Discover the most detailed, perfect and economical Boracay travel experience

Onetour Many tourists know the name Boracay as an island paradise in the Philippines, but have you had the experience of being in a real paradise? Come with us to the Boracay travel experience article to get the most complete trip possible!
  • Find out the most economical Philippines self-sufficient travel experience in 2019
  • Boracay 5-day tour cost for a group of close friends from only 1,100,000 VND 1 day
Những kinh nghiệm du lịch Boracay, Philippines đáng giá nhất cho bạn
The most valuable Boracay, Philippines travel experiences for you

The most valuable Boracay, Philippines travel experiences for you

Boracay is known as the pearl island of the Philippines, is one of the places that you will hardly be able to ignore when you come to this beautiful country because it has great scenery, impressive games, delicious dishes. delicious food, …

However, besides the great things above, you will get an experience that you will hardly forget that is the “heavenly” prices that the store owner offers when you ask for an item, a service. something here.

And if you don’t have a flexible and alert enough head to be able to bargain skillfully, then you will definitely have to taste what it’s like to be “cut off” it.

To help you have a truly perfect trip, here we would like to share with you some detailed and economical Boracay travel experiences as possible!

1. Should tourists travel in Boraca, Philippines?

Are you thinking that question in your head? If so, you should not think or fret about it too much. Why? Because you should not ignore a place that people still admire when mentioning its name.

Đừng nên bỏ lỡ một điểm đến đáng mong đợi - Boracay, Philippines
Don’t miss a desirable destination – Boracay, Philippines

However, to be able to have a trip with the best experiences, you should refer to our article below to be able to equip more experiences when coming to this tourist destination.

In general, what we want to share with you in this Boracay travel experience article will be associated with the word “precaution” to help you avoid losing a significant amount of money during the trip and will not bad impressions of attractive tourist destinations because of the “stupid” money, the resentments are not light.

Làm thế nào để có một chuyến du lịch Boracay - Philippines trọn vẹn?
How to have a complete Boracay – Philippines tour?

Therefore, visitors need to make sure they read this article of our Springbrook carefully! That will probably assist you in some decisions when you set foot on this charming “Pearl Island”.

2. Time zone and currency in Boracay, Philippines

Going anywhere in the world, the first thing you need to care about is the time zone and how to convert currency here. According to Boracay travel experience , the time zone in the Philippines is GMT +8.

Múi giờ có ảnh hưởng không nhỏ tới chuyến du lịch tới Boracay, Philippines của bạn
Time zone has a big influence on your travel to Boracay, Philippines

Thus, the time in the Philippines will be 1 hour earlier than in Vietnam. So if you come to the Philippines, you should adjust your clock and related devices 1 hour earlier. For example: If it is 6:00 AM in Vietnam, it will be 7:00 AM when coming to the Philippines at the same time.

The currency of the Philippines will be Peso (abbreviated as PHP), when converted to Vietnamese currency will be 100 PHP = 45600 VND. However, there is a small note for you that you should change your money to USD denominations and when you arrive at the airport in Manila there will be many counters of different banks for you to exchange money.

Therefore, the Boracay island travel experience advises visitors to choose the banks with the highest exchange rates. At the moment, the exchange rate of USD when converting to PHP that I have just learned is 100 USD, it can be exchanged to 5,116 PHP.

Chọn phương thức và nơi đổi tiền phù hợp nhất để bắt đầu hành trình vi vu Boracay, Philippines
Choose the most suitable currency exchange method and place to start your journey to Boracay, Philippines

Visitors can also refer to this number to be able to find the right bank when they arrive at the airport!

3. Travel experience to and from Boracay, Philippines

The inter-country transport system between Vietnam and the Philippines has also developed significantly in recent years. Therefore, moving to the Philippines is no longer a concern for tourists.

3.1. Air service upon arrival in Boracay

However, currently in Vietnam we do not have a direct flight to Boracay, so you will have to go through two stages to be able to get here.

