Step into the novel The Da Vinci Code at Rosslyn Chapel

Onetour Located in the famous city of Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel is a must-visit tourist attraction if you are passionate about the novel The Da Vinci Code. Bringing in many interesting mysteries, this place attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Follow us to Rosslyn Chapel.

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Dan Brown may have made this chapel famous with his novel The Da Vinci Code, but the chapel was already well known long before that. Rosslyn Chapel has been cherished for decades for its wonderful decoration and the mystery surrounding it.

Nhà nguyện Rosslyn nổi tiếng lên là nhờ cuốn tiểu thuyết của Dan Brown
Rosslyn Chapel became famous thanks to the novel by Dan Brown

Located 45 minutes by car from Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel, originally named St. Matthew’s Chapel, was built on a small hill near Rosslyn Castle in the mid-15th century. The chapel in the novel The Da Vinci Code was founded by William Sinclair of House Sinclair – a noble family descended from Norman knights who moved to Scotland when William the Conqueror (King William I) died in the 11th century.

The purpose of building the chapel was to celebrate the month of the month for all the faithful servants who have passed away, including deceased members of the Sinclair family. They believe that the fastest way to heaven is to have many people constantly praying for your soul. Rosslyn Chapel was built when the Sinclairs decided to do what so many other wealthy families do: hoping to win the king’s attention. After the Scottish Reformation, Roman Catholic worship in the chapel ceased, although the Sinclairs continued to practice Roman Catholicism until the early 18th century.

Nhà nguyện Rosslyn vốn được xây dựng từ thế kỉ 15
Rosslyn Chapel was originally built in the 15th century

Rosslyn Chapel is actually quite small. 12 meters high and 21 meters long, it was originally built in the Gothic style with a cross-shaped architecture. However, after William Sinclair died, his son decided to stop the work. He sealed the upper part of the cross and turned the structure into a chapel much smaller than the original.

Though small, Rosslyn Chapel is filled with beautiful architecture and sculptures that you wouldn’t normally think belong in a chapel. In this Catholic church you’ll find Pagan deities, Freemasons, upside-down demons, biblical reliefs, images related to Norse mythology and Robert’s death mask the Bruce – something quite unusual for a Gothic church. In the Rosslyn Chapel there are hundreds of characters and scenes, including Green Man – historically a character from Pagan. The vines sprouting from his mouth represent growth and fertility.

Bên trong nhà nguyện có đầy các bức phù điêu tuyệt vời
The inside of the chapel is filled with wonderful reliefs

You could spend hours looking at all the fascinating reliefs, stone statues and images. But the most fascinating thing is that American corn at the time the church was built has not been discovered. Look through a window of the famous chapel in the Da Vinci Code and you will see American corn. This leads to the theory that the Sinclairs were in contact with America many years before Columbus discovered the Americas.

However, what makes people curious about this place the most is the mystery surrounding it and its connection to the Sinclairs family. Due to the family’s connection to the Knights Templar (and the stone with the word “Knight” in the chapel), it has long been hypothesized that much of the image in the church has a mysterious meaning. Some secret and secret treasures of the Knights Templar were actually buried in the cellars of Rosslyn Chapel .

Chiếc thánh giá đặc biệt được đặt tại trung tâm của nhà nguyện Rosslyn
A special crucifix is placed in the center of the Rosslyn Chapel

But no one knows for sure the truth of those theories. The Sinclairs do support the Templars and have a clear image of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry though one of them could be added later. What keeps this mystery curious is that the Sinclairs have kept quiet about what’s in the Rosslyn Chapel cellar for centuries, leading many to speculate that they’re hiding something. After the movie The Da Vinci Code, thousands of people come here every day hoping to find the truth behind the story and thousands of people walk away in despair. But whether you believe in the Da Vinci theory and the Temple or not, Rosslyn Chapel is still an interesting destination. The complexity of the architecture will leave you captivated and overwhelmed. And after you’re done touring the chapel, you can stroll the surrounding hilly area and visit the ruins of the old castle.

Ngay cổng vào của nhà nguyện đã có một bức phù điêu cực kì công phu
Right at the entrance of the chapel, there is an extremely elaborate relief

In addition, the secrecy of the Sinclair house adds to the mystery of the famous chapel in the Da Vinci Code . Excavations from the 1800s uncovered foundations extending more than 20 meters west of the chapel. There is also a cellar below the chapel that family members are not allowed to enter.

A visit to the chapel from Edinburgh makes for a sensible day tour. Whatever your interests, you should not miss this destination. If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus from the city and it will drop you right in front of the entrance of the church and castle ruins. Honestly, this Edinburgh attraction is small but absolutely amazing and I spent hours wandering here. The space around the chapel is also very suitable for walking.

Nhà nguyện Rosslyn đã nhiều lần được trùng tu cải tạo mới
Rosslyn Chapel has been restored and renovated many times

Located near Edinburgh, the chapel is open every day of the year.

  • Opening hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (6:00 pm in summer) except Christmas and New Year.
  • Admission to the chapel is £9 for adults and children are free.
  • Rosslyn Chapel offers 6 guided tours during the day (but only 3 on Sundays). If you have a lot of questions, a tour is the best way to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Check the website for the latest tour schedule updates.
Nếu bạn đam mê tiểu thuyết của Dan Brown thì nhà nguyện Rosslyn chính là nơi bạn nhất định phải ghé
If you are a fan of Dan Brown’s novels, then Rosslyn Chapel is the place you must visit

Rosslyn Chapel is a very popular tourist attraction in Edinburgh, so if you’re a fan of The Da Vinci Code, give it a visit and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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