Three days lost in the city of Helsinki

Onetour Helsinki is the capital of Finland – The country of Santa Claus. Although Santa does not live here directly, but when you come to the city of Helsinki, give this place a few days to discover all its beauties.

– How much money is enough to travel to Europe?

– Where to go, what to play in Hamburg?

Traveling to Helsinki seems to be out of all the popular Scandinavian travel options, as most people I know choose either Copenhagen or Stockholm (Or Oslo if they have a lot of money). and just stop at those names. Helsinki never seemed to be the self-sufficient European tourists I know. I don’t understand why. Maybe Helsinki is not praised by the press and travel bloggers as much as other places.

Phần Lan là đất nước của ông già Noen
Finland is the country of Santa Claus and his reindeer

This is quite sad, because for me, the city of Helsinki is really a pleasant surprise.

Like most tourists, I only stop by this city on my way to a more affordable destination (Tallin, Estonia). Helsinki is a very beautiful city and has great food, with fun and downright friendly locals. But if you are a budget traveler, you should only spend a few days here. And here is the Helsinki itinerary for three days for your reference:

1. Day 1

1.1. Postal Museum

This museum exhibits the history of the postal industry in Finland. It sounds pretty boring, but I think it’s interesting that you will see the evolution of the postal service from the days of snowmobiles and trains to the modern postal industry today. now on. There are many details about how the postal industry developed under the rule of Sweden, then Russia, and finally modern-day Finland.

Bức tranh mô phỏng ngành bưu chính Phần Lan thời xưa
The painting simulates the Finnish postal industry in the past

1.2. Museum of Contemporary Art

Honestly, I’m not too fond of contemporary art, because I can’t understand why a shovel molded into cement, or splattered paint on a canvas, is called art. Instead, just giving me a painting by the Dutch master to admire is enough to make me happy.

The museum is right up the street and you can see it from the Postal museum. If you are a lover of contemporary art, do not miss this place in your Helsinki travel itinerary .

1.3. National Museum of Finland

Bảo tàng quốc gia được trưng bày và giải thích cực kì chi tiết
The National Museum is displayed and explained in great detail

I used to be very interested in history when I was in school, and I still keep that interest until now, so whenever I go to a museum and see that they present inadequate information, I feel quite uncomfortable. But the Finnish national museum is truly amazing. They have a large collection of antiquities, and each has extremely detailed information.

1.4. Finnish Museum of Photography

The photography museum is located on the western edge of the city, a bit far from the center. Even so, it is well worth the time to visit because there is a beautiful collection of Finnish artists.

1.5. Sinebrychoff Art Museum

This is the only museum in Helsinki that exclusively displays ancient European portrait paintings. The basement is the place to store the most modern and modern works, the higher you go, the more ancient works.

2. Day 2

2.1. Finnish Banking Museum

Helsinki vào mùa hè trông cũng rực rỡ không kém gì các nước Châu Âu khác
Helsinki in the summer looks just as brilliant as other European countries

This is probably one of the most unique museums in Helsinki . They show the monetary history of Finland in great detail and interest, and also explain the modern financial industry very well. The way it is presented and displayed is also very clever, and I learned a lot when I came here.

2.2. Helsinki Cathedral

Right next to the currency museum is Helsinki Cathedral . There is a tall tower in the middle of a large area, you will surely be amazed. It is not yet the most beautiful church in Europe, but I am sure it is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian churches.

2.3. Church of Uspenski

Nhà thờ Uspenski nằm ngay giữa trung tâm thành phố, nổi bật với màu đỏ rực
Uspenski Church is located right in the center of the city, highlighted with fiery red đỏ

You will not be able to help but notice this very large red church, as it is located right on the hill overlooking the city. This oriental church is massive and very impressive with its large dome and golden crosses. The interior is lavishly decorated, with typical oriental symbols.

2.4. Central Market

Located right near the port is a market where you can buy a lot of souvenirs, eat local dishes and buy the freshest vegetables. This place is usually crowded with tourists, and I’ve heard quite a bit of Finnish here to know that this is a typical Helsinki tourist spot . In addition, there are also delicious cakes, fish, meat and cheese for sale. Try the seafood soup at Soup Kitchen restaurant, you won’t regret it.

Bạn sẽ tìm thấy rất nhiều món ngon và rẻ ở chợ trung tâm Helsinki
You will find a lot of delicious and cheap food in Helsinki Central Market

2.5. Esplanade Park

Out of the central market, to Pohjoisesplanadi street, there is a very large park where many Finns often go to rest and have lunch (Not in winter, of course, when the temperature is below zero and the snow is tens of thousands of feet). centimeter gasoline). This large park is a great place to relax, with a few street artists performing here as well.

3. Day 3

3.1. Suomenlinna Island

You can spend half a day walking around this old fort area. It was first built by the Swedes in 1748 against the Russians. Until 1808 the Russians took over the city of Helsinki , they used it as a place of guard. The island finally returned to the Finns in 1918, and it is now a park and has an adjoining residential area.

Suomenlinna vốn là một pháo đài cũ với bề dày lịch sử đáng kinh ngạc
Suomenlinna was originally an old fortress with an amazing history

There are a lot of buildings with interesting architecture here, with great trails for walking, with beaches and a few parks too. Many Finns come here to rest and picnic in the summer when the weather is warm.

3.2. Visit the harbor

If you do not visit Soumenlinna Island, choose for yourself a tour of other island areas to discover about the local life in the past. It will be a good experience in your Helsinki travel itinerary .

Cảng Helsinki trong một ngày mùa thu vàng tuyệt đẹp
Port of Helsinki in a beautiful golden autumn day

In the summer, Helsinki is a great place to enjoy some fresh air. Three days is certainly not enough to feel this wonderful city, but with this Helsinki tour itinerary , you also somewhat understand this city worth living.

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