Top 7 expensive tourist attractions in Singapore that must be visited

Onetour Singapore is a country with a diversity of languages, religions and cultures, belonging to Southeast Asia. Besides its rich history and cultural diversity, Singapore is also a country with many unique architectural works.

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When nature does not give abundant resources, tourist attractions in Singapore in general and architecture in general leave an impression on visitors because of their modern and especially green uniqueness. Indeed, the architects of this island nation work very hard to combine the greenness of mother nature into every corner of the building and famous landmarks, let’s take a look at the beautiful green Singapore tourist attractions with that you should not miss whether you are self-sufficient or on a tour in Singapore!

Singapore gây ấn tượng với du khách bằng sự độc đáo hiện đại
Singapore impresses visitors with its modern uniqueness and famous sea lion

1. Marina Bay Sands

Of all the impressive buildings and tourist attractions in Singapore , Marina Bay Sands is one of the most iconic and a very familiar destination for tourists when coming to the lion island nation. Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is a complex resort with luxurious rooms, high-end shopping and an infinity pool with beautiful views of the city. This is a construction of 3 55-storey towers with high-class hotel rooms with in-room butler service.

This famous project was built on an area of 15.5 hectares with an investment cost of up to 5.5 billion USD, which is an attractive destination for those who want to enjoy luxury.

Hồ bơi vô cực ở Marina Bay Sands là nơi tuyệt vời để ngắm toàn thành phố
The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands is a great place to see the whole city

2. Helix Bridge Pedestrian Bridge

Helix Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, connecting Marina Center and Marina South. Visitors can admire the world’s first unique spiral-shaped architecture, inspired by the concept of yin and yang in Asian culture.

This 280m-long work is known as an architectural masterpiece with very high precision, the glass and steel arches are assembled very delicately, promising to be one of the attractive tourist attractions in Singapore for tourists. Singapore tourists self-sufficient or according to Singapore tour.

Helix Bridge là cây cầu đi bộ dài nhất Singapore
Helix Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore

3. Theater Esplanade

When it comes to famous Singapore tourist destinations , we can’t help but mention the unique Esplanade theater. This theater is often called with the unique name “Durian Theater” which is inspired by Durian – Singapore’s national fruit is a complex of performing arts centers. This place used to take place many cultural activities and art shows in Singapore.

Like the name Durian Theater, the work is built with an extremely unique architecture like durian fruit, the eyes of durian are made of painted aluminum pieces. Esplanade Theater was built on an area of 6 hectares, located on Marina Bay – where the Singapore Flyer can be seen.

Nhà hát Esplanade còn được gọi là nhà hát Sầu riêng
The Esplanade Theater is also known as the Durian Theater

4. Gardens By The Bay 

In 2006, a world competition with more than 70 entries to choose a design offering the idea of an integrated and smart garden city was launched. The winning design went to Gardens by the Bay in 2012. Gardens by the Bay was built in a large reclaimed area on the banks of the Singapore River. The futuristic garden has 16 floors and two huge greenhouses that simulate different climates. The atmosphere is even more impressive with spectacular night lighting. The whole project is filled with bright ideas. Creation and intelligence involve water reuse, energy saving and ecosystem protection.

Garden by the Bay - khu vườn của tương lai
Garden by the Bay – the garden of the future

5. School of Art, Design and Media

This multi-award winning architecture named School of Art, Design and Media is located on the campus of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. The design attempts to integrate the building with its surroundings and its green color is obtained from the planted lawns that climb to the terrace. This smart architectural project includes innovative ideas such as a climate-activated irrigation system, thus saving water and light.

Trường nghệ thuật, thiết kế và truyền thông nằm trong khuôn viên trường đại học Nanyang
The School of Art, Design and Media is located on the campus of Nanyang Label University

6. Park Royal Hotel

From the financial center of the island nation of Singapore, the luxurious Park Royal Hotel is surrounded by a lovely garden, the building stands out among the surrounding rainforest. This award-winning sustainable design follows the “garden hotel” concept and presents a complex project to capture solar energy as well as a natural rainwater source.

The unique architecture of the Parkroyal hotel really captivates visitors here. With the green color of tropical trees surrounding the hotel rooms, Parkroyal has become a tropical forest in the heart of Singapore.

Under the design of the famous design group Woha, this place has turned into a hotel, a unique Singapore tourist destination and a symbol for the island nation.

7. The Interlace

Finally, The Interlace, with its 31 identical 6-storey buildings stacked on top of each other and linked together to form an amazing complex, won the title of “construction of the year” in the Ant Festival. World Architecture 2015. Besides optimizing light and air, a big advantage in a hot country like Singapore, the shape of the building also greatly amplifies the green space for the gardens of the apartments.

The Interlace có lối kiến trúc cực kì đặc biệt
The Interlace has a very special architecture

Hopefully, the Singapore tourist destinations mentioned above can help you gain more Singapore travel experience and have unforgettable experiences when you arrive in the beautiful Lion Island nation.

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