Máy bay - một trong những lựa chọn thuận tiện và dễ dàng để sang Philip
Airplane – one of the convenient and easy options to get to Philip

Many tourists who have traveled to Boracay share that the first leg, you will stop at the capital Manila (for those of you flying in Hanoi, it will usually take 3 hours to arrive, and if you move from the airports in Southern route will be faster) and the next domestic route from Manila to Boracay (usually takes 1 hour).

Searching for tickets early can help you get the best deals on that airline and you’ll get the best fares for your flight. That will save you a considerable amount of money on this trip.

It is worth noting that when you arrive at the airport in Manila, you will have a lot of airline options to get to Boracay such as: Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines, Tiger Air, … And at Boracay, there are 2 airports: Caticlan and Kalibo.

Bắt một chuyến bay từ Manila đáp xuống sân bay Kalibo để thực hiện hành trình khám phá đảo Boracay 
Catch a flight from Manila and land at Kalibo Airport to explore Boracay Island

Therefore, sharing Boracay travel experiences suggests that visitors need to find out on the official websites of the carriers before going to get the best fare.

Usually, the price and travel cost for a leg from Manila to Boracay will range from VND 800,000 to VND 2 million depending on the time and airline you choose.

An interesting experience that we want to share with you is that when you fly to Caticlan airport, it will be very close to the pier to Boracay island. From here, it only takes you 5-10 minutes to reach the pier.

Therefore, self-sufficient Boracay travel experience suggests that you can experience it by a fairly popular means of transport in the Philippines, the Tricycle (which is a modified motorcycle, usually with 3 wheels and can carry from 4 – 5 people / 1 trip) but the fare is usually not cheap and the luggage that you can carry is only 5kg.

Tricycle phương tiện phổ biến ở Philippines giúp bạn đi từ sân bay Caticlan ra bến tàu đến Boracay 
Tricycle is a popular vehicle in the Philippines that helps you get from Caticlan airport to the pier to Boracay

Besides, if you go to Kalibo airport, it will take you two more hours by car but usually the fare will be cheaper and the maximum hand luggage you can bring will be 7kg.

3.2. Journey from the pier to Boracay Island

From the pier to the island will take about 15 minutes. To be able to board the ship to the island, you need to pay: environmental fee, pier fee and boat fare to get to the island.

Or another option when you arrive at the airports in Boracay is that you can purchase a full service from airport to station taxi service, taxes, train tickets and car to hotel.

Dịch vụ taxi cũng là một lựa chọn không tồi ccho du khách khi đi từ sân bay ra đảo Boracay 
Taxi service is also a good choice for travelers when going from the airport to Boracay Island

Although convenient, but the Boracay travel experience reminds you to remember the word “precaution” that Springbrook mentioned at the beginning because here besides the companies that provide very good services and decent, and a large number of parts will provide a service of not very good quality.

There have been many sad stories of tourists from Vietnam who have been implicated in this terrible service.

And there are also many cases where tourists from Boracay, Philippines are caught, you have paid in full for all the items of the service, but when you get on the Tricycle or taxi, the driver will make you pay an extra fee. Separate gratuity fee for the driver.

Tránh tình trạng bị bắt chẹt trong khi sử dụng phương tiện giao thông tự túc tại Boracay, Philippines
Avoid getting caught while using self-sufficient transportation in Boracay, Philippines

Although the service contract does not mention this fee, you will most likely still pay them out of pocket and even if it is small, it will definitely make you unhappy because of this service attitude.

4. Experience staying in Boracay economical but still quality

Wondering about where to stay when coming to Boracay? However, you should not worry about accommodation when coming to Boracay.

Không cần phải lo lắng về chỗ ở khi đi du lịch Boracay - Philippines
No need to worry about accommodation when traveling to Boracay – Philippines

Boracay is divided into areas according to different purposes such as:

  • Station 1 area will be near the pier with many games
  • Station 2 is an extremely crowded and bustling entertainment, shopping and entertainment area
  • Station 3 (the last area here) will be a high-class resort with the best services dịch

Thus, visitors not only have a place to stay in their Boracay, Philippines travel itinerary, but also can enjoy great rest days with their friends or loved ones.

