America – Americans and Canada – Canadians, why is that?

Onetour America is located right next to Canada on the world map. While the US is a noisy and bustling country because of its population density and diversity, Canada is quieter with many majestic natural landscapes. What’s the difference between Americans and Canadians? Let’s find out with Onetour.

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Biểu tượng của nước Mỹ là chú đại bàng
The symbol of America is the eagle

Last week I had to get up early to prepare to check in at the Flying Pig Hotel in Amsterdam. During my stay, I came across a Canadian girl checking out of a hotel. The little girl has a tiny Canadian flag badge on her backpack. Since it is summer now, which is also the beginning of tourist season in Europe, I have come across a lot of Canadians and Americans traveling. And also met a lot of Canadians wearing their national flags. And so are the Americans.

I just don’t understand why Americans have to pretend they’re Canadians?

I’ve been through many different hotels and motels, enough to know that anyone who speaks English with a northern accent will be considered American by default. And maybe that’s why, after so many years, Canadians feel a bit annoyed because of this and they decided to carry the national flag everywhere, so that people don’t get confused like that. again. I find this quite amusing, but somehow this has become a Canadian habit.

Nước Mỹ có những cảnh quan và biển rất mát mắt
America has very cool landscapes and seas

While I find it quite amusing to see Canadians wearing their flag and they love it, I find it confusing to Americans who have to pretend to be Canadians everywhere. Once I was playing poker at the Casino in Amsterdam, it was late at night, and I was surrounded by two Americans, a few Dutch guys, and a few Iranians. One of them was from New York, and during our conversation he said that he never identified himself as an American, he always said he was Canadian. It seems that the whole world hates Americans, and so he is always afraid that he may be beaten or kidnapped just because he is American. Strangely, he didn’t know what could happen to him, but he kept insisting “The whole world hates America!”.

Trong khi Canada lại lạnh và có tuyết nhiều hơn
While Canada is cold and has more snow

This is definitely one of those terrible misconceptions about America, and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. As a person who has traveled around the world for the past 4 years, I can confirm one thing – this world does not hate Americans. They don’t hate America or Americans, but they hate American politics (formerly anti-George Bush, now anti-Trump). I agree that there are still some people who hate Americans and America as well, but 99.999999% of the people I’ve met and talked to, don’t. Even when they say they hate America, when asked, they still say that they don’t like politics, but Americans have nothing to hate.

Cảnh quan Texas, Mỹ
Landscape of Texas, USA

Going back to my Iranian friends, I also asked them where they came from. Without hesitation, they immediately said Iran. Recently around the world, people are updating hourly about the nuclear programs in Iran, and also last year’s election crisis, so I think the image of Iran every time it is mentioned is not a big deal. too beautiful. I even asked if the whole world was full of bad news about Iran, would they say you’re from somewhere else? Again, without hesitation, they answered no. And why can’t you say no? Their government may not be really good, but that doesn’t mean that the people and the country are bad. Iranian friends love their culture and history, and they never want to hide their nationality, no matter how bad the country’s reputation is.

Bảo tàng lịch sử ở Mỹ
History Museum in America

The American tourists I meet may be shy because of their government, but I find they are also somewhat shy about being American. On my travels, I was asked a lot of questions about government policies, and I was tired of answering them over and over. And more annoying. I had to answer the question “Why did you vote for Bush? Why did you vote for Trump?” so many times that I don’t even have to count. But I never said I was Canadian. No matter how bad America is, it’s still a great country to me, and it’s my home. Even if I spend my whole life in France, I will always have American blood flowing through my body.

Canada nổi tiếng với những chiếc hồ
Canada is famous for its lakes

As an American, you have many opportunities and also a responsibility to clear up misconceptions about America. I don’t like Iranian politics, I think they make cruel decisions. But I’ve met a lot of Iranians over the past year, and they’re great. The people of Iran have cleared up the misunderstanding that “Iran is bad”. Likewise, your actions can clear up misunderstandings about America . You can show people that our country really isn’t as loud, crazy, full of guns and fat idiots as the world assumes us.

Lễ hội ở Ottawa, Canada
Festival in Ottawa, Canada

One of the great benefits of traveling is that you will bridge the distances. But telling others you’re Canadian when you’re not, will only increase distances and spread bad rumors. If you don’t want to talk about politics, then avoid it, change the subject, for example. But don’t lie about your origins. This is your opportunity to communicate and also to connect with the world. Do not deny the national pride!

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