Onetour When exploring each city, each country will have a large night market that is typical for the culture of that city or country. In particular, Taiwan is the convergence of the most famous night markets in the world. Taiwan’s night market or narrowing down to the night market area in Taipei not only reflects the culinary culture of Taiwan, but there, you can also explore the daily life of Taiwanese people.

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The night market in Taipei or pure Vietnamese is the night market in Taipei is an extremely attractive place that Taiwanese tourists cannot ignore. Most of the shops are open all night, from snacks to Taiwanese clothing and accessories.

Most of the night markets in the city center always welcome guests in the evening, while the neighboring areas are often open until the evening, so they are not as busy as the central area. Exploring the night market in Taipei is an interesting experience with unique Taiwanese culture that you cannot miss.

1. Taipei Raohe Night Market

Raohe is the oldest night market in Taipei in the city center with a campus of about 600 meters long. Located inside this night market is Song Shan Fu De Temple (Temple of Land God) – a fairly ancient temple in Taiwan.

Raohe Night Market focuses on selling a variety of dishes and drinks, the market also has a seating area in the center for visitors to rest or eat freely, along the two sides of the road for visitors to walk, shopping. Raoche Market is not too big but has an ancient charm, bold Taiwanese style.

Chợ đêm Raohe là chợ đêm lâu đời nhất ở Đài bắc
Raohe Night Market is the oldest night market in Taipei

Today, Taiwan tourism is developed, many tourists come here to explore and can easily see the filming crew here. The vibrant, bustling night market life and the cultural features of the Taiwanese people make Raoche night market always an attractive place to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

How to get to Raoche Night Market : take the MRT to Song Chan Station, then continue walking to Exit #5 and turn right to the temple

2. Ximending Night Market (Ximending)

Ximending Night Market attracts many young people to visit and explore. You will be able to walk around to see the stall in a natural, airy atmosphere without being constrained like other shopping streets. Clothing in Ximending has many different styles such as Japanese, Chinese and Western. If you are a fashionista, you cannot ignore this ideal place to buy yourself stylish new outfits.

Chợ đêm Ximending cực kỳ thu hút các bạn trẻ
Ximending Night Market is extremely attractive to young people

Moreover, this night market also has extremely rich cuisine, such as dishes made from duck meat such as Ya Rou Bian, steamed duck meat, roasted duck, … or enjoy Ay – Chung bread, dishes Taiwanese style rice noodles, Lautianlu stew.

How to get to Ximending market : Take the subway to Ximen MRT station and exit at exit 6

3. Taipei Shilin Night Market

This is the largest and most famous night market in Taipei in Taiwan, located near the Jian Tan MRT station. This market has grown more and more in recent years, always crowded with buyers and sellers with a wide variety of items and not only attracts locals but is also popular with foreign tourists.

Chợ đêm Shilin lại nổi tiếng với cả người địa phương và khách du lịch
Shilin Night Market is again popular with both locals and tourists

In 2011, the market was expanded to the underground area. This place is always bustling with people and has a fairly large area, you should walk around to explore and think about what you should eat because there are many diverse and rich specialties with attractive aromas.

On the ground, the market concentrates many items of clothing and food. The market is open at 4pm until late, unlike other Taipei night markets , you’ll find many English and Japanese menus.

How to get to Shilin Market : walk along the red line to Jiantan Station (only 1 stop from Shilin), then walk across the street in front of the station and follow the crowd. Shilin Night Market has the entrance to the main tunnel right on Jihe Street.

Ở chợ Shilin bạn sẽ bắt gặp nhiều thực đơn tiếng Anh và cả tiếng Nhật
At Shilin Market you will find many menus in both English and Japanese

4. Shida Night Market

This night market in Taipei is located in the alleys along Shi Da Street. Here you will find many small shops, local and traditional snacks. Because of the large number of Taiwanese and foreign students living here, there are many coffee shops as well as shops selling clothes and accessories.

How to get to Shida Night Market : MRT line green line to Taipower Building Station.

CHợ đêm Shida lại là những con hẻm khá nhỏ nằm trên đường Shi Da
Shida Night Market is a rather small alley located on Shi Da Street

As a bustling miniature Taiwan, the night market in Taipei has long become the pride of the people here. Visit here to feel the hustle and bustle of urban life, enjoy delicious specialties, you won’t miss this opportunity right?

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