What does Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie have?

Onetour The Chinese have a saying: “If you want to see the mountains, go to Zhangjiajie, if you want to see the water, go to Jiuzhaigou”. That sentence partly reflects the scenery of this area.

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Located in Zhangjiajie National Park, Hunan Province, China, this place has charming scenery, high mountains, long rivers, wide lakes and especially vast green forests covering an entire space. vast space. Many big film crews have come here to film, not to mention “Journey to the West” and especially famous worldwide with the movie “Avatar”.

Cảnh đẹp tại Trương Gia Giới hấp dẫn khách du lịch
Beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie attracts tourists

The temperature in Tianmen Mountain in winter usually averages about -3 degrees Celsius, creating an interesting snow and ice phenomenon. This is a place you should not miss if you visit Zhangjiajie from December to the end of February. Find out below with Onetour.vn!

1. Move to Tianmen Mountain

Currently, it is very easy to move to Truong Gia Gioi or Thien Mon Son. You can go by road according to the route: Hanoi – Nanning (road) – Truong Gia Gioi (railway) or direct plane from both ends of Saigon and Hanoi.

Of course, every plan has its pros and cons. Traveling by plane is fast and convenient, saves time, and by road, the freedom to admire the beautiful scenery of China is an interesting experience on domestic trains.

Bạn có thể lựa chọn các loại tour Trương GIa Giới với các phương tiện khác nhau
You can choose from different types of Zhangjiajie tours with different means of transport

2. Journey to Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain is located in Zhangjiajie National Park, to get to Tianmen Mountain visitors have to go through a long way of 11 kilometers, to get to Tianmen Mountain you will have to go through a spectacular road with 99 bends. This route will give visitors choosing Zhangjiajie Tour with different emotions, eager for the road ahead, satisfied with the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, but also “heartbroken” with the beautiful scenery. treacherous bends.

Overcoming the 99 bends that appear in front of visitors participating in the Zhangjiajie Tour is a beautiful natural scenery with mountains and mountains hidden in the mist, a breathtaking beauty!

After going through the treacherous road with 99 bends, you will have to conquer the stone bridge with 999 steps to “touch” to the gate of heaven – the place where heaven and earth intersect. To conquer these 999 steps you need to be in good health, you should choose the right shoes and clothes, you should bring a thin jacket because the higher you go, the lower the temperature.

Bạn có thể lựa chọn các loại tour Trương GIa Giới với các phương tiện khác nhau
When you reach the top of Thien Mon Son, you will have to go through small glass bridges like this

However, for the convenience of tourists choosing Zhangjiajie Tour, the management board has built a cable car system and escalators, sitting on the cable car to fully admire the scenery of the way to Thien Mon Son from above. with 99 spectacular turns like a white dragon winding at the foot of the mountain. After sitting on the cable car to fully enjoy the spectacular scenery here, visitors will go through 12 rounds of escalators to reach Heaven’s Gate.

Arriving at Heaven’s Gate, visitors will think as if they have set foot in the sacred Buddha realm, it is often said that going to the end of heaven’s gate is going through a human life to return to the Buddha realm. Do not forget to pay incense and pray for peace here.

For the Chinese, the number 999 is a sacred number that brings a lot of luck to the people here. According to legend, the gate of heaven was formed after a great flood caused the limestone mountain to collapse to form a dome from which this mountain was named Thien Mon Son .

Bạn có thể đi thang cuốn hoặc cáp treo để lên đỉnh Thiên Môn Sơn
You can take the escalator or cable car to the top of Tianmen Mountain Môn

3. See the full scenery from the top of Thien Mon Son

After going through the roads, visitors who choose Zhangjiajie Tour will arrive at the top of Tianmen Mountain. Appearing in front of visitors is a breathtaking scene of beauty, with the humid tropical climate surrounding the mountain is mist, interspersed with the green color of plants, which will give visitors a feeling of relaxation. and quiet.

Especially on autumn days, standing from the top of Tianmen Mountain , visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the picture of Thien Mon in autumn with the brilliant colors of red and yellow autumn colors of grass and trees, vibrant autumn colors intertwined The majestic mountains hidden in the thin mist create such a romantic and poetic scene.

Toàn cảnh cổng trời ở Thiên Môn Sơn
Panoramic view of the majestic heaven gate in Tianmen Mountain

4. Glass bottom bridge tests the courage of visitors

The world’s tallest glass bridge connecting two cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan is 430m long and located at an altitude of 300m. Each glass panel on Zhangjiajie Bridge has a length of 4.5m, a width of 3m, has up to 3 layers of glass and each layer is 15mm thick to ensure safety. The bridge was designed by Israeli architect, Mr. Haim Dotan, with a construction cost of 460 million yuan (US$69 million – nearly 1600 billion Vietnamese dong today). For the faint of heart, crossing this bridge is definitely a challenge. The transparent bottom surface of the bridge allows visitors to admire the majestic and deep scenery below their feet.

The suspension glass bridge is built of transparent glass material, has amazing strength, withstands the weight of about 800 people at the same time and about 8000 people visit each day.

Cầu kính là nơi thử thách lòng can đảm của bạn
Glass bridge is the place to test your courage

According to the Mirror , before the inauguration ceremony, Dan Simmons, a BBC reporter, was invited to test the bridge’s strength with a sledgehammer. After Dan’s first hammer blow, the top layer of glass began to crack. However, the bridge construction project manager still urged Dan to hit the hammer more times.

Despite many strong hammer blows, the two layers of tempered glass below did not break. Tempered glass is heated at high temperature, then cooled suddenly. As a result, the glass has high hardness, can withstand heavy weight and impact force. The beauty of the bridge was slightly affected by “invitation hammer blows”, but the overall bridge remained almost intact.

Cận cảnh 99 khúc cua thần thánh ở đường lên Thiên Môn Sơn
Close-up of 99 divine turns on the way to Tianmen Mountain

Choosing the Zhangjiajie Tour, visitors will have the opportunity to get lost in the paradise on earth, getting lost in the thin clouds and dropping their souls into the space here will be an extremely interesting experience during your trip. . What are you waiting for, hurry up and register for the Truong Gia Gioi Tour to conquer this Thien Mon Son mountain!

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