Traveling to Paris is really as you think?

Onetour Paris Tour has long become a dream destination of many people, and the number of tourists coming here is increasing day by day. Like everyone else, I always want to explore destinations freely and without the noisy crowds, and especially in crowded cities like Paris, it is even more difficult. However, I still have a great trip and have a share of experiences and stories around traveling to Paris.

– Paris travel experience: Visiting the Palace of Versailles

– Visit the Louvre museum

Winters are getting longer and colder, and the weather is getting worse, leading people to travel to warmer places, with tropical beaches and spring trips. My inbox is full of questions about where to go, what to see, what to play.

And a lot of people ask about Paris tourism , most of the question type is about whether Paris is an industrialized tourist destination. Everyone wants to stay away from the tourist industry, to get away from the noisy crowds and get a chance to get closer to local life.

Khung cảnh Paris luôn là nguồn cảm hứng cho những nhiếp ảnh gia
The Paris scene is always an inspiration for photographers

“I don’t want to travel to Paris , because it’s too crowded and industrial. Is there a place to travel that is as beautiful, but more secluded?”

I am really surprised every time I hear such questions. I understand that everyone wants to explore new places and find their special hidden features. We want to be immersed in the local life. We want to be Indiana Jones explorers to discover and discover new things, not just tourists in groups, massive sightseeing, massive shopping in malls. shiny shopping.

Vào mùa xuân, thành phố Paris trông rực rỡ như thế này
In spring, the city of Paris looks brilliant like this

It’s also quite nice when we get to discover new things that are not available on the usual tourist maps. But the reason to reject “industrial tourism” places like Paris tourism is very strange. It’s really.

Paris is not an industrial tourist city.

So does New York City.

Even Bangkok.

Or maybe Cairns.

Or any city in the world.

There is no place worthy of being called industrial tourism.

The point here is not the destination – the point is that you will go there to experience.

Đồi Montmartre là một trong các điểm du lịch nổi tiếng đông đúc ở Paris
Montmartre Hill is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris

When choosing a destination as Paris, we will study the Paris travel experiences rife online, especially the kind of warning about theft and pickpocketing that will attract our attention. But the truth behind that is because of the overcrowded immigration here, and you just need to be careful not to go alone at night and be careful in overpopulated places.

First, be aware of the reservation of services such as airline tickets, train tickets, room reservations. Booking in advance will help you get a lot of discounts, especially during high season.

Một trong những điểm thường xuyên chật kín khách du lịch chính là bảo tàng Louvre
One of the places that is often packed with tourists is the Louvre

The next self-sufficient experience to go to Paris is to save as much time as possible, because every hour here is very expensive, Sightseeing tickets are expensive, hotel accommodation is also expensive, and think about it, If you have spent tens of millions of dollars buying plane tickets to come here, why are you trying to sleep for thirty more expensive minutes in bed?

Note when traveling to Paris in the end it seems very simple, but you need to really pay attention not to bring the 500 EUR bill there to use, and most of you will be refused the transaction. Because they don’t have much change to return, and they will prioritize card transactions.

Ở Paris cũng có một phiên bản khác của công viên Disneyland nổi tiếng
In Paris there is also another version of the famous Disneyland park

Surely reading this far, you will wonder about the plane ticket to Paris, right? On average, Vietnam Airlines tickets for this route cost between 20 and 25 million for a pair of return tickets, and this is a direct flight. In addition, you have a cheaper option than choosing transit flights, the price is usually no more than 20 million for a pair of return tickets. In addition, you should also pay attention to the annual discount programs of airlines to watch for cheap tickets.

Total flight time from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Paris if transit will fall from 18 to 24 hours for one way. You also note that having an airline ticket code before applying for a visa is not an advantage as they often say in articles sharing Paris travel experiences .

Khải Hoàn Môn ở Paris vào ban tối rực sáng tuyệt đẹp
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris at night glows beautifully

Next we will talk about food. Having come to Europe means that you will have to eat a lot of European food with a lot of dairy, a lot of protein and certainly not as many dishes as our Asian food. However, you just need to keep the following in mind:

  • Limit eating and drinking at famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre
  • Shopping centers or supermarkets have much cheaper dining areas than restaurants on the street, so it’s not a bad choice for dining in Paris
  • If possible, cook your own food so that it still tastes good without spending a fortune.
Tháp Eiffel nhìn từ dưới lên cực kì hoành tráng
Eiffel Tower viewed from below is extremely majestic

To end, I still want to reiterate that there is no place that can be considered industrial tourism just because it is too crowded. You can totally find new perspectives in those spots. The next time you travel to Paris , you will still visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre museum, and remember that you just need to go a little away from the tourist groups, you will see a wonderful space only only you.

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