List of the best eateries in New York

Onetour You are fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful New York City, but this city has so much to explore. This Statue of Liberty, this Times Square, countless attractions are waiting for you, and also countless great restaurants are waiting for you. Onetour suggests 7 best restaurants in New York for your reference below.

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There are millions of delicious eateries in New York, and I can’t wait to experience the best – they say the best in the world. I just arrived in New York recently, and as a casual visitor, I don’t have too many expenses so I thought I would cook more at home than eat out.

New York là một thành phố xa hoa và đắt đỏ
New York is a lavish and expensive city

But with the countless attractive eateries in New York, I couldn’t say no, and then suddenly realized that I ate out a lot. Lots and lots. I know that this city is full of restaurants and any list is not enough. But with all the places I’ve been to, I thought it was necessary to share with you and here is a list of the best restaurants in New York , according to my experience:

1. Mizu Sushi (29 E 20th St)

As a huge fan of sushi, since the beginning of summer until now most of my meals have been at sushi restaurants. And one of my favorites is Mizu – they have great sushi, and the prices aren’t too high compared to sushi restaurants in New York .

Sushi ở New York không tồi chút nào
Sushi in New York is not bad at all

With a diverse menu with a variety of fish and rice rolls, the quality here is very good. I suggest you try the Botanical Shrimp (Fresh Prawn), King Salmon (premium salmon), and Naruto Roll (fish and cucumber roll). A huge meal with sake for two costs about $130. The only problem is that if this restaurant is crowded, it will be very noisy.

2. John’s of Bleecker Street (278 Bleecker St)

Một chiếc pizza khổng lồ thì sao nhỉ?
How about a giant pizza?

New York’s pizzerias are almost everywhere. But I’m not a huge pizza fan, so I can’t tell the difference between good pizza and super good pizza like many New Yorkers can. I think the pizza at John’s is really good – their pizza is thin, and the servings are so big that three people can eat it all. They serve quite quickly, but if you don’t book a table in advance, you will have to wait quite a while. They don’t retail individually, you will have to buy the whole piece.

3. 5 Napkin Burger (630 9th Ave)

Burger phải nói là cực ngon!
Burger must say is delicious!

Craving a greasy burger and fries? So give this restaurant a try. They have thick and soft burgers, and you can order extra cheese and bacon as well. The name of the restaurant is “5 napkins”, but I am sure it will cost you more than 5 napkins with these delicious burgers. In addition to the burgers, they have both burgers and salads, and appetizers like pickled cucumber and garlic butter bread taste great. When you’re done with your meal, top it off with another milkshake.

4. Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave)

Khung cảnh bên trong một nhà hàng ở New York
The view inside a restaurant in New York

Chelsea Market is more like a complex of eateries than a large restaurant. This place is very popular, and you can easily find a full meal, snacks or even some groceries. There’s delicious Thai food here, and at Amy’s Bread there’s authentic French bread. The Lobster Place has really good sushi, but my favorite thing is their clams. If you want organic food, try Green Table, and they have some great drinks as well. This whole Chelsea Market complex is not cheap, but if it’s for a date, this place is very beautiful.

5. Locanda Verde (377 Greenwich St)

Nhà hàng Italia ở New York
Italian Restaurants in New York

In Tribeca you will find authentic New York food with Italian taste. Locanda Verde has delicious brunches, with a variety of plates for you to try all the flavors. Come here for a dinner, because their servings are huge and the food is flavorful. Best of all, you might be lucky enough to meet some famous people here as well. In the summer, Locanda Verde is a popular choice for outdoor dining.

6. Hill Country BBQ (30 W 26th St)

Sường nướng ngon nhất nước Mỹ
The best grilled ribs in America

Want to eat authentic Texas barbecue in New York? Hill Country is sure to please you, with its delicious grilled ribs. They have grilled ribs, grilled ribs with traditional sauce, homemade sausages, whole ribs and delicious bacon. There’s also a long list of draft beers and tequila.

7. Blue Water Grill (31 Union Square W)

Có rất nhiều nhà hàng cực đỉnh ở Union Square
There are so many great restaurants in Union Square

Located on the third floor of a bank building, this sleek restaurant is the place of choice for a wide variety of dining with clients, couples’ dates, and tourists alike. Their menu is full of exotic delicacies from around the world. I recommend you try the King Crab legs. Their wine list is also very good. The restaurant is close to Union Square, so after a meal you can stroll around the area and end your evening with a good movie at the nearby cinema.

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