What's in Ottawa eco-city?

Onetour Ottawa is the capital of Canada, but the name is not as well known as the cities of Quebec or Montreal. But really, this is a very beautiful city, with ancient Western European architecture. Let’s visit this ecological city with onetour!

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I had no idea about the city of Ottawa before, other than that it’s the capital of Canada and there are some very famous sports teams here, and no other understanding. When I’m planning a trip to Canada , a bunch of places come to mind, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Montreal, Quebec, and even the town of Maritime, and Ottawa always comes to my mind at the end. Once I had the opportunity to go to Canada, I chose Montreal and was extremely excited to go there.

Thành phố Ottawa là thủ đô của Canada
Ottawa is the capital city of Canada

But then how fate pushed me to have the opportunity to go to Ottawa on my business trip. To be honest, I didn’t expect too much from this city, but in the end it turned out that the city of Ottawa gave me too many surprises. Not only is it a beautiful city, Ottawa is also very interesting. The city tourism department gave us the opportunity to take a tour of the city, including the suburbs and major parks, the prime minister’s building, and the river that flows through Ottawa. Everything is truly breathtaking. We had to ask the driver to stop quite a bit to be able to comfortably take pictures. How lucky we are to be here in the right autumn, so the streets are covered with red and yellow leaves, making the city so peaceful. The city center with many squares, restaurants and commercial centers is just as beautiful as the suburbs.

Dòng sông chảy ngang thành phố Ottawa
The river flows through the city of Ottawa

After checking in at the famous Château Laurier hotel and having some time to walk around the city, I felt a very distinct western culture here. It feels like being in Deadwood or some old western city. The buildings have large front yards, porches, and shutters. Until I learned that in the past, the eco-city of Ottawa was a strong logging locality, I was no longer surprised by the architecture here. The city was formerly a small community, with a sparse population and simple laws, just like cities in the American West. No wonder, it’s not too strange for me to have the same feeling.

I was hoping I had time to walk more, visit and learn about the history of the eco-city of Ottawa through the museums, and visit the Quebec fringes of this city, but I didn’t have enough time. time.

Đặc trưng kiến trúc ở Ottawa là những sân lớn, nhà có mái hiên và cửa sổ chớp
Architectural features in Ottawa are large courtyards, porches and shutters

My entire schedule consists of business meetings and social dinners and lunches, fortunately there are city tours with lovely partners. Not only that, the weather in Ottawa is very cold, and I can’t stand the cold. I’m the type of person who only likes warm sunshine, that’s why it’s miserable.

In other respects, the city of Ottawa is really cool. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect too much from this visit to Ottawa , so I enjoyed it to the fullest. Tourists often have expectations about a place before arriving, and in most cases we don’t find the right places, so the mood is also slightly changed.

Tòa nhà Quốc hội Ottawa
Ottawa Parliament Building

Like the time we went to Amsterdam, for example, I saw all the cafes, the red light district, and the canal system, from which I saw a cafe culture and artistic landscapes there. Or like the time we went to Bangkok, we had to see all the traffic congestion, air pollution, but what we miss the most is the friendly locals and always support tourists as much as possible. Often the places we learn the least about or know the least about it turn out to be the places that leave the most impressions on us.

There is a saying in Buddhism that, “If you don’t expect, you won’t be disappointed”. If you don’t expect anything, then you will never get what you expect? The city of Ottawa proved to me how true this saying is. If you don’t have specific conceptions of where you’re going, all the cities in the world will be just as we expected. And this will lead to rich and rich experiences, that you will really enjoy exploring the city, because you don’t know what the city will bring to you.

Ottawa thật đẹp vào mùa đông
Ottawa is beautiful in winter

The city of Ottawa fascinates me. I’ve only had the chance to enjoy what’s on the surface of the city, but I’m very pleased with the experience. Someday (perhaps in the summer), I will return to Ottawa and spend more time visiting the city’s iconic museums, and dining at the absolutely delicious-looking restaurants I love seen in every street. Ottawa wasn’t the boring city I had imagined.

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