Find the beautiful peaceful place Bergen

Onetour Bergen is a peaceful and ancient city in Norway. Anyone who has ever set foot here can not help but praise a poetic and romantic scene. Here is a list of must-see destinations in Bergen.

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The story usually begins like this:

“Are you going on a trip to Norway ?”

“That’s right, I’ll be gone for a few weeks.”

“You definitely have to travel to Bergen . It really is a great place!”

Every time I mentioned going to Norway, no matter who I talked to, they would talk about Bergen with great interest. I don’t know what’s exciting about Bergen to look forward to, but since everyone raved about it, I started to have a bit of high hopes before coming here.

And it wasn’t until I stepped out of the train station to my hotel that I began to understand why: Bergen was so beautiful.

Thành phố Bergen trong mùa đông phủ đầy tuyết
Bergen city in winter covered with snow

It is a small city located between two large mountains, the city of Bergen is full of ancient buildings with hundreds of years of history, with winding cobblestone streets, a large central park. large, old Gothic churches and some pretty little squares. Outside the port, there is a fish market where you can enjoy the freshest fish in the country.

Sadly I only had two days in Bergen, while there are so many interesting places to visit. I had very little opportunity to explore that vast area and the beautiful fjords beyond the city. However, after consulting all the Bergen Norway travel experiences online, I have compiled a list of famous attractions here:

1. Fish market

Cua hoàng đế tươi ngon ở chợ cá Bergen
Fresh King Crab at Bergen . Fish Market

Bergen Fish Market is a foodie paradise. It’s right on the harbor in the city center, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Small businesses are here all day, but in the morning, they are most crowded. According to the expensive standard of living in Norway, fish here is very cheap, but if you convert to USD or Vietnamese currency, it is quite expensive. But that’s okay, we can save money by trying it out, because the sellers all give free trials of some dishes. Be sure to try the fresh salmon and caviar. Herring roe is also a good choice, don’t miss it.

2. The pier

Bryggen, the Norwegian wharf ceremony, is one of Bergen ‘s oldest landmarks, which includes beautiful 14th-century Hanseatic buildings with sections made entirely of wood. There are many small and narrow alleys winding everywhere for you to freely explore. Most of the buildings have turned into tourist attractions, but fortunately they still keep the old wooden parts and they look really cool. There is also a museum on the business history of the area from the 14th century.

3. Tháp Rosenkrantz

Tháp Rosenkrantz có niên đại từ những năm 1270
Rosenkrantz Tower dating from the 1270s

Housed in an old fortress right next to the harbour, the tower dates back to the 1270s. The tower has been enlarged several times since then until the time of Erik Rosenkrantz, who ruled the entire area until dating back to the 1500s. The exhibition area is very interesting, with the top floor showing the entire history of the castle and King Håkon. You can also go out to the balcony on the top floor for a panoramic view of Bergen .

4. Imperial Palace Håkon

This royal banquet hall was built by King Håkon Håkonsson between 1247 and 1261. It is located in the same fortress as the Rosenkrantz Tower and is no longer in use today, except for a few important occasions. Much of the palace was destroyed during World War II, but the original walls are still intact. This is a highlight not to be missed in your Bergen travel itinerary .

5. Bergenhus . Fortress Museum

Hoàng cung Haakon đã bị phá huỷ khá nhìều trong Thế chiến II
Haakon Palace was destroyed a lot during World War II

The fortress museum actually doesn’t display or exhibit anything related to the fortress – Strange? Instead, it showcases things related to women in Norway and the German people’s resistance to Nazi Germany. The women’s exhibition seemed quite interesting, but it was all in Norwegian so I didn’t understand anything. But the exhibition about the Nazi resistance was very detailed and had English subtitles with lots of pictures, so I was very interested. I found out quite a bit.

6. Art Museum

Pháo đài Bergenhus là một điểm không thể bỏ qua khi tới Na-uy
Bergenhus Fortress is a must-see when visiting Norway

Located just off Central Park, there are three art museums that are well worth a visit if you are a lover of contemporary and modern art. The museum is not too large so don’t worry about getting lost, and inside there are many famous Norwegian artworks.

7. Old Bergen . Museum

This is a unique open-air museum with more than forty wooden houses representing Bergen ‘s architecture during the 18th and 19th centuries. The area is open for free year-round, with guided tours only. Sightseeing is free. This place is located outside the city outskirts but you can catch the bus very easily.

8. The funicular

Tàu leo núi Fløibanen không rẻ chút nào, nhưng nếu bạn muốn ngắm cảnh toàn thành phố thì cũng đáng tiền đấy chứ
The Fløibanen mountain train isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money if you want to see the whole city.

The Fløibanen is a very special mountain train that departs on a day near the city center. Here you can admire the panoramic view of the city, the wharf and the fjord. There is an expensive restaurant on the top of the mountain, so you can just board the train and enjoy the view.

I only had two days to visit Bergen , so I was not able to see many places outside the fjord area. But if you have more time here, take a cruise around the bay, go hiking or take a tour of the ancient manors in the area.

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