Tận hưởng những ngày nghỉ ngơi tuyệt vời tại khu nghỉ dưỡng bãi biển Boracay 
Enjoy a wonderful day off at Boracay beach resort

Not only divided into 3 zones as above, people are also divided by the side of the sea such as: White Beach, Bulabog, Puka.

4.1. Staying in White Beach

White Beach is the area with the longest beach. The nature of the sand here is quite white and smooth, it is also taken care of by the cleaning staff, so there will be very little garbage left, which has left a big impression on visitors when coming to the beach here.

Lưu trú ở White Beach - nơi có những bãi cát trắng mịn và sạch đẹp tới không tưởng
Stay at White Beach – where the white sands are incredibly clean and beautiful

The sea water is mossy green and especially very clear, so you can safely immerse yourself in the cool water here. It is because of these natural features that it is easy to understand why this place is home to many entertainment areas and food services.

4.2. Staying in Bulabog

If you are someone who does not like the bustling and crowded areas, the experience of staying when traveling to Boracay recommends that you choose to go to Bulabog beach. Here, the sand and water are not as clean and clear as White Beach, and the services here are not as diverse and rich.

However, the atmosphere here is really great, cool and the waves are quite big, so this is an ideal place for activities such as surfing and paragliding, etc.

Không khí ở Bulabog rất tuyệt vời, thoáng mát để lưu trú và nghỉ dưỡng 
The atmosphere in Bulabog is great, cool to stay and relax

Moreover, there have been many visitors who think that the water color at Bulabog when shown is more beautiful than White Beach, so if you are a person who likes virtual live photos, likes to save great moments with friends, With your loved one or the one you love, this is an ideal place that you should not miss.

4.3. Staying in Puka

As for Puka beach, it has not been put into operation for tourism, so it almost keeps its pristine appearance, so there are very few services here.

Tận hưởng nét đẹp nguyên sơ, thơ mộng khi lưu trú ở Puka
Enjoy pristine, poetic beauty while staying in Puka

4.4. Compare the convenience of staying in between regions

It is not difficult for you to know that the price of a room at White Beach will be the most expensive of the three beaches mentioned above, right. The distance from Bulabog to White Beach will be closer than from Puka there.

So, in terms of economics, the self-sufficient Boracay travel experience suggests that visitors should rent a room at Bulabog beach and you can completely walk or take a Tricycle to get to White Beach, especially, rooms at There are also quite complete and quality facilities for you.

Surfers Home ở Bulabog - một hình thức phòng nghỉ khá thú vị khi đến đảo Boracay
Surfers Home in Bulabog – a quite interesting accommodation when coming to Boracay Island

There is also an interesting form of room that you can experience is Surfers Home in Bulabog, these are rooms located close to the beach, opening the door a few steps to the sea, the price is also quite affordable. However, the room quality is also quite average with few amenities.

4.5. How to book hotels, accommodation before the trip

You should be interested in booking applications on your smartphone such as Inhotel, Booking (you just need to pay at the hotel when you like it) or Agoda (this application requires you to pay in advance online).

5. Tourist destination with attractive entertainment when coming to Boracay

Springbrook revealed that in Boracay travel experience, visitors will have many opportunities to experience many interesting games in the sea and islands such as: boating to visit the islands, diving, snorkeling, surfing. wave, …

5.1. Note when having fun and sightseeing in Boracay

But again, the word “CAUTION” is warned by me so that you don’t have to interrupt your fun.

Không nên trả hoàn toàn 100% phí của dịch vụ vui chơi trọn gói tại Boracay 
It is not recommended to pay 100% of the fee for all-inclusive entertainment services at Boracay

There will be a lot of people standing along the beach with signs saying all-inclusive entertainment services and their prices, of course those are quite high numbers, so you can totally bargain as you please. mine.

