Suggested 4N3D travel schedule in Taipei [Part 1 – Things to prepare in advance at home]

Onetour Not a manual about the items to bring in your luggage, the things that Onetour reminds you to prepare are the “separate services” that almost every country you have to prepare in advance.
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Not a guide on what to bring in your luggage, the things that Onetour reminds you to prepare are the “separation services” that you have to prepare in advance when you go to almost any country.

1. The first is a 4G sim card

Of course, in this era, no one wants to “lose their lives” even for a minute, right? Therefore, Onetour recommends that you buy a 4G sim in advance while in Vietnam to avoid awkwardness at the airport. Especially if you are not fluent in both English and Chinese. As soon as you get off the plane, while waiting to get your luggage and do immigration procedures, you can change your sim card. If you go anywhere at the airport, don’t get lost from your friends. You can even check-in “luxurious” to update the situation for family members as soon as they arrive at the airport.


2. Next is the airport shuttle service.

For those of you who have traveled abroad many times, are used to moving at a strange airport and familiar with how to use the subway, going from the airport to the hotel is not too difficult. However, if this is your first trip, it makes sense to rent a private airport shuttle. Although the price is a bit more expensive than using public transport, you don’t have to waste time searching and researching how to use it. Just go out, call the driver’s phone number for an appointment, the driver will pick you up at the exit of the airport, take you to the hotel. Along the way, if you know English or Chinese, you can even talk to them for guidance and advice on unique places to visit that only locals know.

For families traveling in large numbers, with small children, carrying a lot of luggage, especially with baby strollers or elderly wheelchairs, renting a private car is a more reasonable choice because the driver will support you. Support the whole family on the move. If you take the subway or bus, you will have to be quick and proficient.


3. Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass is indispensable

What is the Taipei Fun Pass? This is a “powerful” card that allows you to visit unlimited attractions in Taipei without having to go to each place to buy tickets. In addition, the card also allows you to use the MRT (subway), unlimited city buses and 5 tourist bus routes of Taiwan. Pre-purchase a card in Vietnam and carry it with you wherever you go in Taiwan, so you can enjoy exploring famous landmarks.

The most special thing is that this price card helps you save up to 60% on entertainment costs instead of having to buy train tickets, bus tickets and dozens of other individual entertainment tickets.

The card has types of use for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days depending on how long you stay in Taipei. Of course, if you have 4 days and 3 nights, you should buy a 3-day pass. Take it slow and enjoy every day.


4. High-speed train ticket (THSR)

If you want to go around Taiwan, visit other big cities, then remember to buy this train ticket. Taiwan High Speed Rail runs through major cities in both North and South, meaning you can reach dozens of locations at either end of the country. It’s the fastest and most convenient service in the country – at 300km per hour, you can get from Taipei to Kaohsiung in 90 minutes!

High-speed trains have an accuracy rate of 99%, which means you won’t have to wait as long as other public transport services. There are many types of tickets for you to choose from: 2, 3 and 5 days, There really is no better or easier way to travel around Taiwan, so don’t worry and buy your tickets now.

Book high-speed train tickets from Vietnam at OneTOur.


These are the basic luggage you need to prepare in advance for a smooth and smooth trip. Continue reading the next articles of Onetour to see the suggested itinerary for your 4 days 3 nights trip to Taiwan.

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