What No One Tells You: Best Time to Travel to Singapore

Onetour Do you know, when is the best time to go to Singapore? When are tickets cheap? When is the sale season? When is the best fruit season in Singapore? When is the festival season in Singapore? Let’s find out with us.

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The small area is among the top in Southeast Asia, but the economy in general and the tourism industry in particular have grown tremendously, which is what people often say about Singapore. Every year this country attracts millions of tourists regardless of the time of year. But the truth is, when is the best time to travel to Singapore ? Let’s find out with us.

Quốc đảo sư tử mỗi mùa lại có một vẻ đẹp riêng
The lion island nation of Singapore has its own beauty every season

It is a common fact that Vietnamese people often choose to travel to Singapore in the summer, which is the season when students are absent from school and also the peak season for domestic and foreign tours. However, this is not really the perfect choice if you want to find a true tourist space, not too crowded with tourists, and all the scenery and shopping are reasonable. If you are planning to visit the lion island nation, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before making specific plans.

1. Climate in Singapore

With its geographical location right near the equator, the weather in Singapore has many similarities with the climate of Vietnam – tropical monsoon and hot and humid all year round. The average temperature falls in the range of 25-30 degrees Celsius, which is only about 5-7 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Singapore tourism is chosen by many Vietnamese people to enjoy their vacation as well as visit a new land.

Although there are not enough four springs, summers, autumns and winters like our country, the summer ie May to July is also the hottest time in Singapore, and the festival season from December to January is when The weather is the coolest with a little more rain, but the temperature range is not very different. If you are wondering which month to go to Singapore is the most beautiful , then you can choose the period from March to June, or September to November so that the weather is less rainy and you can have the most complete schedule.

2. Festival Calendar in Singapore

If you are a lover of festivals, the period after New Year is the perfect time to go to Singapore . During the three months: February, March and April there are a series of interesting festivals such as:

  • Thaipusam festival is a festival of Hindus living in Singapore, falls around the end of January and lasts 2 consecutive days. During this festival, people will be praying for the best and giving thanks to the gods. There is also a super-long prayer parade with special interesting performances, such as piercing arrows or typical Hindu cultural performances. If you are interested in learning about festivals, you should not miss this festival when traveling to Singapore .
Thaipusam là lễ hội của người Hindu sống ở Singapore
Thaipusam is a festival of Hindus living in Singapore
  • Singapore Food Festival is the most popular festival in the beginning of the year. On this occasion, people organize large parties inside and outside with many typical Singaporean dishes. And yet, you can even get a free cooking lesson from a local! This festival takes place every April
  • The River Hong Bao Festival is full of Chinese colors with super giant lanterns and lavish tables with countless dishes that are presented beautifully and the taste is also extremely attractive. The festival is held around the Lunar New Year every year
Đất nước Singapore trở nên rực rỡ với đèn lồng trong lễ hội River Hongbao
The country of Singapore becomes brilliant with lanterns during the River Hongbao festival

3. The best time to travel to Singapore

Actually, if you want to go to Sing, you can go at any time of the year. However, depending on the purpose of travel, you should choose a reasonable time to travel.

If you are planning to honeymoon in Singapore, the best time is the festive season – December to January. In these two months there is Christmas and New Year, so the lion island nation is decorated brightly. brightly colored lights, lanterns, flowers, etc. are everywhere in every street and commercial center. Not only that, the tourist attractions in Singapore all have special programs that take place only on this holiday, fireworks in the evenings, etc. The couple will definitely have a good time in Singapore.

Trăng mật và chụp ảnh cưới ở cầu Helix, Singpaore
Honeymoon and wedding photography at Helix Bridge, Singapore

If you love shopping, the sale season in Singapore is for you. Every year from June to July, the whole lion island nation is bustling with huge promotions, applied on all items: from clothes, cosmetics, electronics and even food! Big and small brands around the world gather here and the discount can be up to 70-80%, you can comfortably shop without worrying about burning your wallet.

If you only need to visit and relax, August is the best time to go to Singapore . This is considered the low season in Singapore, so entertainment services, transportation and accommodation are cheaper than usual. During this time, you do not have to be crowded and do not have to wait, on the contrary, you can freely admire the beauty of the lion island.

Mùa sale ở Singapore rơi vào tháng 6 đến đầu tháng 7
Sale season in Singapore falls from June to early July

In fact, with an interesting country like Singapore, you can choose any time to travel to Singapore depending on your personal schedule. The festive season in Singapore is approaching, wish you and your loved ones a wonderful trip with these suggestions on the best time to go to Singapore.

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