Famous tourist destinations in Taiwan that cannot be missed

Onetour Taiwan tourism is trending in recent years. You can come here to visit, shop, study nature or enjoy food. All are great because the famous tourist attractions in Taiwan possess wonderful things that only this country has.

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The following are the famous tourist attractions in Taiwan and the most attractive places to have fun in Taiwan that you cannot ignore when coming to this beautiful island to travel. Due to the terrain located in the middle of the sea, Taiwan not only has mountains but also beautiful beaches that are not inferior to Phu Quoc or Nha Trang of Vietnam.

Đất nước Đài Loan tuy không quá rộng lớn nhưng lại có rât nhiều địa điểm du lịch thú vị
Although the country of Taiwan is not too large, it has many interesting tourist attractions

1. Taipei 101

Almost in Taiwanese movies, there is an image of this famous tower, a proud symbol of the Taiwanese people, therefore, no one can travel to Taipei without skipping the building – one of the most famous towers in the world. Famous tourist attractions in Taiwan . This is the second tallest tower in the world with 101 floors and is the busiest international commercial and financial center of Taipei. Visiting the whole building will take about 2 to 3 hours.

Inside Taipei 101 is very luxurious and sophisticated, from the 1st floor to the 5th floor is a commercial center, which gathers many famous brands around the world and famous flower-style restaurants, especially famous brands. Famous delicious Ding Tai Fung restaurant

Taipei 101 đã từng là toà tháp cao nhất thế giới, toạ lạc tại Đài Bắc
Taipei 101 was once the tallest tower in the world, located in Taipei

From the 88th floor of the tower, you can see the whole of Taipei, a magnificent modern picture, especially when the sunset gradually falls. Tickets to the 88th floor cost about NT$600 (equivalent to VND 417,000) and are cheaper if you buy them online. In addition, you also get to experience the world’s fastest elevator and the balance ball for the world’s largest building. Besides, don’t forget to watch the documentary about the building process, very interesting.

On clear days, the weather is nice, a lot of people queue up to enjoy the view at the 88th floor of Taipei 101. So, either go early, or go at noon to not have to wait in line too long.

2. Jiufen Ancient Village

If the Taipei 101 tower shows the development and modernity of Taipei’s capital, Jiufen ancient village reflects the old life of Taiwan, from the architecture to the atmosphere here is still very ancient.

Not located in the center of Taipei, Jiufen is located in the New Taipei area, an extension of Taipei.

Làng cổ Cửu Phần mang màu sắc cổ kính rất bắt mắt và ăn hình
Jiufen ancient village has ancient colors that are very eye-catching and photogenic

Jiufen still retains its ancient appearance with houses close together with indoor objects as well as wooden decorations that create an ancient atmosphere for this place. With red lanterns hanging overhead, With tiled roofs, brick lines and ancient Chinese architecture, the small streets of Jiufen village will give you a peaceful and a bit mysterious look. You will not stop walking from one street corner to another. The snacks in the small houses will attract and make you not to be missed in the beautiful Jiufen. Some of the streets here are quite similar to ancient Japan’s Kyoto. In addition, coming to Jiufen, you will enjoy many famous street foods here, especially in the evening. Coming to Jiufen, just raise your phone and you can have thousands of beautiful photos, so don’t forget to add this ancient town to the list of Taipei tourist destinations to definitely visit.

3. Ten Parts

Coming to Jiufen, you must definitely visit Shifen. People often visit Jiufen to take photos, enjoy food, then when visiting Thap Fen, they will have to release lanterns, walk along the train tracks here to feel the peaceful space. Thapfen Railway Station is also an old village, but the highlight of Thap Fen is the lanterns and the lighting of Thien Dang lanterns during the Lunar New Year, attracting a large number of tourists. You can write your wish on the lamp body and then release it into the sky, pray for good luck, Taiwanese believe that your wish will be rewarded.

Đường tàu Thập Phần là nơi nổi tiếng với hoạt động thả đèn lồng
Shifen Railway Station is famous for its lantern release

Low Fen is convenient with the way to Jiufen, so it’s easy to stop by. This place also has extremely romantic lantern-lined streets on both sides and Shifen waterfall is quite famous, so when coming to Taipei, don’t forget to visit here.

4. Ximending Night Market

Coming to Ximending, you will not be able to ignore an interesting “specialty” that is the night market. The night market in Ximending is very crowded and bustling. The products sold here are extremely diverse. This market is not only a shopping place for local people, but also a lot of tourists come to visit and shop. Coming here, you will surely choose a lot of suitable items for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones.

Chợ đêm Ximending là điểm đến phổ biến khi đi du lịch Đài Loan
Ximending Night Market is a popular destination when traveling to Taiwan

5. Yongkang Street

Have you heard of mango ice cream, beef noodles and Dingtaifung restaurant chain? Yongkang Street is famous as a tourist street, authentic food, extremely enchanting and one of the famous tourist attractions in Taiwan .

The beef noodle at Yongkang Beef Noodle restaurant has been open since 1963 and still retains its delicious taste. Those are the chewy noodles, the spicy soup of Sichuan chili, the crispy beef tendon, the tender and fragrant beef. This is considered a favorite among locals and tourists.

Mì bò cay Đài Loan là món ăn ưa thích của người địa phương
Taiwanese Spicy Beef Noodles is a local favorite

Similar to Korean Bingsu, but Taiwan’s Mango Ice Cream has a much more specific taste. Mango ice cream is one of the most famous street food in Taiwan and refreshing in summer. This dessert was also mentioned by CNN when talking about Taiwanese cuisine. In addition, other fruits must be tried in Taiwan such as apples, guava and bananas.

In addition, Yongkang also has onion pancakes with cheese and salted eggs, if you want to eat, you have to wait in long lines, talking about this is that you understand the charm of the dish!

In addition to spicy beef noodles and mango ice cream, famous Taiwanese snacks that you can easily find on Yongkang Street such as milk tea, octopus, crispy squid, Taiwanese fried chicken, grilled beef, ice cream cilantro, deep-fried rotten tofu, small dumplings (also known as Tieu long bao sold at Dintaifung)… Traveling to Taipei without experiencing all of these dishes is a big mistake.

6. Yeliu . Geopark

Famous for its strangely shaped rocks, Yeliu is a geopark with fossil remains of great historical and scientific value. People give their own names to rocks shaped like things in life: fairy tales, mushrooms, candles, houses or beehives…

Công viên địa chất Yeliu mang gía trị lịch sử và khoa học to lớn
Yeliu Geopark has great historical and scientific value

The rocks hewn by nature have inspired photography for visitors and the result is a set of excellent photos. Note, hats or umbrellas and bottles of mineral water are essential when visiting the park!

Above are some of the famous tourist attractions in Taiwan that attract a lot of tourists to visit. Hopefully, with the above places, you will have more interesting options for your trip to be more attractive.

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