Barcelona tour itinerary in 5 days

Onetour Barcelona is famous for its delicious food and the famous Messi player. Located in Europe, Barcelona tourism is the destination of many tourists around the world. So if you only had five days, where would you go and what would you do?

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The first time I traveled to Barcelona was in 2006, and the city fell in love with me at first sight, with its street performances, food, slow-paced lifestyle, rich history, and lots of other activities too. And a few months ago I had the opportunity to come back here with my friends, to show them how amazing this city is.

Barcelona surprises me with what’s there – like Paris, New York or Tokyo, there’s always something cool waiting for you here.

Barcelona là nơi có đội bóng mang danh cầu thủ Messi thần thánh
Barcelona is home to a team that bears the name of the divine Messi player

We only had a few days in our Barcelona tour, so it was important to plan carefully to see all the interesting places. So with limited time, what can we do, where can we go in a city with so many cool things?

Below I have put together a 5-day Barcelona travel itinerary to help you optimize your trip full of the most famous attractions, the best restaurants and more.

The first day

1. Barri Gotic Old Town

It is the cultural-historical center of Barcelona and dates back to pre-Roman times. This old town is a maze of small streets that intersect in a lovely square. The must-visit spots are:

Phố cổ Barri Gotic đã có từ thời tiền La Mã
Barri Gotic Old Town dates back to pre-Roman times
  • Barcelona History Museum:

Barcelona Tourism has one of the best history museums I have ever visited. They display and introduce the history and importance of Barcelona on more than 4,000 square meters of Roman ruins. They even have free audio guides for each attraction.

  • Picasso Museum:

Although I am not a fan of Picasso works, but with over 3000 works of art, this museum is a must-visit when traveling to Barcelona .

Bảo tàng Picasso là điểm đến lí tưởng cho những người đam mê du lịch
The Picasso Museum is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts
  • Gothic Church:

Located in the heart of the old town of Barri Gotic, the Gothic church was built on the foundation of a church from the 11th century. You can take the elevator to the top of the church for a panoramic view of this area.

  • Stop by for lunch at La Boqueria Central Market – it’s the best place to have lunch in the whole area – only it gets a bit crowded at lunchtime, so keep an eye out.

2. Citadel Park

Located at the end of the Barri Gotic is the Parc de la Ciutadella. From the first time I came here I immediately fell in love with this place because of the art works and fountains here. On a warm sunny day, I just love to sit and watch the fountain. There’s also a zoo in the park and some walking trails here as well.


1. Food tour

Barcelona có những món đồ ăn ngon nhất Tây Ban Nha
Barcelona has the best food in Spain

What to eat in Barcelona? Don’t worry, Barcelona has some of the best food in Spain, and there’s nothing better than a morning exploring the culinary culture here. There are a lot of travel agency items that sell tours like this, so treat your belly for a bit.

2. Beach

No Barcelona travel itinerary will skip the beaches. After enjoying the delicacies here, spend an afternoon lounging on the beach to bask in the sun and relax with other tourists.

The third day

1. Gaudi

Nhà thờ Sagrada Familia nổi tiếng với phong cách gothic cổ xưa
The Sagrada Familia Church is famous for its ancient gothic style

Gaudi is one of the famous in Barcelona and it can be said that this is the father of the modern architectural movement. Unique style, using a lot of natural elements has attracted many visitors here. You can find a lot of his work all over the city, but in the Eixample area you can visit these places:

  • The Holy Family
  • Park Güell
  • Casa Mila
  • Casa Batllo

2. Visit Plaça d’Espanya in the evening

Every Thursday night, Plaça d’Espanya has a fountain and lights running down the street towards Montjuïc hill. This place is really perfect to date your lover during your Barcelona trip.

Barcelona tour schedule on Wednesday

1. Montjuïc . Hill

When you reach the top of the hill by cable car, you will be able to admire the whole beautiful city and the castle of Castello de Montjuïc. The castle was built in the 18th century with beautiful gardens, a Spanish village and even the Olympic stadium.

Lâu đài Castell de Montjuïc nằm trên đỉnh một ngọn đồi nổi tiếng ở Barcelona
Castello de Montjuïc Castle is located on top of a famous hill in Barcelona

2. National Art Museum of Catalunya

The Catalans are very proud of their culture, so it’s not surprising that there is a museum about their culture.

Schedule for Thursday

On the last day of your Barcelona tour, relax and enjoy the city. You can do whatever you want, such as:

  • Continue to go to the beach to sunbathe
  • Eat a lot, eat all the best in Barcelona
  • Drink sangria, see if the sangria in its homeland is different from other countries.
  • Going to watch football
  • Learn to cook some local dishes
Tại sao không dành một buổi sáng để tắm nắng ở bãi biển cùng những người dân địa phương nhỉ?
Why not spend a morning sunbathing at the beach with the locals?

You can visit all the highlights in Barcelona in just two to three days, but if you have more time visit the restaurants, bars and small neighborhoods. Barcelona itineraries are customizable for everyone, and make your trip memorable!

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