A museum dedicated to pearl milk tea fans has just appeared in Singapore

Onetour Bubble tea fans are sure to go crazy with this brand new museum in Singapore. Undoubtedly a country of entertainment, Singapore has scored in the hearts of travel enthusiasts by this unique Singapore milk tea museum.
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The lion island nation of Singapore has just appeared an extremely cool new place called Bubble Tea Factory – Museum of pearl milk tea. Just officially launched on October 19, 2019, this unique check-in place is an extremely hot topic of travel forums. So what’s interesting about Singapore milk tea museum? Is it only the milk tea fanatics who are attracted? Please follow us.

Bảo tàng trà sữa có diện tích cực kì rộng: 2000 mét vuông
Milk tea museum has an extremely large area: 2000 square meters

The Bubble Tea Factory is located on *Scape Road on the famous Orchard Road. The museum covers an area of more than 2000 square meters with 10 rooms decorated with different themes. This place is open for only two months, that is until December 18, 2019, just a week before Christmas, will close. So if you are planning to visit this place, quickly plan your trip to Singapore right away.

With an entry ticket that is not too cheap, S$24 (about VND 400 thousand) for weekdays and S$28 (about VND 480 thousand) on weekends, the museum still attracts an extremely large number of visitors every day. , not only those who love milk tea but also those who are curious about the uniqueness of Singapore milk tea museum .

Rất nhiều thứ được trang trí theo chủ đề màu hồng ở đây
Lots of pink themed decorations here

Entering the museum, you will immediately encounter a characteristic pink decorated entrance. Visitors will have to wait at the counter until the code on their ticket comes, just like when you buy milk tea at the shop and wait for your items. Meanwhile, you can read the museum’s regulations to better understand the museum as well as the activities contained here so as not to miss anything interesting.

The first room of the exhibition is a large and almost empty room, with only a conveyor belt of purple balls like giant taro pearls. Next is the forest in the clouds with huge upside down cups of milk tea of all colors that are extremely eye-catching and interesting, and even a sea of delicious pink pearls for you to freely wave.

Khu vườn trên mây với các ly trà sữa siêu to siêu khổng lồ
The garden in the clouds with super giant milk tea cups

Not only that, at the Singapore Milk Tea Museum, there is a pearl dangling to let you transform into the famous singer Miley Cyrus in the famous Wrecking ball song. This fun model hangs securely so you can swing it freely and pose like Miley.

Followed by equally unique rooms with toilet themes decorated with neon lights. All the items are painted in gold to look extremely luxurious, there are even fake banknotes for you to throw up to look like a real “rich kid”.

Besides, there are other rooms that are simple but very eye-catching with pink and pastel colors that onetour is sure that you “banh beo” will love extremely. Or a cool room with a super-large cup of milk tea that you can squeeze through, looks really cool.

Thử làm Miley Cyrus với viên trân châu khổng lồ nhé
Try making Miley Cyrus with a giant pearl

If you’re tired after taking pictures and admiring the interesting rooms, the Singapore Milk Tea Museum has an area for you to fuel up with light snacks – especially free. You can try popcorn with milk tea flavor, nuts covered with brown sugar are quite fun to eat.

The most famous and always the most crowded place at the milk tea museum is the swimming pool full of cute purple-pink pearls. You can freely pose and wave in this ball pool.

After finishing the journey with giant milk tea cups, let’s energize with a real cup of tea. We continue to the black sugar pearl milk tea stall of the Jenjudan brand from Taiwan. And don’t forget, right near this area there are also many models to take photos.

Nhớ uống trà sữa miễn phí khi tới thăm bảo tàng trà sữa Singapore nha
Remember to drink free milk tea when you visit Singapore milk tea museum

Singapore Pearl Milk Tea Museum also has an area to sell cute bubble tea themed souvenirs, from stuffed milk tea cups, drinking cups, key chains, earrings – so cute.

With the current global trend of milk tea, addresses like these are extremely attractive, not only for true milk tea followers but also for curious and “virtual living” visitors. fascinated. With a super large area – more than 2000 square meters just for you to satisfy your imagination and passion for photography, Singapore Milk Tea Museum promises to be an extremely hot destination in the near future. What are you waiting for without planning your Singapore trip and come here now!

Bể bơi trân châu siêu to siêu khổng lồ dễ thương
Super big super cute giant pearl swimming pool

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