Why did I have such a bad Los Angeles travel experience?

Onetour Los Angeles has long been known for frivolous things, Hollywood actors and famous singers around the world. But for me, Los Angeles gives me less interesting experiences. Why?

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Đường phố ở Los Angeles
Streets in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vibrant city – we can’t deny that. But I don’t like traveling to Los Angeles at all – I hate heavy traffic, and there’s not much public transport. Everyone looks so “Hollywood” in a polluted atmosphere. Really not interested in this city.

The reality is that I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to explore Los Angeles , so my subjective opinion is only through a few brief visits. I wonder, is it true that Los Angeles is so obnoxious or is it just me?

We all have preconceived notions and perceptions about different places, based on what we’ve read and heard over the years. Stories from the radio, the Internet, and our friends create deep impressions in our heads unconsciously.

Los Angeles cách đây 100 năm trông như thế này
This is what Los Angeles looked like 100 years ago

From my memory of Los Angeles travel experiences , those are pretty bad views. I think of it with its polluted air, its congested streets for miles and its people trying to be popular – Los Angeles is a city of vibrant color but without its own cultural identity .

When I visited LA, I witnessed all of this. I often ask myself, if I had witnessed these scenes more often, maybe I would have felt differently. I’ve been through a lot of poorer, dirtier, and full of people and chaotic traffic. Los Angeles is not the only city in the world with this kind of chaos.

Giao thông ở Los Angeles nhìn từ trên cao
Traffic in Los Angeles seen from above

I don’t like cities that are too big, while the traffic problem is not easy. NYC may be huge, but getting around the city shouldn’t be too difficult. Bangkok has a very good train system, or super-large Tokyo can still be moved easily by public transport. However, commuting in Los Angeles is not easy, you still need to drive yourself to most places. Personally, I like cities with affordable public transport – and LA doesn’t.

Not only that, LA is like no suburbs. The city goes on forever, and is full of people trying to be stylish and modern. Everyone I met in LA was acting like an actor or a screenwriter.

None of this makes LA so obnoxious. Besides these things, I also had a good time with my friends here. So why do I keep saying that I hate this city so much? Is there a reason hidden deep inside?

Bãi biển Los Angeles
Los Angeles Beach

I immediately recalled a recent trip to Ottawa. It’s a city I’ve never heard of or learned about, and my views emerge objectively, from my own personal experiences, without interference. I love Ottawa so much – it’s a great city.

Usually when we travel, we tend to learn about the city in advance and use that knowledge as a lens to see the place. Whenever we think of Amsterdam, we think of soaring chimneys and prostitutes. Go to Bangkok and we will only see dust and polluted air, because when we talk about Bangkok, we know about a dusty city. And often, the places we don’t know too much about, end up being the places we love the most. We don’t look for things that are pre-set in our minds. Simply put, we take the city as it is, not expecting much and not being disappointed.

Một bức ảnh độc đáo về Los Angeles
A unique photo of Los Angeles

Maybe one day I’ll live in Los Angeles and maybe I’ll fall in love with it again. Before, I didn’t really like Bangkok, even harshly when I heard about it, but now it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Despite initial reactions to Los Angeles, I also found a few good points to make this city a livable city: Because of its proximity to the sea, the weather in Los Angeles is warm year-round, there is plenty of it. great activities here, delicious restaurants, and especially an acceptable cost of living. A huge plus is that you can easily meet celebrities too!

Sometimes we just need to slow down, take a deep breath and appreciate the unique values of this land with honest eyes. And maybe I don’t really hate LA, but it’s just an established version in my head of a disgusting and boring city.

Những con đường dọc bờ biển là đặc trưng ở Los Angeles
Coastal roads are typical in Los Angeles

When we visit a place, we look at it through the prism of our mind, and this makes that view more or less deviated from the truth. Traveling means opening up new experiences and places, which means letting go of preconceived notions about both the people and the land there. Go to new places and don’t expect anything, that’s the only way to enjoy it. Be open and receptive to those experiences as freely as possible.

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