What to do when traveling to Las Vegas?

Onetour Referring to Las Vegas, we will immediately think of casinos with red and black games that last all night and all morning. However, besides gambling, Las Vegas is also a famous tourist city. Let’s explore this place with us!

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I love games of chance, like bets: Poker, blackjack, and lately I’ve been interested in craps too. With that in mind, I’ve avoided Las Vegas for decades of my life – because I know that any trip to Las Vegas will lead to games of chance, so it’s the easiest way to stay away. Addiction is refusing to enter battle. But one day, after considering all the opportunities and Vegas tours, I finally decided to go to Las Vegas.

Vegas là môt thành phố màu mè rực rỡ
Vegas is a colorful city

Blogworld Expo is an annual blogging and social networking event held here, and I would love to attend. There are a lot of bloggers I have met online that I have never met, so I was very excited to meet and maybe I have the opportunity to learn a lot of things to write and use the blog better.

I envisioned a scene of seminars taking place every day, followed by parties and other events, and I wouldn’t have too much time to indulge myself in games of chance. . But I was completely wrong – at least I had some restraint. Well, it was actually my friends that restrained me. I assumed Las Vegas wasn’t that bad either.

Chào mừng đến với Vegas
Welcome to Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is like a giant amusement park for adults. There are more casinos than hotels – it’s like palaces are everywhere! The Aria, the Venetian and the Bellagio are the most magnificent buildings. They’re full of exciting nightclubs, epic shows, and delicious food. Oh, it makes me hungry again, I bet anyone would get fat fast if they lived in Vegas.

I won a few blackack games, enjoyed dinner at delicious sushi restaurants, drifted on the lazy river Mandalay, and thanks to Abby – the jungle princess, I was included in a grand birthday party. by Kim Kardashian.

Vegas has made me extremely happy and I will definitely be back. Going to Sin City, enjoying my time and staying away from the blackjack tables, I made a list of activities – not gambling, as below:

Vegas có những show biểu diễn trong nhà và ngoài trời hết sức ngoạn mục
Vegas has spectacular indoor and outdoor shows

1. Go to the show

The city of Las Vegas has more exciting entertainment than any other – they have the best actors and artists around the world. And most of all, spending money on activities like this is better than spending money on gambling games at the casino. I recommend you to book tickets in advance through the service desk where you stay because you can get a cheaper price if you buy it at the performance.

2. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

A pretty fun activity in Vegas is touring the neighborhoods, and just 35 miles south of the city, you’ll reach Hoover Dam. This is a curving wall, located 726 meters above the ground, and it is like a peg in the middle of the walls to stop about 9 trillion gallons of water from Lake Mead – the largest reservoir in the United States.

3. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon nằm ngay gần Vegas
Grand Canyon is located right near Vegas

Yes, even though the Grand Canyon is located 250 miles away, people still have day tours. Be prepared for a long and exhausting day if you decide to come here. In addition, I would recommend choosing overnight tours to be able to enjoy everything wonderful here.

4. Sratosphere

This place will give you a panoramic view of Las Vegas – the Sratosphere is the tallest observation tower in the US. If you feel confident and brave enough, consider a thrilling ride at the top of the tower. The X-Scream ride will take you 27 feet straight past the tower and leave you suspended 850 feet in the air. The cost to visit the tower and for the thrill ride is 40 USD.

5. Nightclubs

Sao không thử tới đài quan sát Sratosphere?
Why not try the Sratosphere observatory?

Vegas nightclubs are some of the strictest in the entire world, so chances are you’ll end up in very long queues, paying an outrageous amount for drinks and entrance fees, and Be prepared to be kicked out if you dress inappropriately. However, these nightclubs are great to go inside, and you can find some of the best DJs in the world here too.

6. Go shopping

If you don’t want to lose money on gambling, save it to go shopping in Las Vegas . All famous brands in the world can be found here. You will find very good stuff, especially in the Palazzo in the Venetian complex. I can shop like crazy here!

7. Eating and drinking

Nếu không biết ăn gì, hãy ăn buffet!
If you don’t know what to eat, eat buffet!

If you want to eat on a budget in Vegas, I recommend you go to any restaurant where you can eat as much as you want. But with so many food options in Vegas (when you’re tired of buffets), try the casino restaurants, or head straight to The Strip, home to great restaurants and eateries.

Vegas is a giant amusement park for adults, and after coming here, I understand why people love Las Vegas so much. If you are like me and get caught up in gambling easily, go with friends who can notice and stop you. Vegas is truly a great entertainment city.

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