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Onetour Europe has long become one of the most attractive tourist destinations for tourists around the world. One of the cities that cannot be missed is the city of Zurich – the largest city in Switzerland, and the capital of the canton of Zurich. Let’s explore this city with Onetour.

The city of Zurich has long been the main commercial and cultural center of Switzerland, voted the most hospitable city in Europe.

Thăm quan Thành phố Zurich
City of Zurich

The city of Zurich lies to the north of the lake of the same name and is bordered by the Limmat River, hills and forests stretching along the mountain slopes from west to east. These are valuable biological corridors for the healthy environment of the whole city, despite being cut off by the road system. A very popular relaxation spot for the people of Zurich is these forests, with nature still preserved intact. Zurich is considered one of the most livable places in the world.

Thăm quan Thành phố Zurich 1
City of Zurich

Although known as the financial capital of Switzerland, the city of Zurich also attracts many domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists and art lovers thanks to its unique system of museums and cultural festivals. This is a city that is considered to satisfy many of Mercer’s standards such as political stability, socio-cultural environment, education system, entertainment …

Thăm quan Thành phố Zurich 2
Zurich Tourism

The city of Zurich is also doing its best to limit cars in the city by introducing a nice clean tram system and encouraging people to use bicycles. All attractions in the city center are easily accessible on foot.

The river and lake system here is dense and in the summer, visitors can even go to the lake in the park, wear a swimsuit, and jump into the lake to enjoy themselves in the water. Jumping into the lake during summer noon breaks is a popular trend among office workers in Zurich. And in the winter, it is only a short drive to reach the ski area in the Alps, which is why Zurich is also considered the “gateway to the Alps”.

Thăm quan Thành phố Zurich 3
Zurich (Switzerland)

Besides, during this European trip, don’t forget to visit the National Museum Landesmuseum. This is the most visited cultural and historical museum in Switzerland presenting history from its beginnings to today.

Not only that, the city of Zurich also has countless events and cultural festivals taking place throughout the year, enough for them to eagerly plan a vacation in this place. Among them, the most famous is the street festival taking place on the second Saturday of August, held on the streets along Lake Zurich.

Thăm quan Thành phố Zurich 4
City of Zurich

On the other hand, diverse travel itineraries also increase the attractiveness of Zurich in the eyes of tourists. Typically, the journey to discover the nature and culture of Zurich and its surroundings will bring visitors to the most beautiful buildings in the city.

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