Is tourism to Poland and Krakow overrated?

Onetour Most people praise the city of Krakow, Poland, every time I say that I plan to travel to Poland or travel to Europe. But after arriving here, I feel a bit disappointed. Why is that? Follow me on a trip to Krakow.

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I must honestly remark that the city of Krakow, Poland has been overrated. Every time I travel to Europe, people will always ask if I’m going to Krakow . “No,” I usually answer them, and they immediately respond with the exact same “Oh, you missed the coolest stuff. It’s one of the best cities in the world!”

Krakow thực sự rất đẹp và ai ai cũng ca ngợi thành phố này
Krakow is really beautiful and everyone praises the city

This year, I finally had the opportunity to travel through central and western Europe, and through the city of Krakow as promised. All my friends rave about how cool this city is. Even a friend of mine, who has been studying abroad here for three years, jumped for joy when he heard that I was coming.

But when I arrived here, I was surprised and completely disappointed.

I don’t mean Krakov tourism is a bad place. This place is a cultural center – history is well preserved from the Middle Ages, with lively nightlife, delicious food and friendly locals. I love these things and what I’ve seen in life here. The story of the history of the salt mines located outside the city is very interesting, and I absolutely love the free historical tours of the old Jewish quarter. I love the old castles and the old disfigured squares. And I even spent a whole day walking in the green park that surrounds the city.

Những toà nhà cũ kĩ được bảo tồn nguyên vẹn trong mùa đông tuyết trắng ở Krakow thật đẹp
The old buildings preserved intact in the snowy winter in Krakow are beautiful

As a lover of the wonders of the underground of cities, I was astounded and delighted with the ruins of the ancient square buried beneath the newly built square. You know, it’s an interesting feeling to think about how many meters below the old city of Krakow lies below the city of today.

The nightlife in Krakow is really lively. Every night, at the hotel where I stay, the bar called Greg and Tom’s has a vodka toss with a variety of different flavors. And no matter what day of the week it is, all the bars in Krakow are packed.

Nhà thờ thánh Peter là một điểm sáng trong du lịch lịch sử ở thành phố Krakow
Saint Peter’s Church is a bright spot in historical tourism in the city of Krakow

But that is not what makes Krakow city tourism such a shining star. People often praise Krakow as a jewel city, but if I had to list 20 favorite cities in Europe, Krakow wouldn’t even be on the list, even at the bottom. Whenever I think of beautiful historic cities, I think of Prague, Tallinn, Brno and Sighsoara, for example. These cities are much more beautiful and the atmosphere is as old as space.

I think Krakow city tourism is overrated for several reasons:

First of all, the city is very beautiful. Most people will enjoy medieval European cities, and Krakow is wonderfully preserved with its old buildings, pretty alleys, and cobblestone streets everywhere. Around the city there is also a city wall to enclose this historic city. Not only that, even the modern part of the city is very well planned.

Cloth Hall là nơi bán buôn vải vóc từ xưa đến này ở Krakow
Cloth Hall is the old cloth wholesaler in Krakow

Moreover, this is a young city. There are many students, students and tourists here, so we can easily feel the youthful atmosphere and fast pace of life all over the city. That is why throughout the city of Krakow there are countless pubs and bars selling alcohol at incredibly cheap prices.

There is one thing that everyone tells me about their Krakow travel experiences. “Krakow is a giant party that never stops.” Hostels seem to exist to house drunk tourists. Bars with unbelievable deals on cheap alcohol, cheap drinks appear every night. Not only where I stay, all the hotels in Krakow try their best to get everyone drunk.

Bên trong một nhà hàng ở Krakow có lối kiến trúc rất độc đáo và cả những người có tửu lượng rất cao
Inside a restaurant in Krakow has a very unique architecture and people with very high alcohol intake

Everyone comes to Krakow to party and drink. At the bar I go to, they also have couples regardless of age who have the ability and preference to drink to the point of collapse. Personally, I find this quite interesting, not only because they have a good amount of alcohol, but mainly because I enjoy the fact that they are not age-affected and have no qualms about socializing with customers. travel over the age of twenty.

When you combine all of the above (especially alcohol, young tourists and students love drinking), it is easy to see why people traveling to Europe praise travelling. Krakow so much.

But a party city is not a good city. Although Krakow has some nice highlights, overall I’m still overwhelmed.

Một phiên chợ giáng sinh ở quảng trường trung tâm Krakow
A Christmas market in the central square of Krakow

I always try to stay objective when traveling, especially when I’m about to write about a place. I always try to feel the city for what it is, rather than what people say about it. I can always light up my eyes when I hear about Paris, but honestly – it’s extremely expensive, everything is overpriced and the locals are sometimes rude.

If someone invites me, I will definitely come back to Krakow city. And I also recommend that you visit this place at least once. You will have a great time seeing the sights and feeling the interesting history of this place.

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