Learn about tips in the US to avoid being "shocked" when traveling here

Onetour When traveling to the US, you need to know how to tip when using the service so as not to be considered stingy or spend too much money. Because tipping or tipping is a familiar culture in restaurants in the US. Let’s learn about tips with Onetour to avoid being “shocked” when traveling here.

At airport

In America it is customary to train the waiters. Tipping here is recognized by law and income from tipping or tipping is also taxable. Therefore, if you need staff to carry luggage, you should pay them from 1-2 USD per suitcase or parcel.

Tip for hotel staff

Tiền boa khi đi du lịch Mỹ
Tips for hotel staff

When staying at hotels, remember to tip the housekeeping staff about 2 – 5 USD per night, depending on the star class of the hotel you stay or depending on their service. If you want to be served breakfast in the room, please see the invoice, if the bill includes the service fee, there is no need to pay extra staff. If not, you have to add 15% of the bill value to the waiter.

For the doorman

The hotel staff will be responsible for opening the door for guests. You won’t have to tip them. And if you need to request other services, such as calling a taxi… you have to tip from 1 – 2 USD. With the luggage staff, after they help you to move in or out of the hotel, you have to spend 1 – 5 USD for each suitcase or large bag.

Take a taxi

Tiền boa khi đi du lịch Mỹ
When taking a Taxi

In addition to paying the fare for the metered travel service on the car, you have to tip the driver, usually plus 15% of the fare. In case there is a car to pick you up at the airport, you also have to spend 10-20%. With the shuttle driver, you should also give them about 15 USD per day.

Restaurant staff

When traveling to the US and eating at a restaurant, the tip is about 15-20% of the bill value. Please also note that if the invoice already has “gratuity” or “service charge” in the bill, you do not have to give extra tips. When you go to the buffet, you don’t have to tip, but when you ask the staff to bring the food to your table, tip them 10% of the bill.

Bar staff

Tiền boa khi đi du lịch Mỹ
Tips for bar staff

Enjoy drinks in bars, you have to pay 1 – 5 USD per call and depending on how many times you order. You should tip right after each time the cocktail bartender or pours more wine for you. If you want to enjoy the whole bottle, in addition to the value of the wine bottle, you have to add 15% – 20%.

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