Information to know about traveling to the United States

Onetour US travel information

Information to know about traveling to the United States

  1. Flight information
  2. Prepare your luggage for the trip
  3. Customs regulations
  4. Time
  5. Weather
  6. Language
  7. Skin
  8. electricity
  9. Phone
  10. Hotel
  11. Other information





Checked baggage:
The international airline, KOREA AIRLINES, allows each guest to bring 02 pieces of checked baggage, each piece not exceeding 23kg. The 3rd piece onward (3 kg – 9kg) will be charged about 100 USD/piece, (9kg -20kg ) will be charged about 300 USD/piece for international journey and about 25 USD/piece for domestic journey USA (depending on the regulations of each airline). All checked baggage You must clearly write your name, address, and phone on the outside of the luggage to avoid being lost or mishandled by others.
Please note that you are not allowed to bring on board the aircraft as hand baggage for the following items:
– Liquids or substances with a paste form over 100ml, for example: toothpaste, hair gel, perfume, lotion, etc.
– Sharp or metallic objects, e.g. scissors, key chains, nail clippers, tweezers, files, etc.
– Objects that cause explosives, for example: lighters, matches, glow sticks, etc.
Each passenger is allowed to bring on board 01 hand luggage (not bulky) weighing no more than 10 kg
You keep your passport, money, personal belongings, laptop, important documents, medicine in hand luggage
It is recommended to bring personal hygiene items for long flights to the US, for example: toothbrush, tube of toothpaste under 100ml, comb, etc.
Note: –
– You have to measure your strength when carrying luggage (within the allowed range) because you will carry, pull, push the luggage yourself during the travel process of the program. At Vietnam and Incheon airports, you can use the trolley for free in the airport, but at the US airport, you have to rent the stroller yourself with the cost from 04 – 05 USD/car
– You NEVER carry luggage for anyone, even carry it for people in the group for any reason because the security in US airports is quite strict, the luggage we are keeping may be stolen. Request an inspection at any time.

– You will use Korean Airlines for the flight from Hanoi to San Francisco and from Washington DC back to Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi
– The journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas on October 19 and LA to New York on October 22 by American Airlines
– Your flight ticket has been determined on the return date at the request of the delegation.
– When on the plane, absolutely do not use mobile phones


Vietnam Customs

– Visitors are not allowed to bring more than 5,000 USD, if carrying more than 5,000 USD, they must declare and have a permit to bring foreign currency, otherwise you will have to pay a very high fine.

– Diamonds over 3 cups, gold over 300 gr (about 8 trees) must be declared. Goods purchased will be determined by Vietnam Customs, not depending on the purchase invoice. If the customs value is over 300 USD, it must declare and pay tax.

For example: An item valued at 300 USD by Vietnam Customs is subject to the following tax rates:

Import tax: USD 300 x 50% = USD 150

VAT: (USD 300 + USD 150) x 10% = USD 45

Total: 195 USD

US Customs:

– US Customs strictly inspects fresh goods related to food safety and hygiene standards in the US. Therefore, all foods or foods made from terrestrial animals and plants, such as meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and grains, absolutely cannot be brought into the United States. As for the seafood of Vietnam, after passing the sanitary inspection, if it meets the standards, it will be allowed to enter the US.
– Each guest is allowed to bring 2 cigarettes into the US

– You should not bring into the US tapioca or tapioca flour or similar raw flours, because it is very easy to focus on security in the US and you will spend a lot of time explaining the type of flour this and the possibility of confiscation is very high.

– Alcohols or liquids (allowed) You should put them in checked baggage and each traveler must not bring more than 01 litre.

– After the September 11 event, right at the US border gate, US customs will check all your luggage (unfold your luggage). At this point, please show cooperation with them by letting them do their tasks. When they’re done checking, you quickly rearrange your luggage.

Note: You never carry luggage for anyone, except your own. And when going through customs, each person has to bring their own luggage.


Cities in the US: New York, Washington DC are 12 hours behind Vietnam, for example: In Vietnam it is 12 noon, then in the two cities above it is 12 pm the previous day.

The cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles are 14 hours behind Vietnam, for example: In Vietnam, it is 12 noon, then in the two cities above it is 10 pm the night before.


San Francisco                          :           12 oC – 21oC

Las Vegas                               :            15 oC – 27oC

Los Angeles                             :           15 oC – 26oC

New York                                :           18 oC – 24oC

Washington D.C                      :           16oC – 26oC


You should bring warm clothes to keep warm when the weather changes and becomes erratic.


English is chosen as the primary language while Spanish is widely spoken in Southern California, New Mexico, Texas and Miami, Florida.



– Spacious and compact clothes, light soft shoes with flat soles, lightweight waterproof sandals to use when flying long distances, going in hotels. Guests should bring warm clothes or jackets that can keep the body warm.

– You should bring an umbrella to prevent sudden rain.



Devices using 110V – 60Hz AC, 3-pin type (two-pin parallel socket), should bring the necessary adapters. Illustration

[American-style plug with two parallel flat blades above a circular grounding pin] [Japanese-style plug with two parallel flat blades]


10. PHONE:

– Most hotels will require a deposit by credit card or cash before you can make a phone call from your room. However, you should not use the phone at the hotel because the cost is very high.

