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Onetour South America does not have many famous cities or noisy and vibrant financial-cultural centers like the northern states of the United States. People even mention South America to think of evils, terrible missions. However, having to go there to see it is a completely different thing. The following article will give you a more detailed look at South America.

I had a trip around South America for 3 weeks straight, and it was a truly memorable experience. The American South, in my memory, wasn’t really that great. This place is full of evil people, racists and biblical scorners. It’s like the Civil War is still raging, and the place is full of trash and dirty mobile homes and idiots and phony poets. Apart from a few typical large cities, there’s nothing of value here, and it’s not a bad idea to have to separate it from the United States by accident.

I know it’s a harsh opinion, but it’s a look I see on TV, the words spoken by Southern politicians every day, and the obvious one, the states in the South. consistently pay less tax than elsewhere, and also receive the most federal aid, because of teen abortion rates, child abuse, domestic violence, and abuse. highest stimulant use in the country. Either way, this place is like a place forgotten by civilization, and I’m glad I didn’t have a chance to actually be there.

Một góc Alabama
A corner of Alabama

But I’m on a trip across the country, and for better or worse, the South is still part of my country.

Traveling means going to see new places, experience new people, and forget about the big bags. This is my rare chance to see this place and give it another chance, to see what I think is right and wrong. Is it really as bad as I thought it would be? Or is it all just exaggeration?

Like all rumors, there’s also a bit of truth here, and a lot of hype. Always true.

After driving for hours on the flat asphalt roads of the South, I had a different, less negative mindset. Along the way, I noticed a lot of cultural differences, some of which I had never even heard of. One thing that I bet it’s easy for everyone to realize is, everything that’s on the radio is usually about country, Christianity, evangelicals or conservative talk. Only one or two radio stations are playing young music like rock, pop or rap. You can easily see how far you have been from the center of the South, just depending on the radio waves. Once your car picks up a pop channel, you’ll know you’re at the South Pole. And vice versa, you will be on your way to the North.

The architecture here is exactly the kind of suburban lifestyle, as if it has grown up with the lifestyle here for decades. Most suburbs outside the fringes of major cities have stereotypical neighborhoods. Especially in eastern Alabama. All these places look exactly the same. They look like a modern suburban nightmare, and that nightmare affects shopping malls, and restaurants.

Đồ ăn nhanh ở Applebees
Fast food at Applebees

Moving north, even in the suburbs, they often have more unique and local restaurants. We can see Applebee’s, Chili’s , and even fast food restaurants. In this region, those restaurants are considered good average restaurants. For example, when you ask someone about their favorite restaurant, the answer will often be chain names, like “Oh I love Chick Fil A!”, “I absolutely love it!” favored”. They often go to those chains as if it were a last resort at a reasonable cost, not the first. Only in big cities can you find unique, beautiful restaurants that do not belong to a chain of restaurants.

Despite such problems, the South American states are still a special place, and I leave here with a much better impression than when I arrived. The weather is hot, the big cities are hot, the women on the street are hot (burnt), and the Creole Food center is even hotter. Everyone is very friendly and polite too. It’s really a strange experience for someone like me, to be standing on the street and people just randomly coming up to me to start a conversation. Not only that, they also don’t drive so fast like in the North. They are not in a hurry or hasty like the North American farmers.

Visiting South America is a worthwhile experience for me, helping me to open up a lot about attitudes towards people, times and destinations. This place also gave me a slightly brighter view of a land that I once hated.

I realize that people here are not too closed, some people still feel like they are living in the 21st century, except that there is not too much public transport on the street (Atlanta , I bet it will. there are a few more interesting cities that I really want to return to, such as New Orleans, Savannah, and Chall.

That’s the beauty of traveling. It helps you to open your mind and clear some prejudices. You are forced to face initial prejudices, but at the same time make you learn more about diverse life. I don’t really like the South, but I have learned more about the diverse life outside, and I will definitely return.

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