đậm đà
Lor Mee means noodles with rich dark soy sauce

9. Chwee Kueh

Chwee Kueh is one of the very popular cakes in Singapore. This is steamed rice cake with a topping of fried radish. Singaporeans often eat this cake for breakfast or snacks during the day. The way to know if Chwee Kueh is delicious is to observe the smoothness of the cake and the greasy, spicy taste of fried radish with chili sauce.

Chwee Kueh là bánh gạo hấp với củ cải chiên
Chwee Kueh is steamed rice cake with fried radish

Above are delicious breakfast dishes in Singapore that attract tourists. Whether in Vietnam or Singapore, do not take breakfast lightly because it is the most important meal of the day. Quickly save breakfast dishes and places to eat in the lion island nation to ensure health and energy for the whole trip!

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