Bad experience in Sunny Beach, Bulgari

Onetour Sunny Beach is an extremely famous name in Europe as well as whenever it comes to Bulgari, besides the famous rose. But to be honest, I advise you to stay away from this beach, because it has so many bad things.

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There aren’t too many places in the world that I really hate or really want to stay away from. One of those places is the island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. I can’t understand why people enjoy and praise the island so much. Aside from being a place to buy super expensive drinks, it’s worth nothing else. Like going to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

Bãi biển Sunny Beach luôn chật ních toàn người là người
Sunny Beach is always full of people

For some reason, Koh Phi Phi island is known as a must-go place when traveling to Thailand, just like Sunny Beach is a must-visit place when traveling to Bulgaria , especially in school. if you have Russian, UK or Scandinavian nationality.

Ten years ago, Sunny Beach was still a peaceful seaside town with beautiful beaches and great clubs. But sharing the same fate as other tourist destinations around the world, the further the reputation of how great it is, the more people it attracts, leading to a series of restoration works. Tourism services are built here. It’s a common trend of the islands of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Cancun – all of which have become towns crammed with resorts.

Ban đêm ở Sunny Beach cũng cực kì đông và bẩn
Sunny Beach at night is also extremely crowded and dirty

Everyone tells me that Sunny Beach is perfect for all-night parties, but that’s not my preference. Another party-filled seaside town? I just spent three weeks in Ios, Greece, sunning my skin and practicing my drinking, but the people I went with were all there and we were a fun bunch.

Although the nightlife in Sunny Beach is very interesting (especially for those who like drinking until 6am with eighteen-year-olds), there is nothing different in this city. Absolutely nothing at all. I stayed here for three nights in a row just because I met friends who were in Ios with me.

You’re bound to wonder, come on, what’s so bad about it? You’re not overdoing it, are you? That’s right, there are beautiful water parks right next door. It’s very wide, with super long slides. I love water parks, and I have to admit that this one is pretty cool. But you can go to the water park for the day if traveling from Varna or Burgas and stay away from this coastal city of Sunny Beach .

Công viên nước có lẽ là thứ tử tế nhất ở Sunny beach, đối với tôi mà nói
The water park is probably the kindest thing in Sunny beach, for me

Why do I hate Sunny Beach so much?

First, it’s the beach itself. It has too many of the rest of the travel service business. Everywhere always. Too many chairs make it impossible to find a tight space to put down your towel and sunbathe. Seriously, I’m not joking.

Look at the chairs! You can see the long line of lounge chairs that seem to be endless and never ending. They should have named this place Full Beach Beach, not Sunny Beach – sunny beach.

Bãi biển Đầy ghế - nghe hợp lý hơn là bãi biển đầy nắng đấy
Beach Full of chairs – sounds more reasonable than a sunny beach

And that’s not all, there’s sea water. Just a few hours north to Varna, although it is close to the port, the sea water is exceptionally clear, very beautiful and looks extremely inviting. It was as beautiful as the beaches in Greece, clear and lustful looking. But what about at Sunny Beach, Bulgari ? The entire ocean water is polluted by garbage and algae in such large patches that the entire coastline becomes green. If you try to put your feet in the water, be careful not to step on trash and algae.

My Bulgarian friends say this happens only occasionally, and most of the time the sea is very clear. But every time I try to experience sea water one more time, things become more and more ambiguous and skeptical about the word “occasionally”. I got the impression that their word “sometimes” must have meant something different from what we usually know.

Khắp nơi là ánh đèn neon của các quán rượu, và người ở khắp nơi
The neon lights of the pubs are everywhere, and people are everywhere

Moreover, traveling to Sunny Beach means you are coming to an industrial-style tourist center – full of snatches. It’s filled with the neon lights of bars, hundreds of people lining the streets just waiting to entice you to visit their restaurants and bars, fast food chains, country tourist t-shirts. seasonal and expensive, and everything seems to be for tourists who never come back. I can imagine tourists being kidnapped, drugged and then woken up on the beach. Anything is possible in a city with no particular culture, aside from the traditional Bulgarian-looking signs.

Giờ vàng mua rượu có lẽ là nét văn hoá duy nhất ở đây mất
The golden hour to buy wine is probably the only culture here

Finally, traveling to Sunny beach , Bulgari is full of people who just want to be drunk all week. There are always happy hours, shops that give you free glasses of wine and nightclubs that are open from before dark until the next morning. It feels like being on college spring break. If you’re really that passionate about beer, there are tons of interesting and better cities all over Europe: Barcelona, Lagos, Ios Dubrovnik, Varna, and even Constanj. These places have culture, history and certain charms.

In short, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is a huge tourist trap with ugly beaches, expensive food, deceitful bars and drunks everywhere. You have much better options, so stay away from Sunny Beach if traveling to Bulgaria , or the whole of Europe.

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