– The only and cheapest way is that you should buy a prepaid card, make international calls and the price is still good. You can ask the tour guide to buy for you (about 25 USD/card – there are many denominations).

– Phones in the US have an area code of 3 numbers and the next 7 numbers.

**Call to Vietnam: 001 – 84 – 8 – phone number

**Calling to the US: 00 – 1 – Area code – phone number

**Calling to other states: (must add number 1)

Example: 1 – (714) – 935 – 0040


11. HOTEL:



        2500 MASON ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94133 (415) 362-5500


3770 S LAS VEGAS BLVD., LAS VEGAS, NV 89109 (702) 730-7777


       711 S HOPE ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90045                   (213) 488-3500


      GRAND HYATT NEW YORK                 
      109 E 42ND ST., NEW YORK, NY 10017       (212) 883-1234
      1919 CONNECTICUT AVE., NW WASHINGTON DC., 20009 (202) 483-3000



Buses and trains are the two most popular means of transportation in the United States. There are also other means of transport such as monthly ferry, electric bus.

Taxis in the US and especially in the Las Vegas area, they only pick up guests at hotels, airports or restaurants and offices. Taxis rarely pick up passengers along the way


– The tour program is designed to be very convenient in adapting the Vietnamese people’s diet in the United States. In the main meals, the basic drink will be hot tea. If you wish to drink any other drink, this will be charged, plus tip and tax for that drink.

– You should equip yourself with instant noodles, ready-made coffee, or lipton tea in case you will use it at night.



– Hotels set check-in time 3:00 pm, check-out 12:00 am, after 11:00 pm do not make noise in the room or in the corridor.

– The hotel is not responsible for damage or loss of personal belongings in the room. Money and personal belongings should be deposited in the safe at the front desk, must pay for this service.

– Some hotels have irons and dryers. Hotels do not have toothpaste & toothbrushes.



Usually the opening hours of supermarkets are from 9:00 or 10:00 am; closes at 18:00 or 20:00 pm. The post office is open 24 hours a day.

– Branded goods in the US are relatively cheaper than Europe and Australia. However, the current situation of strong discounts on some items at the end of the year will be an opportunity for you to spend your money.

– Depending on the type of item, when buying, please balance the value of the product with the actual value. The best way is to convert the equivalent of US currency and Vietnamese currency, if the difference is not very high, you can shop comfortably and rest assured because you can buy good, beautiful and durable goods.

– Shopping in the US has always been a great attraction for tourists around the world. However, it is best for tourists to buy tours on major holidays because the holidays are an opportunity for retail businesses in the US to launch a series of promotions.

– The shopping season in this country often focuses on the following occasions: Easter (April), National Day (July 4-7), summer holidays with Summer sales or Thanksgiving with promotions lasts from the 3rd week of November to the Christmas and New Year season (end of December).

– In addition, it is not the shopping season, but visitors can still buy many goods at affordable prices. If a visitor discovers a small defect on the item for sale, such as a small lipstick stain on a silk scarf, a shirt with a broken button or a scratch on a leather wallet, the visitor will negotiate a lower price. so many, so much.

– A great way to buy cheap goods is to not be afraid to pay the price. Visitors can ask again: “Is this the lowest price you can sell?”. If you go with a guide, you can ask them to pay the price for you. There are items that will be discounted to half the price or more when bidding.

– Visitors can also go to the Factory Outlet to buy cheap brands such as clothes and shoes. Here, visitors can shop 25% to 40% off. Of course, promotional goods often lack the size or the colors you like.



– In the United States, the prices of products and services usually do not include taxes and service fees, so when buying a certain item or service, we have to pay those two additional amounts.

– If the seller does not charge the service fee in the bill, we will reward the service fee directly to the staff serving us. The general convention is 15-20% of the total value of products and services

+ Hotel housekeeping 2 USD/room/day

– These are the remuneration for the servants so that they get an honest income commensurate with their labor.

Embassy of Vietnam in the US

1233, 20NW Street, Suite400, Washington, DC, 20036

Phone: (202)861.0737 / Fax: (202)861.0917 –

Some other notes:

– To reduce the situation of physical weakness caused by sitting for a long time on the plane and the time difference, you should:

+ Rest before traveling about 2 days.

+ On the plane should wear light, comfortable clothes; eat a lot of fruit (or fruit drinks), drink a lot of water, take advantage of rest, sometimes have to get up to exercise with many movements.

– About time: When you arrive, you should adjust your clock to match the local guide’s clock, and please make sure to always be on time. In case you are late for your appointment and get lost in the group, you will have to pay for your own expenses and transport to the hotel to meet the group again. The team leader and the local guide are responsible for agreeing on the time and place of the meeting and informing you in detail. Then the Head of the delegation and the local guide are not responsible for your damage caused by your late appointment.

– All questions and requests for help need to be informed to the local guide before the end of the day tour. After that is the personal free time of the local guide, visitors only contact when there is an emergency or really necessary.

– American law completely prohibits smoking in public places, on machines, on public transport. The university also bans smoking in many parts of the campus. When going to an American’s house to play, if you want to smoke, you should ask the landlord’s opinion.

– If you want to give a gift to an American before returning home, give them a gift imbued with national identity, a souvenir reminiscent of your home country like a book about Vietnam, a gift of your own. handicrafts…even a stamp of Vietnam.


Wishing you a happy travel!

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