In our opinion, you should not pay 100% of the fee for that service, no matter what the tour seller promises you, it’s just words, even those who sell the service they still have. Write clear paper for phone numbers and models for you.

But when you are taken to the amusement park, Boracay, Philippines travel experience assures you that most of you will still have to pay that play fee even though you have paid enough for an entertainment tour before.

Tự mang đồ ăn sẵn đi nếu không muốn mình bị nhịn đói khi đi tour trọn gói ở Boracay 
Bring your own food if you don’t want to starve yourself on this package tour in Boracay

If he can play for real, it’s only a few games that he has associated with the game provider. There is also food on the tour, there will not be a dish that will be brought to you by the tour service provider, you have to bring your own food if you don’t want to starve yourself.

Don’t think that they give you their phone number for you to rest assured, when those events happen you call them, you will only receive a few words of hesitation and then hang up.

Không nên đặt niềm tin hoàn toàn vào tour trọn gói Boracay nếu không muốn mất tiền oan 
Don’t put your full trust in the Boracay package tour if you don’t want to lose money

There have been many tourists who have been deceived like that, so the Boracay travel experience review advises you to be sober so that you don’t have to “give money” to these scammers anymore.

5.2. Play around with Boracay and let it loose as much as you can here

However, ignoring the things that are not very good, it must be affirmed that the games here are very great, in addition to being able to swim comfortably in the cool water, you also have many other great games.

Quẩy tung Boracay và xõa hết mức có thể tại đây
Play around with Boracay and let it loose as much as you can here

Here we will introduce you to some games that you should try when coming to Boracay:

Boating on the waves of Boracay

First, you should enjoy the feeling of surfing on the boats caught by the salty winds of Boracay, the feeling of precariousness when the waves hit the two sides of the boat.

Chèo thuyền trên sóng biển Boracay
Boating on the waves of Boracay

As you go further from the shore, the color of the water here will be darker and you will admire the beautiful islands here.

Trials of diving at Boracay

If you are a thrill-seeker, the Boracay travel guide suggests you try the diving game. You will be taken to a bridge with a height of your choice.

If you love thrills and want to challenge yourself, you can choose high bridges, but if you don’t know how to swim and just want to feel the attraction of the game, you can choose bridges. moderate height.

Thử nghiệm nhảy cầu tại Boracay xem bạn có đủ can đảm 
Try diving in Boracay to see if you have the courage

If you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry too much, because when you jump off the bridge, there will be staff on duty in the water who will take you to a place where there is a rope so you can cling to it and climb ashore.

Snorkeling in Boracay

In a sea with transparent water like this, snorkeling will be the perfect choice for you. Your ship will take you to a place where the water level is not too deep, there are many corals, …

Lặn biển ngắm san hô (snorkeling) ở Boracay
Snorkeling in Boracay

According to the experience of traveling to Boracay, Philippines , the water in Boracay is always clear, so you only need to be equipped with a life jacket, a swimming goggles, a snorkel (note that the snorkel helps you breathe through your mouth if you need to. If you breathe through your nose, you will choke) is already able to observe all life in the sea.

If many of you have played this game on Phu Quoc island or some other place in Vietnam, you can easily realize that the coral here will not be as colorful and rich as in our country, but if this is When you try this game for the first time, we think it will be a great experience for you.

Experience Helmet Diving in Boracay

It’s also a form of watching the sea floor like scuba diving to see corals, but I’m sure Helmet Diving will be much better. First, when you are on the shore, you will learn how to sign what is ok, you feel uncomfortable, want to go up, take pictures, record videos, …

Trải nghiệm Helmet Diving tại Boracay để xem có thú vị như những gì mà mình nghĩ?
Experience Helmet Diving in Boracay to see is it as interesting as I thought?

