Experience in the Amazon jungle

Onetour Have you seen the majestic scenes in the animated movie Rio? Or are you just a fan of the traditional Brazilian Carnival? Then don’t let you wait long, today’s trip to Brazil we will travel to the famous Amazone.
Trải nghiệm trong rừng già Amazone
The Amazon River flows through the rainforest of the same name

With over 10,000 tributaries, the Amazon River seems to blend with the Amazon forest, winding into every corner of this forest. Amazone is known as the largest “lung” on the planet, this place is like a blue silk strip of one color, the entry point is the colorful colors of birds, colorful parrots, or waterfalls. white foam. Thanks to the large amount of rain during the year, this tropical rainforest has an extremely diverse and rich flora and fauna. Have you wondered why the tribes here can survive without disease? The great public belongs to the Amazon forest because this place is an extremely large pharmaceutical repository of the natural world, which is also the reason why the tribes here have survived and developed for so many years. Going deeper into the forest, the more you meet rare animals and plants, and listen to strange music by birds singing together, but the deeper you go, the denser the trees become. , it must be rare for the sun’s rays to penetrate the dense foliage to penetrate the thin mist, or the dew drops left on the leaves.

Trải nghiệm trong rừng già Amazone 1
Inside the forest

It is not only attractive about the wild and mysterious natural scene, but also attracts visitors with the legends of the tribes living here. Coming to this Amazon region, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of traditional dishes and dances that are both flexible and definitive of the tribes living here. You are a tourist who loves nature, loves to explore, is adventurous or has a passion for learning about the culture of the tribes and countries, then Amazone is indeed a place worth visiting not only once but maybe even a few times to experience all the quintessential, mysterious Amazone.

Trải nghiệm trong rừng già Amazone 2

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