How to travel around Africa?

Onetour Africa – the black continent is a very new name in the field of tourism. When it comes to African travel, people often wonder what to go, how, and why. The following article will introduce the means of transport in Africa for you to plan your travel!

A Day in Africa with Brook Silva Braga

Thiên nhiên hoang dã Châu Phi
African wild nature

Africa is a continent known for its ubiquitous wildlife, majestic natural landscapes, exotic cultures, and beautiful beaches. It is such a special travel experience that, just a short stay here, you will never forget it, and you will just want to come back again and again. However, traveling to Africa is not an easy experience for first-time visitors. The most popular route to get here is a one-way trip across East and South Africa, starting from Cape Town and ending in Cairo. The question we hear most often is “How do I get there?”. And here is the answer for you about transportation in Africa :

1. Africa Safari Overland Tour

Tour tham quan Châu Phi trên xe Jeep
Jeep tour of Africa

The Safari Overland Africa Tour is an Africa package tour , aimed at short-term tourists who want to explore Africa without having to worry too much about accommodation, transportation and procedures. legal custom. It’s not the kind of authentic local experience, but if you’re a little nervous about traveling to Africa on your own , this is the best choice for you. These tours are quite expensive when compared to going on their own, but all meals, travel and accommodation costs are included in the package.

Tours typically last about seven days, costing around $750 and can go up to $6,000 for a 63-day trip, from Kenya to Cape Town.

2. Baz Bus

Baz Bus ở Châu Phi
Baz Bus in Africa

Baz Bus is a transport company in South Africa, they have routes designed specifically for self-sufficient travel. This is a point-by-point drop-off bus, they will pick you up and drop you off at your place of stay. You can choose the available route and buy tickets. There are different types of fares, you can buy tickets by day or several days in a row, or even more customizable ones.

Ticket prices range from $175 to $500, depending on the type of ticket you choose.

3. Public bus

Xe buýt ở Nam Phi
Buses in South Africa

Traveling by bus will give you a great opportunity to participate in the daily life of the locals. Our bus tours are often filled with laughter and conversations with locals. Children, carefree and relaxed, sat on our laps, entrusted to us by their parents for the long haul. Occasionally, roosters would accidentally peck on our ears, but that’s okay, it’s part of the fun of the journey. Traveling by bus in Africa takes longer, but they are quite comfortable, safe and spacious. In more remote places, not on major roads, buses are smaller and older, often overloaded.

Ticket prices range from 3 USD to 32 USD.

4. Minivans

MInivan trông chẳng an toàn chút nào
Minivan doesn’t look safe at all

I quiz you, how many people can a minivan fit? Africa is a place that will give you answers you never thought possible. If you think this car can’t fit anyone more, then they’ll stick to the outside of the car. Minivans are an inexpensive means of getting around, and typically offer up to six-hour trips within the country (costs range from $0.20 to $8). They won’t actually start the trip until the bus is full, so get in a van that looks full to avoid waiting hours for the bus to actually leave.

5. Hitchhiking

Đi dạo trên hoang mạc
Walking in the desert

There are many people who choose to hitchhike to get through Namibia and South Africa, far more than in other East African countries. Hitchhiking is always risky, but it’s a very easy way to get from one place to another. If you’re coming from the side of the road, it’s best to wave your hands up and down, because thumbs up is considered rude and disrespectful in Africa. A friend and I once went from Namibia to South Africa this way because other means of transport were limited. An off-road truck driver in Namibia gave us a ride for a very small amount of money, and we had an interesting talk about life in Namibia along the way. Along the way, a group of Chinese students gave us a ride all the way to Cape Town with only the cost of gas.

6. Car rental

Renting a car in Africa will cost a lot in your wallet, so be sure of the places you want to visit, and the best attractions along the way, so you can balance costs and savings. save fuel in the most reasonable way. We rented a car to travel around Namibia and South Africa, and had a great, comfortable and free hunting trip. We also went to the Garden Route, which is a sightseeing spot and also the best place to see the whole of South Africa.

Thuê xe ô tô là một sự lựa chọn đầy tự do và trách nhiệm
Renting a car is a free and responsible choice

Car rental in South Africa costs about 30 USD a day if you register online. In other areas around Africa, costs can range from $75 to up to $100 a day. If you are planning a long tour in Africa, consider buying a four-stroke car to travel around the continent. South Africa will be the best place to buy, because they have many convenient car shopping centers.

When planning a trip to Africa , consider cost and safety carefully before setting foot anywhere. While public transport may be the cheapest and most basic, they are quite uncomfortable and less safe than the rest of the options. Renting or buying a car will cost more money, but you’ll have more freedom and more exciting experiences along the way. The tours are relatively expensive and not really close to the natural life, but you will be well taken care of and enjoy absolute safety. Whichever mode of transport you choose, you will have a great experience in Africa.

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