Summary of cost of travel to Costa Rica

Onetour Costa Rica has long been famous for being expensive, with the type of travel services associated with nature and the transportation alone costs a lot of money. However, I will show you, the cost of traveling to Costa Rica is completely reasonable if you know how to calculate.

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Traveling to Costa Rica is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in Central America. The whole country is a huge tourist trail, and it has attracted a lot of elderly retirees over the years. This makes the price of tourist services here increase significantly. Many economic backpackers have skipped this country because they find the cost of traveling to Costa Rica too expensive.

Một khu resort đắt đỏ nằm giữa rừng ở Costa Rica
An expensive resort in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica

But since this is a pretty popular tourist destination, as everyone knows it, I wanted to prove to other travelers that it is possible to travel to Costa Rica at a reasonable cost and without spending too much. too much money. My Costa Rica travel budget goal is 35 USD per day (up to 40 USD).

During my recent trip to Costa Rica which lasted for 20 days, I spent a total of 424,660 colones, which is about 850 USD (At that time it was 1 USD = 500 colones), which is my average daily will spend about $42.45, which means I’m a little over my budget. Even so, I also often set my travel expenses as not too high, as a way of reminding myself not to spend too much. There are many reasons for this overspending, but first let me list the ones that need to be spent as follows:

Thác nước tuyệt đẹp ở Liberia, Costa Rica
Beautiful waterfall in Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Food: 150,755 colones or about $301.51 USD
  • Alcoholic beverages: 16,740 colones or about $33.48 USD
  • Daily filtered water: 9,150 colones or about $18.30 USD
  • Cost of stay: 89,530 colones or about $179.06 USD
  • Tourist activities: 17,500 colones or about $35 USD
  • By public transport: 9,105 colones or about $18.21 USD
  • Taxi fare: 98,000 colones or about $196 USD
  • Other Miscellaneous: 33,880 colones or about $67.76 USD

Other miscellaneous expenses include things like laundry, sunglasses and sunscreen, raincoats, and entry fees too. I don’t include these in the total original travel cost. Plus, I take a taxi quite a few times, because sometimes I’m in a rush and need something quick and convenient – even though they’re not cheap or affordable. very reasonable price.

Guacamole - món ăn đặc trưng của Costa Rica
Guacamole – a typical Costa Rican dish

I also spend too much on food because I can’t say no to delicious seafood by the beach, and also a few western meals at fancy restaurants in the area. Besides, in many famous tourist destinations of Costa Rica, I still eat meals that only cost about 4000 colones (about 6 dollars a meal).

Can we cut costs?

The answer is, of course, yes, but that can make travel less fun. If you just spent everything on food, accommodation, and buses as simple as possible, you could get through the day on as little as $30 a day. But I’m sure you won’t be able to enjoy them to the fullest. This cost does not include any fun activities, and exciting activities such as ziplining in the forest, surfing, scuba diving and even climbing in the forest are the most unique and attractive activities. while traveling to Costa Rica . And this is also a cost that I do not recommend.

Lặn biển ở Costa Rica
Snorkeling in Costa Rica

With a total spending of about 43 USD per day, you can rent cheap rooms, eat a lot of local food, and a few western-style meals to change your taste, and still be able to hang out and socialize. outside, along with lots of other fun activities (the more you limit the number of taxi rides, the more you can spend on fun activities). I do not participate in too many adventure tour programs, because this is my first trip to Costa Rica . And I have no regrets or difficulties with this daily cost, and although the total cost of traveling to Costa Rica is a bit more than going to Nicaragua or El Salvador, I think 43 USD is not an amount. The money is too high for you to be afraid and ignore the travel option in this interesting country.

Something about traveling to Costa Rica:

Full name: Republic of Costa Rica

Geographical location: Located in Central America, bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and Panama

Capital: San Jose

Currency: colones

Thiên nhiên hùng vĩ ở Costa Rica nổi tiếng với nhiều loài động thực vật
The majestic nature in Costa Rica is famous for many species of flora and fauna

The most suitable time to travel: from May to October every year, when nature is in its most beautiful season and the beaches are also very interesting for you to explore, is the best season to travel to Costa Rica. .

Moving to Costa Rica : you have to fly multi-sector flights, can go from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, costing from 1000 USD or more for one way.

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