How much money is enough to travel to Europe?

Onetour Europe today is gradually becoming a destination of many tourists around the world. But the first question is always about the cost – How much money is enough to go to Europe? This question will be answered in the article below.

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During this summer, I had a very interesting European tour in the least famous countries: Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. These countries are located on the west coast of Europe and have few tourists. I don’t understand why, even though these countries are very safe and traveling to Europe is not too expensive, and especially without the noisy tourist crowds that you will see everywhere. In the world.

Ukraina là một đất nước rất xinh đẹp và hiện đại
Ukraine is a very beautiful and modern country

During my trip to Europe three countries, I spent 1,876.5 USD for 46 days. That’s definitely not a bad number if you plan to travel to Europe on a budget . Below I will list the costs for each country, and you will find this area really affordable to travel:

The cost of traveling to Bulgaria

When it comes to the cost of traveling to Bulgaria , I spent a total of 1,405.4 levs in 23 days, equivalent to 1000 USD, or about 43.5 USD a day. I have been to many famous places, including the expensive Sunny Beach.

(All costs are in lev., the currency of Bulgaria)

Bãi biển Sunny Beach ở Bulgari là một địa danh cực kì nổi tiếng khi nhắc tới du lịch Bulgari
Sunny Beach in Bulgari is an extremely famous place when it comes to Bulgarian tourism
  • Food: 475.90 (Budget restaurants and some fine dining restaurants)
  • Stay: 445.70 (I choose dormitory room)
  • Alcohol: 259.40 (I partyed a lot, especially in the Black Sea)
  • Bus: 100
  • Taxi: 19 (taxi from the airport and some late-night taxis) Entrance ticket: 53
  • Going to the movies: 42.5
  • Drinking water: 8.9
  • Play chess at the park: 1

I don’t have too much to spend in Bulgaria , because there are not many activities. I use public transport, eat local food, stay in cheap hostels. If you are not too craving for Japanese, Korean or Asian food, the daily cost is only about 35-40 USD.

Cảnh quan Bulgari thực sự đẹp như một bộ phim thời trước
The Bulgarian landscape is really beautiful like an old movie

If you want to stay in a nicer room and eat at a restaurant, consider spending around $50-55 per day. Even so, compared to the cost of traveling to Europe in other countries, everything is still very cheap.

If you want to save money, cook for yourself, because the market here sells very cheap and fresh food. Or dine at food carts like pizzas, hot dogs and sandwiches on the street. Also take the bus, because train prices in Bulgaria are much more expensive than buses.

Cost of traveling to Romania

How much money should I bring to Romania? I spent 1878.3 leu, equivalent to 578.83 USD in 16 days, equivalent to 117.38 leu or 36.17 USD a day. This includes travel costs from Bucharet to Brasov and from Transylvania to Cluj-Napoca.

Toàn cảnh thành phố Brasov, Rumani từ trên cao
Panoramic view of Brasov city, Romania from above

(All fees are in leu – the official currency of Romania)

  • Food: 724.4 leu (three days self-catering, a few meals at a fancy restaurant)
  • Stay: 881 leu (in a dormitory room, 2 nights in a private room)
  • Beer and wine: 9
  • Transportation: 113.9 (including airport bus and taxi)
  • Admission: 80 (Bran Castle, a bunch of museums and day tours)
  • Cold medicine: 57:
  • Drinking water: 13

You can absolutely travel to Romania much cheaper than me. I ate a bit too much, and stayed in private rooms for a few nights. Not only that, but I was sick for a few days and had to pay for the medicine, so the total cost went up a bit. The average cost of traveling to Romania is about 30 USD a day which is reasonable.

Lâu đài Dracula là điểm không thể bỏ qua khi đi du Rumani
Dracula Castle is a must-see when traveling to Romania

If you want to stay in a private room, visit more places, eat a lot of special dishes, the cost can be up to 45 USD per day. And can be up to three times if you go extremely luxurious.

Ukraine travel costs

My last stop in Western Europe was Ukraine. My total travel expenses to Ukraine is 2377.96 hryvnia (UAH) in Ukrainian currency, equivalent to 297.07 USD for a week here. The average split will fall into about 339.70 UAH or 42.52 USD per day. I went through Kiev and Lviv while in Ukraine.

Đến với Ukraina thì hãy nhớ ghé qua thành phố thảm hoạ Chernobyl bạn nhé
Come to Ukraine, remember to visit the disaster city of Chernobyl

(All costs are in hryvnia – the official currency of Ukraine)

  • Stay: 740 (I stayed in a dormitory for about 100-120 hryvnia a night)
  • Food: 1122.50 (mostly at local restaurants)
  • Alcohol: 261 (2 nights in Kiev)
  • Movement: 219.20
  • Sightseeing: 10
  • Drinking water: 15.25
  • Play chess at the park: 10 (I paid for losing at the park. But it was still fun!)

My Ukraine travel expenses are quite high because I eat at a good restaurant for a few meals, if you eat normally, the cost per day is only about 251 hryvnia or 31.09 USD. I think that’s the cheapest, and all the tourists I meet here will spend that much.

Thành phố Kiev ở Ukraina trong ánh nắng hè rực rỡ
Kiev city in Ukraine in bright summer sun

However, I suggest you can spend a bit more heavily, as this country is quite cheap compared to other European countries. Why not pamper yourself a little more, right?

If you want to travel to Ukraine on a budget, stay on the outskirts of Kiev, which is closer to Russia, and everything costs much cheaper. Dining at local restaurants is also delicious and not too expensive. An average meal is only about 30 hryvnia (which is only about 4 USD).

The three countries I mentioned above are an interesting experience in my European trip. While we still need to travel Europe on a budget, there are still plenty of options to enjoy the best of a country without spending too much.

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