You will then be given a hat to provide oxygen and prevent water from entering while you are underwater. This hat is relatively heavy when on the shore (~50 kg) and you can rest assured that there will be staff to help you put on this hat, when underwater, the hat will be very light, only about 2-3 pounds.

Depending on your intentions such as taking pictures or recording videos, the guide will fulfill your request. One of the bloody Boracay travel experiences is that when you start going down deep, the pressure will change, so you will feel a little uncomfortable in your ears like when you are on an airplane.

Helmet Diving ở Boracay để tự do đi bộ, được ngắm san hô, những đàn cá bơi lội xung quanh 
Helmet Diving in Boracay to walk freely, see corals, schools of fish swimming around

But calm down, swallow your saliva to clear your ears and everything will be back to normal. Coming to Helmet Diving, you are free to walk, see corals, schools of fish and squids bigger and clearer than when you experience snorkeling and the maximum time you can play is 20 minutes.

The staff will then take you ashore and the staff will give you a CD that includes photos and videos of you underwater and if you want to get more photos you should buy a waterproof bag for your phone (this is sold a lot along the beach) so you can shoot yourself underwater.

Sắm một túi chống nước cho điện thoại để có thể tự quay khi ở dưới nước nếu thích
Get a waterproof bag for your phone so you can shoot yourself underwater if you like

Really Boracay travel experience, Philippines self-sufficient recommend visitors try this game once it’s great. However, if you have high blood pressure or a history of heart disease, you really shouldn’t play this game.

Zipline game on Boracay Island

Do you want to know the beauty of Boracay when viewed from above? You will get a lot of interesting experiences when participating in the Zipline game.

This game is only available at White Beach, the ticket price is not too high, but the things you see will not make you feel disappointed at all.

Trò chơi Zipline trên đảo Boracay
Zipline game on Boracay Island

To be able to play this game, visitors will first be taken to a mountain and it will take you about 15 minutes to reach that mountain. From here, visitors can fully enjoy the whole wonderful scenery of Boracay, it will not be different from the image of “paradise” that you once thought.

If visitors do not want to miss this whole beautiful scene, in the Boracay island tourism experience, it is best to prepare a gopro or if you do not have enough conditions, you can completely rent it here because it available and reasonably priced.

It will be even better when you start playing zipline, this game will have two ways to and from, but each way you will experience in a different way. In the afternoon, you will be hanging your body on extremely strong cables and sliding on a rope.

Treo mình trên không trung rồi ngắm nhìn toàn bộ cảnh ở Boracay
Hang yourself in the air and enjoy the panoramic view of Boracay

The cable to push you away is not too long and the speed is not high, so you don’t have to be afraid. But it must be said that the feeling of hanging in the air and watching the whole scene in Boracay is indescribable, this is too wonderful.

Which is the blue sea, white sand, high and low mountains, roads, resorts, … everything that blends together to create a beautiful picture in front of your eyes.

The interesting thing about this game that Boracay travel experience wants to reveal to visitors is the return of this game. You will be sitting on a car hanging on the cable cars and operated like a cable car. At times like these, only GoPro can capture all these beautiful scenes for you.

Thuê những chiếc GoPro tại các quầy hàng trên dảo Boracay để lưu giữ khoảnh khắc trên Zipline
Rent GoPros at the stalls on Boracay Island to capture the moment on Zipline

If you rent GoPros at the stalls here, after the game is over you will have the landlord copy your videos and photos to a CD or you can ask them to send it to your email. friend.

Other games and entertainment activities at Boracay Island

In addition, there are many other games that are also very interesting and adventurous such as: drawing Henna (a form of temporary tattoo, usually for about 2 weeks) this will make you like other people. native here.

Những trò chơi và hoạt động vui chơi giải trí khác tại đảo Boracay
Other games and entertainment activities on Boracay Island

Games like surfing, sledding, … are also very interesting. According to the interesting Boracay travel experience , if you are a girl, you can experience the pattern braiding service which is also quite attractive.

