Experience culinary culture when traveling to Italy

Onetour When traveling anywhere you want to enjoy the cuisine of that country or region, right? And certainly when it comes to Italy, too. The cuisine of this country is very rich and has many delicious dishes. So what are you waiting for without traveling to Italy today.

Your European travel itinerary will help you discover the 5 most famous dishes and glorify the cuisine of this boot-shaped country.

1. Pizza


Surely we Vietnamese no longer feel strange when it comes to Pizza with its appearance in this world. Pizza has always been the pride of Italy. Previously, Pizza was just a popular bread sold on the street. But later Queen Margherits turned this bread into a royal dish by adding basil leaves, tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese along with olives and turned this popular cake into a colorful one. with its three main colors are blue, white and red.

These Pizzas do not have a fixed shape, it can be square, round or oval, can also be paddle, but the most popular is still round. Today’s Pizza has been imported to most countries around the world and in each region, each country has different flavors.

2. Ice cream


The name Gelato according to the Italian pronunciation, it means ice cream. Gelato is a dish made from sugar, creamed milk and different flavors such as nuts or fruits. Another difference in this cream is that it is high in sugar but contains very little fat. With sugars such as grape sugar, cane sugar or dehydrated sugar, Italians are always looking for ways to ensure the natural sweetness of their dishes.

If you have never tasted Gelato, it will be a mistake in your Italy trip. Visitors can easily see shops specializing in selling Gelato ice cream, or it can be Gelato coffee shops or it can also be shops that only sell their own Gelato ice cream all over Italy. .

3. Risotto


In the North of Italy, there is a very delicious and very popular dish here, which is Risotto rice. This unique and attractive dish is divided into four main ingredients which are a mixture of vegetables in Italian style, gravy can be chicken, beef or fish along with flavoring ingredients. and the most important ingredient is rice. With Risotto rice, the rice must be cooked with short-grained rice, which is rounder and more elastic than other types of rice, and this rice contains a high amount of starch that is rich in amylopectin. A particularly important thing to create the characteristic aroma of this dish is that people use wine to lower the rice during cooking and thanks to the wine and the amount of heat, the rice will be stronger and softer. than.

4. Spaghetti


This large and round pasta is very famous in most countries around the world. Noodles are made from semolina flour and water. This noodle dish is actually because the Arabs were introduced to Italy around the 9th century. At first, this noodle dish was made by the Arabs just as a dry dish and it was eaten by hand, but when it came to Italy, with the combination of tomatoes, this noodle became a wet dish and had to be eaten. to the fork.

Spaghetti is served with tomato sauce and this sauce can be made from a variety of vegetables and seasonings such as olive oil, tarragon or meat and fish. When eating noodles, it is often used with a type of grated cheese such as Parmedan, Pecorino Romano or Asiago. Spaghetti is an indispensable dish in the Italian menu.

5. Lasagna


Also a type of noodle, but Lasagna is a type of noodle in leaf or plate form. This is a baked pasta made with ingredients such as cheese, lasagna leaves and meat sauce. There are many different ways to prepare Lasgna pasta, but the most popular dish is still Lasgna Bolognese.

Hurry up and book yourself a plane ticket to Italy to enjoy the best with this fascinating and exciting Europe tour.

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