In November 2018, the Korean Ministry of Justice announced that from December 3, 2018, Vietnamese citizens with household registration in 3 cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang will be granted a 5-year visa to enter scene in Korea. In addition to related documents, visa applicants must pay a cost of 80 USD/document.

With a rich lifestyle, brilliant culture and outstanding development, Korea has become an ideal tourist destination and place to work and live for many young people. However, many tours have not been successful because the Korean visa unit is always overloaded, especially during peak tourist seasons such as spring or autumn. The article will introduce you to simple, effective ways to apply for a visa to make your trip smooth and possibly save a lot of money!

1. Apply for a personal visa

Where to apply for a visa to Korea in Vietnam

Currently, the Korean Embassy has two offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. You can apply for a Korean visa at the following two addresses:

  • Hanoi: 12th floor, Discovery Complex, 302 Cau Giay, Hanoi.

  • Time to receive applications: 09:00 – 12:00

  • Visa return time: 14:00 – 16:00 (When you come to receive your visa, bring your ID and Appointment Letter)

  • Working days of the week from Monday to Friday (except for the holidays of the Embassy).

  • City. Ho Chi Minh: Korean Consulate General – No. 107 Nguyen Du Street, District 1, HCMC

  • Visa pick up time: 09:00 – 12:00 / 13:30 – 15:00

  • Visa return time: Afternoon after 15:00 (When coming to receive visa, bring identification and Appointment letter)

Working days of the week from Monday to Friday (except for the holidays of the Embassy).
You need to pay a consular fee when applying for a Korean visa, depending on the purpose of your visa application.

  • Visa for less than 90 days: 20 USD

  • Single-entry visa over 90 days: 50 USD

  • Visa to go 2 times in a row in 6 months: 60 USD

  • Visa to go multiple times: 80 USD
    Notes submitted will not be returned. Normally, it will take you about 8 days to receive your visa. However, during peak season (especially spring and autumn) this time can be longer!

Types of professional certificates

You will need various types of professional certificates to apply for a Korean visa. Certificates will be divided into 4 categories: employees, business owners, retirees and students.

  • Business owner: You’ll need to provide your account statement, tax receipt, and a copy of your business registration.

  • Multiply member: Certificate of company employee. This document is quite simple. You can bring the work contract for certification is also accepted, the resignation letter is written in English or Korean. And your latest 3 months salary (from bank, company …)

  • People in retirement age: Paper or retirement card. You need a notarized stamp of the place where you live.

  • Students, students: Student card, student

Proof of financial capacity

You need about 5000 USD (100 million in the bank). Sent 3 months from the time of visa application. You can attach an additional passbook.

Visa application form

You can download the visa application form online or at the Korean embassy. You can fill out the application in English or Korean.

  • Fill out the form in English or Korean or Vietnamese without accents

  • Typed or handwritten are acceptable

  • All information must be filled in with the word “CAPITAL”

Your travel schedule during your stay in Korea

You can refer to the available schedules. Or you can manually add or remove your schedules as you like. However, note that you should present clearly and have a plan!

Apply for Group Visa Visa

With group visa application, this will be more difficult and requires more paperwork than most. Therefore, in order to be more convenient for applying for a group visa, the article recommends that you find travel companies to be able to complete the group visa application process in the most convenient way. In particular, a “secret” that you should know is that when making a tourist visa with a clear tour, you will receive a visa earlier and the success rate is also higher than that of an individual or self-sufficient.

Applying for a Korean visa “seems to be simple”. However, if you want to avoid possible bad situations, or to save your time, there is always a very fast visa service, As convenient and efficient as One Tour’s Korean Visa service, with a visa pass rate of up to 99%, One Tour is absolutely the place you can trust to send your “Korea Visa” dream! With just one click on the website:, fill in basic personal information, wait for the phone call of the consultant, you can easily reach the Korean dream!



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