Pocket experience to travel to London 10 days with only 700 USD?

Onetour London is the capital of Great Britain, symbolized by Big Ben clock tower and red buses. Known as an expensive city, can we travel to London for less than 700 USD? Please follow my London travel experience below.

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London is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. So how can we travel to London economically but still be very enjoyable?

I had the opportunity to travel to London for 10 days to attend a travel seminar, and I thought I could use some of my travel tips here.

But can a city as large and prosperous as London be used in any way to save on travel costs?

Big Ben là biểu tượng của thành phố London
Big Ben is the symbol of the city of London

So, let’s take a look at the cost of traveling to London with me!

1. My total London travel expenses

During my 10 days in London, I spent £481.21 or $710. Divide the average per day I spend about 70 USD, but not every day. This number includes everything: airfare to London, hotel fees, transport, food, drinks and entrance fees.

2. How did I save?

Khung cảnh mùa đông ở London vẫn rất đẹp
Winter scene in London is still very beautiful

Before explaining these things, I would like to explain more about some of the things I decided to do before I went. I don’t want to go backpacking in London. I just wanted to prove to everyone that we can completely save on London travel costs without having to go backpacking. We don’t have to stay in the dorm all day, and eat instant noodles.

  • I don’t choose budget motels
  • I still eat delicious and luxurious meals at restaurants
  • I don’t skip famous attractions just because it’s expensive
  • And this is how I spent while traveling to London.

3. Save on the cost of staying in London

I’ve used my bonus points at my hotel chains around the world to get free nights. However, the time to redeem points was too long, so I couldn’t use it.

Quảng trường Trafalgar ở London là nơi tập trung rất đông người qua lại mỗi ngày
Trafalgar Square in London is a place where a lot of people come and go every day

So I used my American Airlines loyalty card. I used the 68,000 points and the $25 given away in exchange for 5 free nights in a four star hotel. I live near Hyde Park, which is very convenient to get around London.

So we can save on the cost of staying in London by using miles, because if we use those points for airline tickets, we cannot make a profit. In general, it is not difficult to stay in a hotel for free.

The rest of the nights I used Airbnb, to have kitchens and quiet rooms that made me feel at home.

4. Save on sightseeing costs in London

Bảo tàng Anh Quốc là điểm nhấn không thể bỏ qua để tìm hiểu về lịch sử nước Anh
The British Museum is a must-see for learning about British history

London is a great city to visit because many places are free to enter, so the cost of sightseeing in London will be much less. The most interesting museums are: British Library, British Museum, National Gallery, National History Museum and Museum of London – all of which are free! Hyde Park is also free. Same goes for Kensington Gardens. So we can go sightseeing around London all day without spending a dime.

For paid attractions, I use the London Pass. This tourist-specific pass costs 54 GBP (about 86 USD) for two days of unlimited sightseeing. With this pass, you can visit 32 attractions and use public transport for free. The card, which is valid for up to six days, costs 87 GBP. I did not have time to visit all 32 sites, only had the opportunity to visit the following sites:

Bảo tàng Quả cầu của Shakespeare (Shakespeare's Globe)
Shakespeare’s Globe Museum
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Tower of London
  • Great Church
  • Ben Franklin Mansion
  • War Museum
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Museum
  • Tomb of London

Without this pass, I would have spent around 104.55 GBP for all the attractions mentioned above. I saved almost half my money without even using all the offers. A lot of cities have a City Pass, so when you travel anywhere, find out and you’ll save a ton of money.

5. Save on food costs in London

Tôi đã mua sắm phần lớn đồ ăn ở siêu thị trong thành phố
I bought most of the food at the supermarket in the city

I don’t want to be a typical backpacker, eating only burgers and pasta for the whole trip. But I also know that locals don’t eat all their meals at restaurants, and a great way to save money is to cook for themselves, so I chose a homestay with a kitchen to stay for four nights in a row. . During my 10 days touring London , I spent 103.80 GBP (equivalent to 165 USD) on food, all calculated as follows:

I spend 9.11 on going to the supermarket, buying bread, bacon, vegetables and pasta. These are enough to cook for three dinners and all three lunches.

GBP 2.20 is used to buy bottled water, and I reused the bottle during the whole trip.

The hotel and homestay where I stay have free breakfast, so I hardly have to eat breakfast outside for a little different.

Khoai tây chiên và cá chiên là món đặc trưng ở đâu cũng có, giá lại không hề đắt (fish'n' chips)
Chips and fried fish are typical dishes everywhere, the price is not expensive (fish’n’ chips)

The rest of my meals I ate out. I ate a meal of pizza, a meal at a Thai restaurant, and a meal of great Indian food, drank Starbucks green tea a few times, and loads of kebabs. Kebabs shops are everywhere in the city of London.

Like I said, I don’t want to spend too much money on food. I eat quite comfortably what I like. I tried searching for deals, because who doesn’t want to eat well and save money on food in London . In London, I’ve found that the best way to eat great food for a fraction of the price is through lunch combos at restaurants. A lot of the restaurants I go to have lunch specials at reasonable prices, and many pizzerias have buy-one-get-one-for-one offers.

6. Travel economically in London

Taxi ở London trông rất đẹp nhưng mà vô cùng đắt đỏ
Taxis in London look very nice but are extremely expensive

My London Pass includes public transport for two days. Taxis in London are super expensive, even compared to how expensive Londoners are, so I never took one.

To go to Heathrow airport, I choose the Heathrow Express to go inside the city (cost 18.50 GBP) and the London Underground to go out (5 GBP). In the city, I use the metro card to go to Zone 1-3 for seven days, totaling 32.20 GBP.

7. Spend the whole trip to London

If I choose to travel to London on regular vacation trips, the total cost can be up to three times.

A direct flight from the US to London currently costs about $320.

The cost of a hotel in London with three stars or more costs about 70-100 GBP) equivalent to 111-158 USD per night. I went for a total of 9 nights, which means that the accommodation alone costs 1000 USD, even though I have searched for the cheapest places.

Sông Theme là biểu tượng nổi tiếng ai cũng biết về London
The Theme River is a well-known symbol of London

If I didn’t cook for myself, it would cost me another 70 GBP ($111) to eat out, you know my eating habits.

Thus, the total cost of food and transportation has already cost another 1,700 USD.

You know, traveling does not mean having to spend every penny, let yourself enjoy a little, and just take advantage of a little attention and you will be able to save on travel costs. London comfortably. Next time you have the opportunity to travel to London , try it out.

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