New York tour experience

Onetour The vast United States has many interesting things in it. When it comes to US travel, New York City is definitely not to be missed, and if you are still confused about where to go and what to do here, why not choose a day tour to New York?

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Thành phố New York hiện đại
Modern New York City

New York City has a very rich cultural and architectural history. From the iconic Empire States building to Tudor City, to the brownstone walls of the West Village and everything in between, the city has a diverse and unique New York architectural model. I kept walking around the city, and every place I went “oh!”, “ah!” in front of huge blocks of architecture, but then I realized that I don’t seem to understand them very well either.

Đi tour ở New York là một trải nghiệm không tồi
Going on tour in New York is not a bad experience

One of the best things about traveling is learning a lot about the history of a place. It makes it possible for us to connect and synthesize experiences and knowledge about cities, people, and buildings into a huge cultural block. For example, being able to go to Paris and admire the Eiffel Tower is very nice, but finding out what year it was born and why it was built, even the people of Paris once hated it. this work, making this project in particular and the city in general, become more lively and interesting than ever.

I chose a tour company called Context Travel Tour. This travel agency offers us tours specializing in the culture and history of cities across Europe and the United States as well. I bought the Vatican tour while in Rome and it was really cool, making me very excited to join their New York tour .

New York Times Square
New York Times Square

My New York tour lasted 3 hours, and it was a really great three hours. you can walk through and learn about Port Authority, New York Times Tower, Grand Central Terminal, Chanin Building and even the United Nations building. I wasn’t able to capture all of these works, because there was so much to see and admire. And we can even be reprimanded if we’re caught using the cameras inside. (Since they are private buildings, this is not acceptable)

I highly recommend taking one of these tours, as you will have the opportunity to see many sides of the city, and the tour guides are very knowledgeable about all these places. Context hires really knowledgeable and qualified people to act as tour guides – my New York tour guide is an architect in one of these large corporations.

Tòa nhà Port Authority
Port Authority Building

Whether the tour you choose is from Context or whatever, I think what matters is what they give you. Context company’s goal is to give visitors a deeper insight, beyond just glancing at the museums and galleries on the tour guide. This really makes sense to me, because I think learning about where you’re going is just as important as seeing it. A lot of people (myself included) often visit places without even trying to find out what stories are behind them. But actually learning about the history of places gives us a deeper insight into the destination, whether we sometimes have to learn from history books, listen to the radio, or go on a sightseeing tour. city authority.

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