6. Eating experience when traveling to Boracay in the Philippines

Along the coast here, visitors will not be difficult to find grilled meat skewers, the price is also quite cheap, equivalent to only a few thousand Vietnamese dong.

Ăn uống gì khi đi du lịch ở Boracay, Philippines?
What to eat while traveling in Boracay, Philippines?

However, only for those who are used to the sweet and sweet style, it will be easy to eat, but for those who are not used to eating that way, it will be quite boring because the dishes here are mostly given a lot of sugar and honey. You can also request not to spread honey to make it easier to eat!

6.1. Popular rice restaurants

Here, there are many rice shops, both popular and luxurious, and there are many dishes of different countries such as: Korean, Thai, … In these shops, there are quite a few vegetables and it is also difficult to find. places that sell vermicelli and vermicelli.

Các quán cơm bình dân trên đảo Boracay nên ghé qua
Popular rice restaurants on Boracay island should visit

You should choose Korean and Thai restaurants that will suit your taste and are easier to eat with Vietnamese people according to sharing Boracay travel experiences of previous visitors. You can also try it at local restaurants, but these dishes will have a lot of greasy dishes, so it will be a bit boring if you eat a lot.

6.2. Popular restaurant in D’Mall area or D’Talipapa market

Or you can go to D’Mall areas or D’Talipapa market to look for popular eateries. However, here the shops are all listed as popular, but when it comes to paying, people must “forget” or something, so they charge sky-high prices, but the dishes here are not very special.

Quán ăn bình dân khu D’Mall hay chợ D’Talipapa
Popular restaurant in D’Mall area or D’Talipapa market

Therefore, travel experience in Boracay, Philippines advises visitors to consider carefully before deciding to try the dishes here to avoid wasting money in the wrong place.

6.3. Seafood at D’Talipapa . Market

D’Talipapa market is a market with a lot of very fresh seafood, but you need to bargain for the lowest possible price because the price they offer is quite similar to the price you are offered to buy “gold” rather than buying seafood.

Chợ D’Talipapa trên đảo Boracay nổi tiếng với hải sản ngon - bổ - rẻ
D’Talipapa Market on Boracay Island is famous for delicious – nutritious – cheap seafood

If you want to try the seafood here, you need to go buy the seafood yourself and then have to find another store to have them make the dishes according to your requirements. The price for this processing is also fine (usually in kilograms, note that you still need to negotiate the price).

This is quite different from markets in Vietnam because in Vietnam, there are usually shops that have prepared seafood.

6.4. Snacking at Boracay Island

In addition, here are some other snacks that visitors should also try during their Boracay, Philippines trip such as mango shake and Halo Halo tea which are also quite famous.

Thưởng thức những món ăn vặt nổi tiếng và ngon mắt ngon miệng tại Boracay 
Enjoy famous and delicious snacks at Boracay

You can find dried fruits as gifts for relatives or friends at home. The fresh fruits here are also quite small due to the sea, so there will be less variety compared to the areas in Manila.

7. Other notes in Boracay travel

  • Still two words “WARNING” because you can be cheated at any time, especially with the package services in this place.
  • You need to bargain as low as possible because here they say the challenge is quite terrible. You don’t think that Vietnamese people are already “slash-and-slash” business, only here will you know the true level of “hacking” is like.
  • Here, there is a culture that we think you will be quite uncomfortable with, which is “demanding” tips. Since you are in their country, according to Boracay travel experience , you should “enter custom” tip as much as possible!

In short, to have a great trip in Boracay, you need to be really alert, know the most reasonable way to bargain if you don’t want to waste money.

Khám phá và trải nghiệm những điều hấp dẫn và thú vị ở Boracay, Philippines
Discover and experience the fascinating and interesting things in Boracay, Philippines

For the rest, everything here is great: the scenery is so beautiful and attractive, the games are interesting, the dishes are unique and diverse, … So you should try to come to Boracay once to have the best experience. Great experience guys!

Discover and experience the fascinating and exciting things to do in Boracay, Philippines with Springbrook

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