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Onetour Located on the west coast of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is an extremely famous name on the world map for the biodiversity here. With the vast Manuel Antonio National Park, the city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The following article will give you a better view of this city.

Manuel Antonio is a land with a landscape as beautiful as a painting, located right next to the west coast of Costa Rica . It attracts millions of tourists every year, with its pristine beaches, lively bars, and national parks with monkeys climbing freely every day. 192km from San Joe , Manuel Antonio has attracted a lot of tourists, and this number has not stopped decreasing year by year.

Bờ biển Manuel Antonio ở cạnh bờ Tây Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Coast on the West Coast of Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park sits right on the ocean, and it’s filled with natural wonders. Really, there are over 109 species of mammals, and 184 different species of birds, just within the park! This place was opened in 1972, and every year it welcomes 400,000 visitors. Here you can find lush rainforests, several different monkey breeds, land crabs, dolphins, and a colorful marine ecosystem. Monkeys are all over the park, and you’re sure to come across at least one on the trails that explore the park. The howls of the macaques fill the air, and the land crabs will run around every time you step on the ground. And every afternoon, at low tide, you can easily see an ancient turtle trap on the shore. This place is really beautiful, and always full of beautiful things. Hit the gym with hiking trips, and then head back to the beach to let the waves relax your body with a few swims.

Công viên Quốc gia Manuel Antonio rất đa dạng về các giống loài động và thực vật
Manuel Antonio National Park is rich in flora and fauna

Over the years, the park became more and more crowded, and the animals became more and more scarce. Since I first visited this place in 2004, the town has grown a lot, and urbanization is getting closer and closer to the national park, with many hotels and motels located on the edge of the park. pellets. This has led to the loss of many wildlife species. Today, when you visit the park, it’s better to come here early in the morning before the crowds arrive, or come here during the low tourist season, when the crowds are few. The development of urbanization does not destroy the beauty of the park, but it has more or less lost the inherent peace of this place.

Một giống hoa lạ và chú kì giông ở Công viên quốc gia Manuel Antonio
A strange flower and salamander in Manuel Antonio National Park

The park is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7am to 4pm (The park is closed on Mondays but remains open on public holidays). Tickets are $16 for tourists, and children under 12 are free.

Depending on your preferences, there are plenty of things to see and do in Manuel Antonio , enough for you to spend a few days here. Besides national parks, you can:

  • Go fishing by boat
  • Snorkeling (snorkeling possible)
  • Visiting the mangrove forest
  • Ride a horse
  • Learn to surf
  • Water rafting
  • Learn Spanish
Bờ biển Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio Coast

Although Manuel Antonio is slowly becoming too popular, this place is still a really worthwhile place to visit if you have never been. The wide expanses of white sand are truly amazing (and not overcrowded), the national park is a paradise for biodiversity, and besides the crowded places, there are still a variety of secluded places to visit. you enjoy, there are also plenty of other activities in Manuel Antonio to keep you busy all day. When your day touring the park is over, grab a bench and watch the sun go down with a tropical cocktail. There is nothing better to end your day with this beautiful scenery.

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