What to do in Sentosa Island – Singapore's most diverse entertainment area?

Onetour Want to go to thrilling games? Want to meet the real Minion? Do you want to swim with rays, or simply immerse yourself in real nature? Sentosa Island in Singapore is the place to satisfy all your interests and passions.

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In Malay, Sentosa means quiet and peaceful, and this is also one of the four largest islands in Singapore. Although nature does not favor Singapore much, in return the government is very interested and knows how to invest in domestic tourist attractions. It can be said that Singapore Sentosa Island is the most unique destination, because of the interesting combination of cultural heritage, amusement park, resort center and diverse nature.

Đảo Sentosa có nghĩa là sự yên tĩnh và thanh bình của quốc đảo Singapore
Sentosa Island means the tranquility and peace of the island nation of Singapore

1. How to get to Sentosa . Island

Located about 6-7 km from the center of Singapore, but because it is the main amusement park, the means of transportation here is extremely convenient, especially for those who travel independently.

  • By Sentosa Express train : Take the MRT to HarbourFront, then go to the L3 floor of Vivo city, from here you continue to Sentosa Express to the island (about 4SGD if you buy a single ticket, and if you have EZLink, you can use it to go to the island). just go.) The express train is quite fast, it takes about 3-5 minutes to reach the island.
  • Singapore Cable Car : If you go by cable car, you will need to reach the top of Mount Faber, with a distance of 500m you will fully admire the beauty of Sentosa Island from above. Tickets for adults are $14 and children are $8.50. In the afternoon, you can walk or take the Express train.
Cáp treo Sentosa có giá tương đối cao, nhưng lại có thể được ngắm cảnh
Sentosa cable car is relatively expensive, but can enjoy the view
  • Walking: When you want to both save money and enjoy the scenery but don’t mind getting tired, you can walk from the city center to Sentosa island. To walk to the island, you need to take a bus to Vivo City, there will be a tunnel on the top floor to take you to the island. When you arrive, you only need to pay 1$ as the entrance ticket. The distance of 600 m is not too far, moreover there is a rolling carpet, if your feet are tired, just stand there and the carpet will take you to the place. The way back you can continue walking if you want or take the Sentosa Express train.

2. Places to visit, play and entertain in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a complex tourist attraction, so based on the combination of natural and man-made destinations, it can be divided into 3 places to visit, play and entertain. lagoon: Nature area, water play area and adventure game area. Depending on the schedule, you can choose a suitable destination.

Ở đảo Sentosa cũng có một tượng sư tử biển Merlion
There is also a Merlion sea lion statue on Sentosa Island
  • Merlion Sea Lion Statue

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm daily.

Ticket price: Adults is SGD 12 and children are SGD 9

If you want to admire the beauty of Sentosa Island from above, you can go to the Observatory inside the Merlion statue. At the lion’s mouth (9th floor) and lion’s head (12th floor) you can both have panoramic views of this beautiful island with its long stretch of white sand beach, busy port, and trails. Hidden in the jungle…

Sentosa Nature Discovery là nơi tuyệt vời để tìm hiểu và hoà mình vào thiên nhiên cùng các loại thực vật
Sentosa Nature Discovery is a great place to learn and immerse yourself in nature and plants
  • Sentosa Nature Discovery

Opening hours: 9am – 6pm daily

Ticket price: Free

One thing that really respects Singaporeans is that even though it is a country, even a grain of sand has to be imported, but it builds a lot of cool things so that people can have fun and learn a lot of useful knowledge. useful, because like Sentosa Nature Discovery for example. If SEA Aquarium introduces you to the ocean world, Sentosa Nature Discovery is the place for you to know more about the plant environment. This place has up to 8 different vegetation as well as a lot of rare plants for you to explore, sometimes if you are lucky, you can even catch reptiles wandering by. You will really feel lost in the middle of the green forest when going into the luxuriant, towering tree trails, rushing waterfalls, fascinated. Those who love nature, especially families with young children, do not miss this interesting tourist area on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Universal Studios đích thực là một thiên đường vui chơi giải trí
Universal Studios is truly an entertainment paradise
  • Universal Studios

Opening hours: Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 10am – 7pm & Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 9pm.


  • Adults: 74 SGD.
  • Children (4 – 12 years old): 54 SGD.
  • Elderly (over 60 years old): 36 SGD.

Universal Studios is considered one of the beautiful places to visit in Sentosa Island , operating since March 2010. The entertainment area includes 24 grand scenes designed according to the themes of famous Hollywood movies. In addition, Universal Studios Singapore is also an attractive destination for many tourists around the world.

This is a famous amusement park in Singapore that is modeled as a big Hollywood studio. Universal Studios has an area of about 20 hectares, including modern amusement parks, scenes with famous characters in the cartoon world Shrek, Madagascar, mysterious Egypt, Jurassic Park.

Nếu bạn ưa mạo hiểm, hãy thử trải nghiệm Megazip để vượt qua nỗi sợ hãi
If you are adventurous, try the Megazip experience to overcome your fear
  • MegaZip Adventure Park

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm daily

Ticket price: 38 SGD/person

Sentosa MegaZip is a tourist destination in Singapore that those with adventurous blood cannot ignore. Zipline will give you a refreshing feeling when looking at things from above with a range of emotions and wonderful moments with family and friends. Overcome your fear of heights and enjoy the thrill of flying in the air, you will have unforgettable experiences that only the Zipline can give you.

Wings of time là buổi nhạc nước độc đáo và hấp dẫn nhất Đông Nam Á
Wings of time is the most unique and attractive water show in Southeast Asia
  • Wings of time show

You will be overwhelmed by this magical water music performance!

Performance time: 19:40 and 20:40 every night on the beautiful Siloso beach

Ticket price: 10 – 15SGD/person

It is the most unique and attractive water music show in Southeast Asia. Wings of time show is equipped with successive large screens showing water, laser and fire effects combined with spectacular sound equipment, but above all it is a compelling storyline that creates a unique show, One of the unforgettable impressions for visitors when coming to Sentosa island .

Công viên nước Adventure Cove Waterpark là nơi duy nhất ở Đông Nam Á bạn có thể bơi cùng cá đuối
Adventure Cove Waterpark is the only place in Southeast Asia where you can swim with manta rays
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark

This is the only place in Southeast Asia where you can swim with manta rays..

Opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily

Ticket price: $36 for adults and $26 for children

Those who love the adventurous tube slides at the water park, Adventure Cove Waterpark is the place you should go. Not only that, you can also relax in the longest lazy river in the world or play with the fierce waves at the Wave House wave pool…

Tổ hợp vui chơi - du lịch - thư giãn ở đảo Sentosa Singapore là nơi bạn nhất định nên ghé qua
The complex of entertainment – tourism – relaxation in Sentosa island Singapore is a place you should definitely visit

Sentosa Island in Singapore is one of the great entertainment – tourism – relaxation complexes in Lion Island. This is truly a great destination you should not miss in your next Singapore trip.

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