Check-in points not to be missed in Singapore

Onetour Lion Island seems to be a never-ending hot destination in Southeast Asia. Although the cost of traveling to Singapore is not low, if not higher than other countries in the region, this small country still attracts millions of visitors every year. Let’s visit the famous destinations in Singapore.

– Experience “super fun” on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, Singapore Flyerer

– Explore Clarke Quay – an entertainment paradise of Singapore Lion Island

The lion island nation is one of the leading developed countries in Southeast Asia. With a very small area, but Singapore has become a very hot destination in recent years, with a variety of tourist attractions and activities suitable for any tourist, from shopping enthusiasts. , young people like to explore or even middle-aged people like to visit. A series of Singapore tourist destinations below will make your trip more perfect than ever.

Singapore đang dần trở thành điểm đến cực hot trong khu vực
Singapore is gradually becoming a very hot destination in the region

1. Marina Bay

In the past, Marina Bay was just a small estuary where the trade activities of the lion island took place, but today Marina Bay has become a symbol of Singapore’s economy – culture – society, with countless Some of the country’s major events are held here such as water music performances, New Year’s Eve fireworks, international races, etc. Not only that, there are also many monumental office buildings here. and especially a luxury commercial center dedicated to self-sufficient Singaporean shoppers.

Marina Bay Sand trước đây chỉ là một cửa sông nhỏ của Singapore
Marina Bay Sand was formerly just a small estuary of Singapore

2. Garden by the Bay

Dubbed the garden in the clouds, as if being lost in the famous movie Avatar, a wonderful artificial garden with 18 giant metal trees and hundreds of different plants, Garden by the Bay is one of the most famous destinations in Singapore. Admission is free, but if you want to get a closer look at these beautiful trees, you can line up for a Garden by the Bay ticket for 25 SGD, and 28 SGD at the gate. If possible, you should visit this place in the evening when all the trees are brightly lit, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Garden by the Bay gợi nhớ chúng ta tới bộ phim Avatar nổi tiếng
Garden by the Bay reminds us of the famous movie Avatar

3. Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth

Located in Chinatown in Singapore, the temple was built a long time ago with exquisite architectural details full of art. This is a place to display colorful and vivid artifacts, recreating the story of Buddhist culture from hundreds of years ago. The unique name of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple comes from the story that people found Buddha’s fang in nirvana, and brought it back to Singapore for worship. Inside the temple is a 2500 kg statue, made from 234 kg of pure gold thanks to the merit of sentient beings.

4. Universal Studios Park

This monumental amusement park was built in 2007, and took 3 years to complete, with 7 different themed areas. This is one of the places you should definitely visit when you have the opportunity to come to Singapore because of its grandeur and excitement.

Trên thế giới chỉ có một vài công viên Universal, và công viên ở Singapore là một trong số đó
There are only a few Universal parks in the world, and the one in Singapore is one of them

5. Orchard Road

Located in the center of the country, the 2.2km long Orchard Road is a shopping paradise for not only locals but also tourists from all over the world to visit Singapore . With more than 20 shopping malls – diverse shopping and thousands of large and small brands from all over the world, certain shoppers will not be able to refuse.

The most famous and trusted malls are Ion Orchard, Orchard Gateway and 313@Sommerset with most of the world’s major brands, and the best restaurants in Singapore too.

Không có tín đồ mua sắm nào không biết đến con đường Orchard nổi tiếng này
There is no shopaholic who doesn’t know this famous Orchard Road đường

6. Night Zoo

This unique zoo is only open after 7pm daily, and especially you will have to go sightseeing in a car and see the animals in natural life. In this Singapore Night Safari park, the number of individuals raised and preserved is up to thousands of different species of flora and fauna. The whole park is divided into three main parts: the area for raising carnivores, herbivores and the show area and selling souvenirs.

In Singapore Night Safari is also the place where the government rescues and nurtures and conserves wild animals that are illegally hunted or captured around the world.

Vườn thú ban đêm ở Singapore này chỉ mở cửa từ 19h00 mỗi ngày
This night zoo in Singapore is only open from 19:00 every day

7. Clarke Quay Complex

This lively and busiest area in Singapore will be extremely suitable in your Singapore tour in the evening. You will be immersed in a brilliant space of colored lights, delicious food smells from riverside restaurants, along with loud music, all creating a particularly interesting atmosphere. and equally famous.

Clarke Quay là một trong những khu vực hoạt náo và sầm uất nhất Singapore
Clarke Quay is one of the busiest and busiest areas in Singapore

Although Singapore has an extremely small area, it has been developing rapidly in the whole Southeast Asia region. With huge investment in tourism, this tiny island attracts millions of tourists every year. But you never have to worry about the small country having no place to hang out, because this Lion Island country itself contains those very special and interesting gems. If you have the opportunity to visit this country, be sure to visit these famous tourist attractions in Singapore .

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