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Onetour The city of Girona is a small city north of Barcelona, and is blessed with great culture and a monumental history, well preserved to this day. Let’s visit this cultural city with us.

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I had a great trip to Girona , Spain. The city is to the north of Barcelona, and I was here to attend a conference for travel bloggers in Europe.

Cảnh quan thành phố Girona, Tây Ban Nha trông như một bộ phim thời trung cổ
The cityscape of Girona, Spain looks like a medieval movie

The Costa Brava region where Girona is located is not as famous as the Costa del Sol or the islands like Ibiza. This turned out to be quite interesting because this place does not have too many tourists so it still retains its inherent quietness. But it’s also a pity, because the area is stunning, extremely photogenic and has amazing coastlines, I wish this place was advertised more so that everyone knows the beauty of this place it. I have traveled to Spain many times, but I have never been here. It is indeed a pity.

The city of Girona existed before the time of the Romans. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was ruled by the family of kings and princes for centuries. During this time, Girona experienced 25 sieges and was occupied a total of seven times.

Khu người Do Thái là một điểm tham quan thú vị ở đây
The Jewish Quarter is an interesting attraction here

One of the most famous occupations began in May 1809, when the city was besieged by more than 35,000 Napoleonic troops from France, until disease and famine forced everyone to surrender. in December of the same year. I really got to see the re-enactments of this battle when I first visited the city. It’s a spectacle when everyone is fully dressed in the costumes of the time, and you will be directly on the battlefield like everyone else. Cannons and guns were also used, and I was even right next to one, which scared me quite a bit.

Traveling the modern-day city of Girona is a wonderful collection of all the delicious food, cheap bars and pretty cobblestone streets I could spend hours wandering around. During my stay, I’ve made a list of things to see and do that are worth checking out:

1. Eat ice cream in Rocamboesc

Hãy thử ăn kem ở Rocamboesc, bạn sẽ bất ngờ vì ngon đấy
Try to eat ice cream in Rocamboesc, you will be surprised at how delicious it is

The three Roca brothers can be considered some of the best chefs in the world, and they own one of the best restaurants in Girona in the world. In Girona, Jordi Roca, the youngest brother, runs an ice cream parlor with Willy Wonka’s decor. Try the best ice cream flavors topped with fresh fruit, cotton candy, fondant, chocolate sauce and more. I come here twice a day, and it’s absolutely amazing.

2. Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes

One of the oldest monasteries in Europe, it is located on the outskirts of the city but can be reached by car or bus. The monastery is a prime example of Romanesque architecture.

Tu viện Sant Pere de Rodes là một trong những tu viện cổ nhất ở Châu ÂU
The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe

3. Church of Girona

Traveling to Girona cannot be missed – a monumental church, with the largest typical gothic architecture in the world, only smaller than St. Peter’s church in the Vatican. This work was first built in the 11th century and stalled until the 18th century. The church is located right in the center of Girona.

Nhà thờ Girona nằm ngay ở trung tâm thành phố
Girona Church is located right in the city center

4. Walking in the castle

The city of Girona is surrounded by a large medieval wall that was used to keep out unfriendly armies. This wall was demolished many centuries ago, but you can walk around a reconstructed version, located in the historic center of the city, from here you can see all the main points of the area.

Những con đường ở đây lát đá và nhỏ xinh như thế này
The roads here are paved and small like this

5. A trip to Figueres to see Dalí

You can take a train from the tourist city of Girona (it takes about an hour) to the Dalí museum in Figueres. Dalí is an important historical icon of this region, he was born in Figueres and spent most of his life in Cadaques. Some of Dalí’s most famous surrealist artworks can be found in this museum. Prepare yourself – it’s crowded here, and sometimes in famous works you’ll have to move at a crawling speed.

Bảo tàng Dalí có lối kiến trúc rất đặc biệt
The Dalí Museum has a very special architecture

6. Jewish Quarter

The 12th century saw the birth and growth of a Jewish community, which died down in 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain. Today, Girona tourism cannot ignore the Jewish quarter, because this is one of the best-preserved historical sites in Europe, with thousand-year-old houses and the facade still in perfect condition. great condition. There is also a museum here for you to visit, although I have not had the opportunity to visit, but the reviews have to say are excellent.

Khu người Do Thái hầu như vẫn được bảo tồn nguyên vẹn
The Jewish quarter is still almost intact

7. Food heaven

This activity alone cannot be missed in the itinerary to visit Girona. Dining is one of the most enjoyable activities in Spain, and it is here that eating becomes a culture. I ate enthusiastically all the tapas, bacon and ice cream.

Đồ ăn ở Girona có lẽ là điểm sáng nhất trong cả lịch trình
The food in Girona is probably the brightest point in the whole schedule

Tourist Girona is one of the great places to stay in the Costa Brava area, with forgotten villages, amazing coastlines and everything.

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