What's so special about the "American Dream"?

Onetour “American Dream” – American Dream – is a phrase we hear a lot in the press and movies. So what does America have that so many people covet to come to this country? Check out onetour showing 8 reasons for this!

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Tượng nữ thần tự do ở Mỹ
Statue of Liberty in America

“American Dream” – this is what we often hear when someone praises America. I have traveled to the US a few times, and this large and free country has a lot of things that I love and always look forward to returning when the opportunity arises. Here are my favorite things, drawn from my US travel experience :

1. Convenience stores in the US

I like convenience, so I’m extremely satisfied with the opening hours of convenience stores here. It was 8pm on a Sunday and it was very easy for me to go shopping, go to the market or do some errands. And there is no such thing as “closing hours” here. Do you cook late dinner? Unfortunately you forgot to buy olive oil? It’s okay, the supermarket is still open. It’s a Saturday night at 7pm, and your computer breaks? It’s okay, the Best Buy electronics store is still open. In many parts of the world, shops and service centers close at 6pm and on Sundays as well. But here the shops are all open, so it comes in really handy when you have special jobs, shifts for example. I don’t need 24 hours, I just need stores with opening hours that fit my work schedule. And in America, they’re open like that.

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

2. Service and how to serve

I will always be ready to wait to be served attentively, with extremely friendly staff and always ready to help at all times. I also like employees who always say “Hello”, “Please”, and “Thank you”. That is really cute, for both the listener and the viewer. People often have the notion that Americans are loud and annoying, or grumpy, but it is clear that American kindness is not being recognized by the majority of the world.

Lễ hội ẩm thực New Orleans
New Orleans Food Festival

3. Taco Bell

For some people, Taco food, especially at Taco Bell – a famous chain of food stores throughout the US – selling typical American food, is really nothing, but I love it. We can only find them in this country, and every time I come back here, I try to eat this dish a few times. I always expected Taco Bell to expand their market by going overseas, then maybe my dream has come true!

Thành phố Chicago
City of Chicago

4. Delicious sushi

Sounds a little weird – the best sushi is supposed to be in Japan! I am a huge fan of Sushi, and sadly in my travels across the country, I rarely find a good sushi shop. A lot of people agree with me that, outside of Japan, America is definitely the place to have the best sushi. I’ve tried a lot of sushi bars in London, Paris, and Melbourne too, but unfortunately their menus are not as extensive as in the US, and not only that – they are super expensive. I added the feeling of tasting fresh, sweet and irresistible fish in the long menu pages and full of suggestive names. Even in a sparsely populated place like Denver, you can still find a great sushi bar. On my next trip to the US this June, I will definitely eat my first sushi as soon as I land.

Biển hiệu màu mè đặc trưng của Nevada
Nevada’s typical colorful sign

5. Reese’s . Peanut Butter Candy

In all my travels around the world, New Zealand is the only place where I can find this delicious chocolate and peanut butter candy. I think whoever created this delightful dish deserves a Nobel Prize! They really taste like heaven, and I can’t stop drooling just thinking about it. Luckily, although they are hard to find around the world, America has them – what could be better?

6. Odd Movies

Nhà Trắng là nguồn cảm hứng cho rất nhiều bộ phim
The White House is the inspiration for many movies

In addition to being a travel freak, I’m also a movie fanatic! Whenever I’m traveling in a certain country, I hear about a new movie coming out that I didn’t get the chance to see. Sadly, I’m still looking forward to one day seeing “Up in the Air”, and “Youth in Revolt” as well. If I’m lucky, I might find a movie or two on iTunes, but most of the time I have to search Fox Searchlight and Focus Features to find movies from the past, and I know for sure the future. of Hollywood is still very long for me to explore.

7. Cable TV and 24h news

The 24-hour news are always the things that make me homesick. Every time I watch them, I’m reminded of what life is like out there while I’m engrossed in my multinational journeys.

8. Cultural Diversity in America

Richmond đẹp như một bức tranh vậy
Richmond is as beautiful as a picture

I love the feeling of hearing hundreds of languages, among hundreds of thousands of people on the street every time I walk in the mall, or simply on the street. I love to eat all the dishes from all over the world in just one county. In Asia, finding a restaurant serving Mexican food is not too difficult, but it is also quite laborious. In Europe, finding a Japanese or Korean restaurant is no less. In the US, I can easily find delicious Mexican prepared food, and even Ethiopian food! No matter what anyone says about America, the diversity of culture, food, and people in America is not easy to find around the world. America is like a cradle, and everything beautiful is gathered here.

I love America, and every time I come back here, I feel fully charged with batteries and positive energies. There’s still a lot to explore in this world, but America has always been one of my favorite destinations.

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