Boston tour itinerary in 4 days

Onetour Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. With a calm and peaceful landscape with a bit of antiquity, Boston has attracted many tourists in all seasons of the year. Let’s refer to the 4-day Boston tour schedule so as not to miss any hot spots.

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Where to go for the weekend: Boston, USA

Dubbed one of the most historic cities in the United States, the city of Boston has a lot to offer just for you. Although the city of Boston is not as large as New York or Chicago, and people will find Boston to be more like walking around a large town, than a city. I think that’s a good thing in itself, because Boston has all the goodies of big cities but isn’t pulled away by the fast pace of life like New York.

Cảnh quan Boston mùa xuân
Spring Boston Landscape

Boston is not a rush city. Unlike many other places, people traveling to Boston will go leisurely in a few days, not just a day or two in a hurry. Because if they know that this is a city to relax in, it deserves more time. Here is the most affordable Boston tour itinerary that will help you enjoy the best of Boston:


1.1. Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is about 2.5 miles from downtown Boston , and it will take you past all the major areas and famous monuments. To go through all of these places, it will take you a day, because I am sure you will want to delve into these interesting monuments. With my Boston travel experience , I find that this historic city does a great job in introducing the city’s unique and long-standing cultural features.

Đường mòn Tự do
Freedom Trail

1.2. Lunch at Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall

Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall right next door are great places to stop and have lunch on the Freedom Trail. There are more than twenty different eateries to choose from. You can find all kinds of food here, from sushi to burgers and more. Be sure to try the famous Clam Soup in Boston.


2.1. Boston Central Park

Cảng Boston
Boston Harbor

Start your day in Boston Central Park – a super-wide park that attracts lots of people on hot summer days. There are many places to visit here, such as the Frog Pond, where both adults and children can play freely. In winter in Boston , the surface of the pond freezes into a fun ice skating rink. Or simply doing nothing, sitting on the grass and watching people around is also very interesting.

2.2. Boston Botanical Park

After a leisurely early morning walk, head straight across the street to the botanical park. You can paddle on the lake in the center of the park, or simply stroll around the park and enjoy the beautiful flower gardens.

Đường phố cổ kính với tường gạch là đặc trưng của Boston
Ancient streets with brick walls are typical of Boston

2.3. Visit Back . Bay

Ending the park is Boston’s Back Bay, another version of New York’s Soho. This is where the elite and rich in Boston live, nearby Madison Avenue is home to expensive shopping centers. The beautiful streets and green fin-lined streets make for a relaxing and peaceful stroll. Stopping at a park on Commonwealth Road and enjoying life in Boston is a must-try.

2.4. Lunch in Boylston

Move a little further towards Boylston Street and have lunch in the courtyard of a nearby restaurant. (If you have more money, try the restaurant on Newbury Street.) Stephanie’s is not a bad choice for an extreme meal, but it can also be quite dangerous for your wallet. Snappy Sushi has great lunch combos, and Kashmir gives you a true Indian meal – it’ll be pretty spicy.

Chợ Quincy là một điểm rât nổi tiếng ở Boston
Quincy Market is a very famous spot in Boston

2.5. Copley Square and Trinity Church

Copley Square has a nice little park where you can buy discounted concert tickets, enjoy street music and see Hancock Tower. You can also visit the church in Boston – Trinity, is the oldest church and also the most beautiful church in Boston.

2.6. Charles River

During the summer, you might have the chance to catch a free show at the Boston Opera House or go boating on the river. Otherwise, it’s still a great walk by the river, where you’ll be accompanied by joggers, frolicking kids, and people playing sports.

2.7. Science Museum

At the end of the river is the Science Museum. If your legs are already tired, visit the museum and the Omni theater inside. While a lot of the exhibits are primarily aimed at children, it’s still one of the best museums in the country. The outside of the museum is decorated very majestically.

Công viên ở Boston mùa cây thay lá
Park in Boston in the season of changing leaves


3.1. Visiting the Aquarium

The Boston Aquarium is one of the best aquariums I’ve ever visited. They have a very good layout, the fishes are distributed everywhere, and there is also a lot of information about protecting the marine environment.

3.2. Explore the North Pole

The North Pole is the heart of Italian culture in Boston. You will hear a lot of Italian accents mixed with Boston accents here. In the morning, you’ll find Italian grandmothers shopping, and elegant old Italian men enjoying espresso, as if you were in Italy. They also have the best gelato here.

3.3. Climb to the top at Prudential Tower

Out of the North Pole, return to Copley and visit the Prudential Tower. You can climb to the top and get a panoramic view of Boston.

Toàn cảnh thành phố Boston
View of the city of Boston

3.4. Arboretum Arboretum

With an area of more than 260 acres, open free from sunrise until sunset. There are jogging trails, extensive gardens, green lawns and hundreds of flowers from around the world – all gathered here. This place is quieter than the Botanical Park, and also has a more diverse ecosystem. They also have beautiful bonsai collections.

3.5. Watch a ball game

Boston is a sports city, and Bostonians are incredibly proud of their football team – you’re sure to witness some of the most intense emotions when you watch a football game here. If you really want some cool Boston sports city experience, give the Red Sox a try. If you can’t play, you should still visit the bars near Fenway to feel the great atmosphere.


4.1. Visit Harvard University

Đại học Harvard thường có những tour tham quan miễn phí quanh trường
Harvard University often has free tours around the school

The Harvard campus is located in Cambridge, and it is the oldest university in the US (founded in 1636). Come to Cambridge (stops from Harvard Square, line boats red) and participate in a tour of the school free to learn about the origin, architecture, schools and even the mystery which surrounded university in Boston.

4.2. Hanging out in Harvard Square

When you’re done with your campus tour, walk around and learn about the culture at Harvard. There are many street artists to let you immerse yourself in the music (Tracy Chapman started her music career here). Harvard Boston life is fully and vividly presented here. Walk around, check out the bookstores and cafés along the way, and see street artists, homeless people and even college students giving their soul to music.

4.3. Visit Sam Adams Brewery

Nhà thờ Trinity ở Boston
Trinity Church in Boston

After four days of sightseeing, you deserve to enjoy a cup of beer. Sam Adams is a famous Boston brewery that produces the most consumed beer in Boston. The brewery also offers free tours, starting in the mid-afternoon, with a tour starting every 45 minutes. You’ll get to try some great beers during the tour, too. If you’re under 21, don’t worry – you can still join the tour, just don’t sample the beer!

Boston is an interesting city, and I rarely see anyone traveling to Boston without enjoying it. Come and find out why the city is so popular. This 4-day tour of Boston will give you a bird’s-eye view of this calm and relaxing city. If you have more time, try other activities as well. What’s the hurry in such a beautiful city, right?

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