Stockholm travel secret with only 100 USD in 5 days

Onetour Stockholm tourism is famous for being expensive, almost among the highest in European tourist countries. Recently I had a challenge to visit this city with only 100 USD. And the result is not bad at all. Follow this challenge with me.

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When I first traveled to Stockholm, Sweden , I didn’t realize I was spending up to 100 USD a day – a large number for any tourist destination. Eating out at restaurants, drinking out every night, and over-shopping made it impossible for me to control my travel expenses. And most of the time, I come home and wish I had spent more money.

Khu phố cổ Stockholm mang màu sắc cổ kính và ấm áp dưới ánh nắng mùa đông
The old town of Stockholm has ancient and warm colors under the winter sun

Until this time, before planning a trip to Stockholm , I wondered if I could arrange the spending in reverse, because the very expensive cost is a big reason why people don’t choose to travel. this place. So I ask myself the question:

“How long can I survive in Stockholm on $100 without having to frugal around, while still being able to travel comfortably?”

The answer is 5 days.

With this total, I did my best to travel sparingly and smartly for five days in all. First and foremost, I stayed at your friend’s house for a whole week instead of having to pay huge sums for a hotel in Stockholm . You will find a wide acquaintance very helpful in this case.

Bảo tàng quốc gia Stockholm là nơi bạn không thể bỏ qua khi tới thăm thành phố này
Stockholm National Museum is a place you cannot miss when visiting this city

I chose to travel mainly on foot instead of taking the train. I also cook for myself instead of going to restaurants. During the five days, I only went out for the night once. My Stockholm travel expenses are mainly for food: daily necessities, and cakes at the cafe to take advantage of wifi. Oh, and there’s also money for drinks.

I don’t think this spending plan applies to everyone. If every day just walking around, eating the same dishes as at home, it is very boring. In my Stockholm travel schedule , I have visited some places, but have not had the opportunity to visit my favorite places. I also really want to go out for a night out with new friends, but just buying a drink will be a huge waste of money. Going to the movies? There is none. How about eating at a restaurant? Not always either.

Vào mùa đông, các khu chợ Giáng Sinh rất lung linh và rực rỡ
In winter, the Christmas markets are very sparkling and colorful

So, what did I do in my budget Stockholm travel plan? I opted for free walking tours, hanging out with friends in parks, walking around exploring alleyways, and spending time working online. Because I can’t spend too much money, I watch a few movies in the evening, exercise and of course, go to bed early.

So what is the purpose of this challenge? You don’t have to be like me, this challenge is just to prove that with little money, we can still live comfortably, even in an expensive city like Stockholm, where fast meals are available. cost up to 10 USD.

People often say traveling is expensive, but if I can survive on 20 USD a day for the whole trip to Stockholm , then the reason why traveling is expensive is completely incorrect.

Bên trong một nhà ga tàu điện ở Stockholm được trang trí sặc sỡ
Inside a brightly decorated Stockholm metro station ga

With this money, you can travel to any city in the world, if you do as I did. And I know that most of us can spend $100 a day faster than blinking an eye.

Airfares to Stockholm are very expensive, we can’t deny, but there are also many ways to check for cheap tickets, promotions and membership incentives of airlines. Cook your own meals, stay at a friend’s house or housekeeper for free accommodation, participate in free sightseeing programs, or use special offers for tourists – very , lots of ways to save. The important thing is whether you really want to travel in such a way or not.

Thư viện thành phố Stockholm có khối lượng sách khổng lồ
Stockholm City Library has a huge volume of books

Even in the city of Stockholm will always make us happy, even if we have to spend $100 a day, or $100 a week. Use the above Stockholm travel experiences with a few small notes such as drinking canned beer, having lunch at buffet restaurants, using discounts for young people or student cards, or eating out. In trolleys on the road, you can comfortably travel with an amount of about 40-70 USD per day.

If you really pay attention to avoid unnecessary spending, and think beyond the tourist trails so far, every destination is within your reach, not just Stockholm .

Đường phố ở Stockholm là những con đường lát đá nhỏ xinh uốn lượn quanh co
The streets in Stockholm are small winding cobblestone streets

And that’s what this test is all about. It’s not about Stockholm, I just want to prove to you that travel costs are never fixed or standardized, you can travel all over the world. where you want, with the money you have.

“Travel is too expensive” is not an excuse, and never will be. Expensive or cheap, it’s all in your hands. Everyone has a different style and preference for travel and a different amount of money, but there will always be a direction for you to travel, whoever you are. Even if traveling to the city of Stockholm is expensive.

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