Procedures for traveling to Belgium you must know

Onetour For those who do not have much experience in traveling to Belgium, it is still difficult to complete all kinds of procedures before going. But with Onetour here, everything will become easier. You will not need to worry about preparing documents and procedures for traveling to Belgium anymore.

Belgium travel procedures are something you absolutely must know to have the most favorable travel.

Những thủ tục đi du lịch Bỉ nhất định phải biết
How to do travel procedures in Belgium?

General papers

First of all, you need to prepare all the following documents:

1. People’s identity card . The application must include a notarized copy of the identity card. And don’t forget to bring the original for comparison

2. Visa application form . 2 visa applications are required, complete and correct information

3. Personal photo . In your Belgium travel procedure, you must have a photo card of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Taken at the maximum 3 months from the time of making the profile, And note that the photo must be taken on a white background, with a clear face and ears.

Những thủ tục đi du lịch Bỉ nhất định phải biết
Belgium tourist passport

4. Passport . Passport is a required document in your Belgium tourist visa application. Passport requirements are valid for at least 6 months and 2 blank pages. If you have an expired passport, you should also submit it with your application and don’t forget to take a photo of the used passport pages!

5. Travel insurance . A mandatory requirement when traveling to Belgium is to have travel insurance that must be used in any country in the Schengen area. The minimum payment amount is 30,000 euros.

6. Proof of financial capacity . As one of the necessary conditions to travel to Belgium is finance. By providing your salary slip of the last 3 months, with a confirmation from the company if you apply at the accounting department in the case of an employee. For business owners, it is a business registration certificate and tax declaration for the last 3 months with the time of making the application.

7. Proof of occupation . If you are an office worker, you need a labor contract and a leave application certified by the company. For state employees, it is a letter of appointment to a position. In the case of students, students must have a copy of the student/student card attached to the application for leave and confirmation from the school.

Types of documents depending on the purpose of going to the Kingdom of Belgium

Depending on the purpose of going to Belgium, there are specific requirements for the documents to be prepared.


If you are traveling to Belgium on your own, that is, without relatives, acquaintances or in groups, in addition to the above identification documents, you need to provide additional documents to be able to complete the travel procedures. Belgium is:

– Confirmation of flight booking from the airline you choose to buy tickets from. Usually airlines or ticket agents usually send confirmation via email. Therefore, you need to print this confirmation, note that the full name and logo of the company should be included in the paper.

Những thủ tục đi du lịch Bỉ nhất định phải biết
Flight booking confirmation

– Besides, you should also have a confirmation of the hotel reservation. And his travel schedule. The more detailed, the higher your visa success rate.

Visit relatives

Usually, for those who have relatives in Belgium, it will be combined with tourism. And in this case, the procedures for traveling to Belgium in addition to the general documents, there are other documents in the dossier as follows:

– Documents proving the relationship of relatives and relatives. It can be a notarized photocopy of the household registration book. Or a certificate of kinship certified by the local authority.

– Regarding travel expenses, if you are self-payer, you need to meet the financial proof as in the “General documents” above. If your loved one in Belgium pays for all travel expenses, you must provide a copy of your Belgian ID card, or a permit from the government where the relative lives, allowing you to travel. stay in their country. And the original of the letter of guarantee has been legalized by City Hall. Along with that, there is still a requirement for proof of relationship in the Belgian travel procedure !

After completing the above mandatory documents, you bring your application to the address of the Belgian Embassy in Hanoi if it is located in the provinces from Hue and out (Address: Hanoi Tower, 9th floor, 9th floor). 49 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi). Or at Sun Wah Tower, 17th floor, 115 Nguyen Hue, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City if you belong to the remaining provinces.

Note that the application is submitted no later than 3 weeks before travel, but not more than 3 months before! Therefore, you need to choose and plan the most suitable time for the procedure.

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