Madrid travel itinerary is extremely detailed

Onetour Located in the beautiful country of Spain, the city of Madrid is the center of great cultural and culinary activities. With such an interesting city, you must be wondering where to go, right? Then read the schedule of the most interesting attractions in Madrid below.

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Toàn cảnh thành phố Madrid lúc hoàng hôn tuyệt đẹp
Panorama of Madrid city at sunset

The first time I traveled to Madrid was in 2009, and I only toured around my hotel because the weather was extremely cold. Until this time back, I promised myself to definitely visit the famous attractions, experience the best food and even the sounds of life here. With my Madrid travel experience and limited time allowed, here is a suggestion for a complete Madrid sightseeing schedule and tourist activities in Madrid:

1. Visit the Royal Palace

Although this is the residence of the royal family, in fact they no longer live here, the whole palace is only used for important official meetings. you can walk through the palace, starting from the main hall and going through the lavishly decorated rooms. My favorite places are the art gallery and the dining room. They also have the Royal Armory room, which houses a collection of weapons and armor dating back to the Middle Ages. Admission is 14 euros. If you choose a free admission ticket without a guide, it’s only 10 euros.

Cung điện hoàng gia là nơi tổ chức các cuộc gặp mặt quan trọng
The royal palace is the place where important meetings are held

2. Madrid Cathedral

Opposite the main palace is the central church of Madrid. Completed at the end of the 20th century, this is where Prince and Princess Astúias, Felipe and Letizia got married in 2004. Although this is not the most beautiful church when traveling Madrid, but the floor is The attic here is the best place to admire the beautiful skyline in Madrid.

The church is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm. There is no admission fee to this place, but you are asked for a donation of 1 euro.

Nhà thờ lớn ở Madrid không mất vé vào cửa
The Cathedral in Madrid does not cost admission

3. Plaza Mayor

This popular Madrid attraction appears on all tours, the square was once chosen to host bullfights, grand markets, concerts, tournaments and telling stories. even executions. Now, the square is filled with tourist shops, cafes and restaurants. It’s a great place to watch passers-by, have a drink at some of the cool bars (although prices are a bit steep), and there are occasional concerts and events as well.

Quảng trường lớn trước đây là nơi tổ chức các cuộc đấu bò
The large square was formerly the site of bullfights

4. Food tour

Madrid is home to a lot of world-class cuisine, and if you don’t know where to start, try a food tour. I tried one of those tours, and it was a wonderful Madrid dining experience, delicious, filling and fun. The tour lasted for 6 hours, and I was so full!

Khoai tây ăn với xúc xích tưởng như rất đơn giản, nhưng khi ăn ở Madrid, đó là một hương vị khác hẳn
Potatoes with sausages seem to be very simple, but when eating in Madrid, it is a different taste

5. San Miguel Market

Located just off the central square of Plaza Mayor is the indoor market. There are many restaurants and food stalls here, serving a variety of delicious and surprisingly cheap food – in the heart of the city. I ate my fill with only 10 euros. In the evenings in Madrid , it’s crowded with locals looking for an after-work drink. This place is open from 10am to midnight.

Là một khu chợ trong nhà nổi tiếng, nơi này tập trung rất nhiều người dân địa phương tới ăn uống thư giãn
As a famous indoor market, this place gathers many locals to eat and relax

6. Monastery of the Royal Barefoot

Built in the 16th century as the home of King Charles I, this lavish convent has an extremely large art collection, including many famous European works of art.

Tu viện hiện đang lưu giữ rất nhiều tác phẩm nghệ thuật nổi tiếng
The monastery currently holds many famous works of art

7. Naval Museum

This interesting museum will give you a detailed look at the history of the Spanish navy. They introduced in great detail the defeat of the British to the Armada army.

This place is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Admission is only 3 euros.

Bảo tàng Hải quân trưng bày rất nhiều hiện vật thú vị về hải quân Tay Ban Nha
The Naval Museum displays a lot of interesting artifacts about the Spanish navy

8. Royal Garden

An interesting attraction in Madrid is the royal garden. This place, built between 1797 and 1839, is located right opposite the Prado museum and has a very large lake, with a maze garden, a square, a fountain and lots of flowers. They have a small vegetable garden planted in the summer.

The garden is open daily from 10am. Depending on the season, they will close at 6pm or 9pm. Admission costs are euros.

Khu vườn hoàng gia có rất nhiều loại cây quý hiếm
The royal garden has many rare plants

9. Reina Sofia

This museum holds the largest collection of modern art in Madrid. They display many famous works by Pablo Picasso, as well as works by Miró, Kandinsky, Dalí and Bacon. You can come here without a ticket on Monday, Wednesday to Saturday, from 7pm to 9pm. In addition, other hours you will have to buy tickets for 10 euros.

Chỉ cần chú ý lịch, bạn sẽ có thể tham quan bảo tàng miễn phí
Just keep an eye on the calendar and you’ll be able to visit the museum for free

The city of Madrid is an interesting city. I ate the best tapas, learned about history, culture, architecture and even a vibrant nightlife. The Madrid itinerary above has listed the city’s best highlights, and you can arrange a list for each day yourself depending on how many days you’ll be here. Let’s enjoy!

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