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Onetour America – the world’s leading power in economy and education is always the dream of many people when they want to come here to enjoy the new feeling of a modern land. Join to help you learn about the latest US travel experiences for your reference.

General introduction to the United States

As the third largest country in terms of area with more than 300 million inhabitants, the United States is one of the most racially diverse countries in the world with a large number of immigrants each year. Coming to the United States, you will admire not only high-rise buildings, commercial centers as well as many of the most famous buildings.

Tất tần tật những kinh nghiệm du lịch Hoa kỳ mới nhất
US travel

America consists of 50 states, each state has its own unique characteristics and colors, so you need to learn about the characteristics of each land to get the most important notes for your journey. went smoothly.

Golden time to discover America

When should you travel to the US ? is probably the question of many people when they want to have the most attractive trip. The weather in the US is quite different from Vietnam, spring lasts from March to June, summer from June to September, autumn from September to December and winter lasts from December to March. after.

With a fairly large area, the regions of the United States have quite different climates. Some regions have a temperate climate while others have a tropical climate. Choose for yourself the most attractive travel time to have a great journey.

Means of transportation to the US

Nowadays, the means of transportation to the US are becoming more modern and modern than ever, you can come to the US with cheap flight tickets of many reputable airlines such as United, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Air France, etc. Asiana Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, etc. For countries in Asia, they will land at airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu.

The means of travel in the US is a car, you can rent a car and freely travel to famous places here without worrying about time. Or if you want to have a strange feeling, you can take an recreational vehicle (RV) to see the beautiful scenes of this country.

The tourist destinations are memorable in the US

Coming to the United States is to immerse yourself in the fairy world with the world’s leading cultural, political and economic centers with many famous places such as Hollywood, the movie capital of Hollywood, Disneyland … (in Los Angeles) ); the world’s largest casino system, extremely attractive nightlife services (in Las Vegas); admire famous landmarks such as Independence Square, the Houses of Parliament, the White House… (Washington).

Tất tần tật những kinh nghiệm du lịch Hoa kỳ mới nhất
Beautiful scenery in the United States

When coming to the US, many people cannot ignore Little Saigon – where the Vietnamese community in California lives, the sky is blue, the sky is white, the sun is shining, and it is a great thing to see famous places together.

What currency is used in the US?

When coming to the US, you need to be fully prepared financially with money converted into dollars. The denominations used in the US are $1, $5, $10 and $20.

If you want to spend comfortably, prepare yourself with the most adequate financial resources, you should change money at banks or famous money changers at the airport in Vietnam or the US.

From $100 – $250, you can enjoy eating and sleeping at the best quality services here.

The most comfortable hotels for a trip to America

Traveling to the US, you can choose a lot of comfortable places to rest at luxury hotels or affordable guesthouses. If you want to stay in famous hotels close to the center, the cost is quite expensive. Hotel room rates in the US range from $300-$400/night. As for the budget motels, the price is much cheaper, only from $25-$30.

Tất tần tật những kinh nghiệm du lịch Hoa kỳ mới nhất
Hotels in America

Here are the names of some hotels for your reference:

+ Las Vegas hotel has a beautiful and luxurious view

+ Spacious, lavish New York hotel

+ Hotel in Chicago with beautiful rooms, luxurious interior.

Hunt down some famous American tourist attractions điểm

+ Visiting New York, you can visit the World Trade Center, United Nations headquarters, Manhattan seaport…

In Washington, there are famous landmarks in the US such as Independence Square, the Houses of Parliament, the White House…

+ In Los Angeles, there is Little Saigon area, Hollywood movie capital, Disneyland park…

Discover culinary paradise in America

Not only are there famous places for you to travel freely, but you also have the ability to come here and enjoy the most delicious dishes. Along with the most detailed US travel experience, let’s discover some of the most attractive delicacies here:

Tất tần tật những kinh nghiệm du lịch Hoa kỳ mới nhất
American Pizza

Hot Dog

Perhaps this is not only a specialty of the United States in general, but it is also a dish loved by many Vietnamese people. However, Hot Dog in the US is processed in a very unique way, extremely delicious and rich in spices. In Chicago, beef hot dogs are served with onions, tomatoes, salted celery and a little mustard, and in New York, spicy sausages are inside a cupcake.


This dish is loved by many people around the world because of the ingredients that make this dish extremely attractive. Some pizzas are made from sausages, beef, butter, corn…all of them have a special aroma.

Cheap travel to the US with Onetour

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Have a great trip and lots of fun!

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